I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace

Chapter 1547 - Omen ⑨

Chapter 1547 – Omen ⑨

In preparation for the Founding Festival of Archlesia Empire, I invited Amel-san to my house and together, we were making accessories. What we were making were the Wingeds’ accessories that I was going to put in a stall, and they were fairly simple to make, as all I had to do was combine the materials that Amel brought.

[And like this, you insert it right here and wrap the string around the top…… Ohh, this is much easier than I thought it would be.]

[Fuuu, they are products intended for the masses after all. Considering we require enough of them to brighten up the night skies like an illustrious meteor shower, we don’t make use of forbidden techniques in the process.]

[Indeed, if we’re going to make several of these, it’s better to keep it simple.]

[For the Wingeds, when the only window is opened, those who can descend to the outside world are limited, but the covenant we made with the country will undoubtedly be held true.]

[I see, so this is a rather rare opportunity for the Wingeds then?]

From what I’ve heard from Amel-san and others like Lilia-san, the Wingeds seemed to be a truly closed-off species that doesn’t interact with the outside world much. It appears that they only participate in festivals such as the Founding Festival, which is part of their contract with Archlesia Empire.

[If my sworn friend is interested in the Wingeds, I will guide you to our Utopia. You have the privilege to choose the time, and though it may not be the case in perpetuity, my hermitage will welcome you, my sworn friend.]

[Arehh? Is it really alright for me to visit the Wingeds’ home?]

What Amel-san said just now was “If I’m interested in the Wingeds, why don’t I come visit them sometimes?”, but back when we were trying out chuuni goods, it seemed like it wouldn’t be easy for her to invite me to her place.

Since they are a closed-off species, I had thought that I would need to inform them of my visit plans well in advance and put some groundwork in place, but the way she’s talking now, it seemed like it’s alright for me to visit them anytime.

When I curiously looked at her, Amel-san seemed to have sensed it as she wryly smiled.

[It can’t be helped. I still haven’t acquired the power of omniscience, so I didn’t know that my sworn friend had received the light of creation in your body.]

[Unnn? How does Shiro-san’s blessing have to do with anything?]

[Yeah, the Wingeds is a species that held a strong belief in God and the world. They would never reject my sworn friend who had received the light of creation.]

[I see, so you’re saying that as a species with strong faith, having Shiro-san’s blessing, they will welcome me instead of rejecting me. If that’s the case, I would definitely like to visit Amel-san’s place sometime.]

[Really!? Unnn, I also want to invite my sworn friend to my home! It’s the first time I’ve had friends over to my home, so I’m looki———— Hrnn!? I eagerly await to the day when I can exchange cups with my sworn friend at my hermitage.]

Hearing my words, Amel-san’s eyes lit up, her joy clearly visible within them. How should I say this…… I really feel like I’m seeing this vision of a puppy vigorously wagging its tail.

As usual, her tone of voice got broken and she flusteredly mended it back…… well, while conversing with Amel-san in such a manner, the process of creating the accessories was completed at a much faster pace than I expected.

Well, it wasn’t that time-consuming since the accessories were easy to make, and we were planning to put only a small amount of them in stall, not having them as the main centerpiece.

[It’s surprising that it went faster than I thought we would. What are we gonna do after this?]

[Then, let’s follow the course set by the stars and bring forth the light that shows us the true origin!]

[It’s that original accessory we talked about huh. However, making accessories is quite difficult, isn’t it? What should I do?]

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[Fumu, how troubling. By the way, my sworn friend, how is your skills in the ways of the art…… more specifically, to the art of molding?]

Amel-san suggested we go with what we had talked about before, making our own original accessory, but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Making accessories is quite difficult, and I have my doubts about whether we, who are complete amateurs, can handle it.

Well, putting that aside, molding huh…… If you consider that an item I made is now being revered as an idol of the Gun Rock Dragons, one might think I have great accomplishments to that art…… but it would be a mistake to count that one. In the first place, it had turned out into something completely different from what I had originally intended it to be……

[I’m not really confident about it.]

[I see, I myself don’t have much opinion on mine either. Treading through the darkness without the starlight is dangerous…… so we need a guiding light.]

It may be rude to say this was unexpected, but Amel-san seemed to have a relatively solid hold on common sense, as it’s rare for her to force things with just momentum.

She is still interested in creating original accessories, but she understands that it’s difficult for amateurs like us to do it on our own, as she’s quite straightforward in saying that we need a mentor.

[……Fuuu, I see you’re in trouble.]

[The King of Empty Illusions!?]

[Unnn? You thought of something, Alice?]

[Not really…… but I’ve got something just right for you! Alice-chan’s Special, Easy-to-Use Accessory Making Kit! Quite a while ago there was this self-made accessory boom going around, so I made this, thinking it would sell…… but the item in question was discontinued from being sold due to the difficulty of mass production and the limited demand compared to the cost of creating these kits.]

I see…… It sounds bad if I said that sounds like it’s just another one of her unsold items, but since she said it’s a product that’s not worth the cost and effort as a result of raising the quality, that should mean the quality of this kit would probably be good.

If that’s the case, this would mean Amel-san and I can make our own original accessories now…… right?


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