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Chapter 516 Yarsha Zahara’s True Nature

Chapter 516 Yarsha Zahara’s True Nature

?”Gold platter? Now, that’s a surprise.” Yennda laughed as he coughed out blood, gazing at Yarsha Zahara while he breathed his last, “You might have my power, but there’s nothing you can do with it.”

“I spent a lot of time manufacturing that disease. It’ll take you years to replicate it.”

His corpse collapsed to the ground in silence as Yarsha Zahara stared at her Human Avatar in a daze. As she understood Yennda’s power, she realised that what he said was indeed the case.

Primary Nature—Fission and Fusion!

Secondary Nature—Infection!

Tertiary Nature—Mutation!

Yennda infected a target and weakened them through his Secondary Nature. He then caused them to mutate through his Tertiary Nature, allowing the mutation to fester and grow. Then, he used his Primary Nature to birth fission beings out of the infected target.

The fission beings would grow and devour each other, continuing to mutate as the infection they carried became more and more potent. And eventually, a brand-new strain of infection would be created.

Through the fusion aspect of his Primary Nature, Yennda stored the resultant strain of infection in his body. This took months to create. And even if Yarsha Zahara were to use his abilities on the same species as the original target and maintained the same environment, there was still zero guarantee of producing the same strain of infection.

As long as she doesn’t know the recipe, she wouldn’t be able to reverse-deduce it through Yennda’s set of powers and create a cure. All she had was Yennda’s power and not what he had created over time.

Preparatory abilities were her weakness and it was blatantly displayed now.

“Mom!” Barla shouted as she fainted, ill-prepared to tank such an attack, for it was the first time she faced such an ability.

“It…hurts.” Brana struggled to stay awake, clutching his wounded stomach as he glared at Resha, “Please be careful against him, Mother. He’s inherently dangerous.”

Was Yarsha Zahara his ally? Was she his enemy? Brana didn’t know, but to him, that mattered naught. She was his mother. And hence, he did his duty, “He’s preparing a gravitational attack capable of launching projectiles at speeds close to father’s top speed.”

Yarsha Zahara’s body promptly turned around as a kite-shaped Spirit Weapon appeared before her to tank the group of projectiles flying toward Brana. Upon coming into contact with the Spirit Weapon, they fell under her control as she stored them in her Minor Treasure of Lunchbox.

Only in this way could she handle the momentum behind the projectiles. She glared at Resha, “Stop that, Resha.”

“I’m warning you.”

“Step aside, Yarsha.” Resha crushed the Bone Slip thrown to him by Grehha and expressed his intentions calmly as he stared at the six Wean Tribesmen, “They are Brangara’s spawn. Don’t you hate them too? Move to the side so that I can clean them up.”

“They are my children too.” Yarsha Zahara stared calmly as Prana began to churn around her, ready to actuate over a dozen Prime Skills at her disposal. ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ɴovel(ꜰ)ɪre.nᴇt

When her two selves fused, Yarsha Zahara retained the majority of her past life’s intentions. But, she didn’t include her children as targets of her hatred. They were innocent after all. And she was the one who brought them into this world.

It was her lack of judgement that she mated with the Boar King, but that was a decision brought about due to a lack of information. The fact of the matter is that she accepted the Boar King in this life and would maintain the status quo.

She’ll continue to retain her hatred towards the Boar King until she comes to terms with it and manages to let go of it. After all, everyone dear to her was alive now. The hatred weighing her down was merely useless baggage.

As for Ruvva? She planned to reclaim her too. The fact about Ruvva’s father being Virala remained irrelevant. Ruvva was her child and hence, Yarsha Zahara will lay claim upon her. That was how she acted.

Even in Sumatra Chronicles, upon seeing Resha remain devoted to Yahira, Yarsha Zahara schemed to copulate with him. And once a child began to grow in her womb, she took her leave. As a prideful woman, she did things her way.

“Resha, don’t target them. Didn’t you go through my explanation?” Grehha shouted in a hurry upon seeing Resha’s attack, “They shouldn’t be killed…”

“It was shocking, I’m still unable to figure out if it’s the truth or not. Either way, whether my past is real or fake doesn’t matter.” Resha had regained his cool by now as he calmly stared at Grehha, “You’re telling me to avoid killing Brangara’s children, since their existence would keep the Boar King distracted?”

“Yes, that’s precisely what I’ve been trying to…” Grehha stopped speaking upon feeling a terrifying level of power form in Resha, ‘What the fuck is this power? I didn’t know he had something like this hidden in him.’

