I'm in Hollywood

Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Early Morning #

Due to last night’s party, Eric took a temporary break from the filming crew and moved the weekly day off to today. Everyone in the crew partied all night, and after being busy for so many days, not many people woke up even though it’s already late.

Joanna Pacuła hesitated whether or not to knock on Eric’s door while holding breakfast in one hand and a stack of newspapers in the other. Looking at her watch, it’s already 8:30 am. Although she hasn’t spent much time with Eric, Joanna Pacuła is very familiar with his daily routine. Typically, Eric should have already woken up by this time.

However, last night, that little girl Drew followed Eric back to his room, and who knows how long they went crazy for. Thinking of certain scenes, Joanna Pacuła’s face turned slightly red, even though the gift she gave Eric yesterday was also a tie.

But Joanna Pacuła doesn’t have the same ambitions as other women. Over the years, she has realized many harsh realities, or perhaps she has given up on many things. Now, she just hopes to live a relatively stable life without any uncertainty.

The acting industry seems to always imply money and fame in the eyes of outsiders, but the reality is far from what people imagine. Take Hollywood, for example. There are over 100,000 registered members in the actor’s union, and there are countless actors who hang around the periphery without even qualifying to join the union.

However, among this huge group, only those 12th-tier stars can live a glamorous life by shooting a film every year. Those below the third tier are much more destitute. Not to mention those who are not even in the mainstream. For those in the third tier, they usually only play supporting roles in movies, and even the pay for many supporting roles is less than one-tenth of the leading role. The leading role can earn millions of dollars in pay, while the supporting role only receives a few thousand dollars, and this is for more formal big-budget productions. Even the leading roles in independent films usually only receive a few tens of thousands of dollars in pay.

Joanna Pacuła was originally in this actor category, and even spent the whole year in a career state. “Good morning, Miss Pacuła,” a door suddenly opened in the corridor, and a lighting technician from the crew walked out of the room. Seeing Joanna Pacuła standing in front of Eric’s room, he didn’t think much of it and casually greeted her.

“Ah, Mr. Lawrence, good morning,” Joanna Pacuła hurriedly greeted him, afraid of being seen in an embarrassing situation. She took out the room card for Eric’s room from her pocket and walked in directly. Closing the door, Joanna Pacuła breathed a sigh of relief. The room was quiet, and there were various packaging boxes scattered in the living room.

Taking a look at the closed bedroom door, Joanna Pacuła thought that Eric hadn’t gotten up yet. She quietly put down what she was holding on the coffee table and bent down to tidy up a mess on the floor.

Just as she had folded several pieces of wrapping paper together, the girl heard the sound of the balcony door opening. She looked up and saw Eric, with his upper body bare and wearing a pair of sport shorts, wiping the sweat off his forehead with a towel.

“Good morning, Joanna,” Eric greeted the girl.

“Good morning, Eric,” Joanna Pacuła replied quickly, standing up.

Joanna knew that there was a treadmill on the balcony, which was specially arranged for Eric by the hotel on the day he checked in. Judging from the situation, Eric had obviously just finished exercising. However…

Glancing at the bedroom door, the girl was a little surprised. Based on her understanding of Eric, this man had slept with Drew last night and couldn’t have done nothing. She didn’t expect Eric to get up early and exercise.

Seeing Joanna Pacuła looking at the bedroom door, Eric quickly guessed what was on the girl’s mind and asked with a smile, “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing, nothing,” Joanna Pacuła shook her head and said, “By the way, breakfast is ready, and today’s newspaper is here.”

Instead of walking towards the coffee table where the breakfast was, Eric walked straight towards Joanna and hugged the girl in professional attire. With a teasing tone, he said, “I feel like eating something else now.”

The strong masculine scent after exercise made Joanna’s head dizzy. As Eric moved, the girl’s breathing became rapid.

“It’s morning now, and you…you were with Drew last night,” Joanna supported herself on Eric’s chest with both hands and whispered.

Eric didn’t explain what happened last night, but he directly picked up the girl and walked towards the bathroom.

Although the bathroom door was closed, Joanna’s uneasy voice could still be heard soon after, “Don’t do this, what about my clothes? How am I supposed to leave later?”

“Okay, then lean on the sink like this. Hmm, just like that.”

The girl’s breath seemed even more chaotic. “Can I put on my clothes first…?”

“Wearing clothes is more flavorful.”

A sigh-like moan rang out, but it was quickly interrupted.

“You can call out. The girl is sleeping soundly and won’t hear you.”

“Eric, I, I feel like this is not good,” Joanna said intermittently.

Eric did not answer but was immersed in some kind of pleasure.

In the bedroom, Drew turned over in his sleep, the blanket was kicked off his body, and a pair of delicate breasts were exposed. Feeling the chill on her chest, the girl reluctantly waved her hand a few times as if trying to grab something but got nothing. She had to lazily open her eyes and looked beside her, but Eric was no longer there.

Muttering a few words, the girl grabbed Eric’s pillow and held it in her arms. She sniffed it like a little dog, humming a few times, planning to go back to sleep. However, she always seemed to hear a woman’s voice, faintly.

The alert little girl quickly widened her eyes and listened carefully. Although the voice was very weak, she could be sure that this was not an illusion.

Jumping out of bed, she casually found one of Eric’s t-shirts to wear and walked out of the bedroom barefoot like a cat. As soon as she came to the living room, the sound became clearer.

After sneaking to the bathroom door and listening for a while, Drew recognized the woman’s identity.

“What a shameless person,” the girl muttered angrily. She reached out to grab the doorknob, hesitated for a moment, and then withdrew her hand. She pulled down the neckline of the oversized t-shirt and looked at her chest, sighing with a very ‘world-weary’ tone. Then, she walked to the sofa and sat cross-legged, opened the lunch box on the coffee table, and decided to eat all the breakfast to show her dissatisfaction.

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