I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace

Chapter 1697: Noontime Founding Festival with Shallow Vernal ④

ChapterC.1697: Noontime Founding Festival with Shallow Vernal ④

Now then, if you ask whether the situation is good or bad, I would say it’s not good…… Currently, it’s just Shiro-san and I in this small box, and I’m now sure how much I can trust that 20 minutes the attendant told us…… In other words, there’s no way out.

……No, I suppose this wouldn’t be just limited to inside this gondola huh. I- In any case, what’s clear is that to resolve this situation, I need to make Shiro-san satisfied.

That being the case, it’s even possible that this gondola will never reach its goal unless Shiro-san is satisfied.

[……Errr, Shiro-san, in the end, what am I supposed to do? Do I just do what we talked about earlier?]

[I suppose so. First, put your hands around my waist and hug me.]


Arehh? That’s weird? Was that what we were talking about earlier? Wasn’t this about voicing out how I love her, which I had just been inwardly thinking about before? What’s its connection to hugging her waist……

[This is very important.]

[I wonder about that. Even though you have such an intense expression on your face, I’m sorry, but from past experiences, it feels like the reason isn’t important at all.]

[I read a book that had a scene like that, so I wanted to do it too.]

[See, I knew it!]

Is she trying to fulfill her other requests in the midst of the confusion? No, I definitely feel like that’s the case…… Kuh, well, that kind of situation certainly feels like it was straight out of a romance manga.

Although it occurs less frequently than a shoulder embrace, it might be quite suitable at a moment like this in terms of creating an intimate atmosphere.

[……Umm, apart from doing that, is that all? Would you be satisfied if I held you by the waist and verbally expressed myself as I promised earlier?]

[No, there’s more.]

[I guess I’ll hear you out. Please go ahead……]

[First, you put your arm around my waist, drawing me close, and then with your free hand, you cradle the back of my head, pulling me closer to your chest. And then, you whisper words of love into my ear…… or so would be good, yes.]

She came up with something that’s about seven times more difficult than I thought it would be. Situations like that only make me think that it’s limited only to handsome dudes, so making me actually execute such a thing feels quite embarrassing.

For example, if a cool man full of adult charm like Ozma-san does it, it might look good, but if I do something like that, won’t it just look weird? That would just add a new layer of embarrassment……

[To me though, Kaito-san is the coolest guy in the world, so wouldn’t you have more than enough requirements for that?]


She sure nonchalantly says embarrassing stuff like that so straightforwardly…… When she tells me something like that, I don’t feel like grumbling anymore…… and well, I feel quite happy, to be honest…… Hmmm. Guess I can’t really tease Alice about this anymore, I might also be a pretty easy guy after all.

I’ve received Shiro-san’s sincere feelings, and if she thinks that much of me, I want to fulfill her requests…… Unnn, well, let’s get myself ready then…… Since we’re all on our own anyway, it’s not like we would draw any attention to ourselves.

With that determination in mind, as I sat next to Shiro-san, just as she requested, I put my arm around her waist and drew her close…… The softness of her body and the pleasant touch as if my fingers were being sucked into her flesh even through her clothes, just as usual, all of her body feels like a cheat.

Then, with my other hand, I held Shiro-san’s head up to my chest. Her hair feels amazing and smells great, but as expected, doing this really makes my heart racing.

As I felt my face heating up, I leaned in towards Shiro-san’s ear…… and whispered.

[……Shiro-san, I love you.]

I tried to convey my feelings for Shiro-san as best as I could in the words I whispered…… Now then, what would her reaction be? As I was thinking that, Shiro-san lifted her face from my chest and had a surprisingly obvious change in her expression. She was all smiles. It seems like she really liked it.

[This is much better than I imagined. It feels very nice.]

[A- Ahaha, I was a little embarrassed, but if Shiro-san is that happy about it, then it was worth doing.]

[Yes. In that case, I’d like to repeat it to me “about a hundred more times”.


There’s no doubt that she liked it very much. However, she seemed to like it so much…… that she ordered seconds.

Glancing out of the gondola, I saw that the scenery didn’t seem to be moving at all…… so I suppose this gondola will not move until I’ve done it 100 times.


Serious-senpai : [It’s all useless…… By turning my mind into complete nothingness, the damage I receive is reduced. L- Like hell I’m gonna fall in a place like this……]

? ? ? : [Even when you empty your mind, “damage reduction” is your limit huh.]


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