‘How is he doing this?’ Grehha was in a state of shock upon seeing light faintly twist around Resha, signifying the sheer extent of gravitational pull he was generating now.

“This Ravaged Tribe…Wean Tribe, was it?” Resha stared at Brana to speak, “What do you think happens when they become Clansmen?”

“Even for the Boar King, it’ll take at least three generations.” Grehha grunted, “The Fourth Major Disaster will happen before that. So, it’s never an issue!”

“That’s why you shouldn’t stay in safety all the time. It has dulled your sense of danger. It’s a frightening state of being to exist as in Sumatra.” Resha pointed at the ground, “I’m sensing Brangara’s influence throughout the soil of this place. He has been releasing it for years.”

He had fought the most number of times against the Boar King. And hence, he had trained himself to sense everything related to the Boar King. The moment he arrived at the Varahan Mansion, he could feel the Boar King’s presence, one that had built up to a dangerous extent within the Wean Tribesmen.

He could feel the Boar King’s rampant preparations, something completely different from his previous life. The Boar King never felt the need to make preparations in his past life. No matter what was thrown at him, the most it could force him was to activate one or two Internal Inertial Gravity.

But in this life, he had been forced to consider other aspects of his power, especially thanks to the schemes of Inala, Virala, and Orakha. Orakha stole the Nature of Daily Checkpoint that he had been keeping safe in his Astral Chart.

Virala’s scheme almost caused him to die at the Mammoth Clan. And Inala had taken advantage of him twice and created the entire Loot fiasco for him to chase after. The existence of Loot—an Empyrean Boar trying to become the Empyrean Boar King and was damn close to achieving it—placed immense pressure upon him.

As a result, Brangara was forced to consider aspects of his power that he had ignored in the past, gradually becoming more versatile as time passed. He began to use his mind to form plans, schemes, and analyse all sorts of situations.

Through his sheer experience, the moment his feet touched the ground of Varahan Mansion, Resha could feel the Boar King’s growth. That, coupled with the fact of Yarsha Zahara becoming the Boar King’s wife sent him in a state of frenzy.

Currently, the Boar King wasn’t at the scene. Therefore, it was best to nip the Wean Clan in the bud before they resulted in the Boar King’s evolution.

An already absurdly overpowered existence experiencing an evolution? He didn’t dare take the risk. He would rather destroy the Wean Tribe and face the Boar King’s wrath. That was a situation he had calculated already and had the confidence to endure.

‘As long as he’s focused on killing me, I can lure him into the Attributed Region. I’ll have a terrain advantage there.’ That was his thought process. Currently, the Boar King’s greatest threat was the Attributed Region. Hence, it was only wise to make use of it.

“During the Third Major Disaster, they’ll attain Clansman status.” Resha said calmly, “I can say this with guarantee. No matter what sort of scheme you brew, it’ll become irrelevant in the face of the Boar King’s evolution.”

Currently, the Empyrean Boar King was a Beginner Mystic Grade Pranic Beast. Upon evolving, he’d quite possibly reach Expert Mystic Grade. His Primary Nature was guaranteed to evolve in response.

Resha feared the result, able to think of a possible direction in which Voracious Nature could evolve, “At all costs, that future needs to be prevented.”

“Do you want to see him evolve when we’re already struggling to face him?” Resha approached the latter and lifted his head up to glare at Grehha, “Do you understand?”

“I know you’re looking at the long term, but what use is it when we’re about to die way before that?” He said and unleashed a wave of gravity to pull down the bone tornado, watching the Raid Team enter the Varahan Mansion upon judging the situation to be safe.

“Please leave her to me.” Resha pointed at Yarsha Zahara, “She’s a valuable Free Human. So, leave her alone.”

“But they’re evil, so I’ll leave them in your hands,” Resha said, acting like he was on their side. On the contrary, Resha wanted to capture Yarsha Zahara and bring her away while the Raid Team killed Brangara’s children.

This way, the Brimgan Empire will take the full brunt of the Boar King’s wrath, ‘As long as he doesn’t reach the 4-Life Stage, he would be unable to destroy the Brimgan Empire in one go. They have the most robust foundation on Sumatra.’

‘While the two of them butt heads, I’ll claim the Attribute.’ With that thought in mind, Resha grabbed a solidified slab of lava, broke it into chunks, and targeted Yarsha Zahara with them, attacking her vicinity. This way, he prevented her from rescuing her children.

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