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I’m Really Not Targeting the Mages

I’m Really Not Targeting the Mages

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I’m Really Not Targeting the Mages

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“Roger, the Lord’s Mansion is offering a reward for the corpse demon, do you want to pick it up together?”

“No, I’m not very strong, so I won’t take risks.”
“Roger, we still have one spot for the southern mine, would you like to come?”
“Maybe next time…”
“Roger, Roger… Nevermind, forget that I’ve asked.”
Ten years later.
[You killed 1 Explosive Magic Frog, killing 164250 Explosive Magic Frogs in total]
[Your magic resistance is increased to 100%]
Roger, who was at the pool, rubbed his sore waist and said to himself, “Finally… I seem to have become a little stronger.”

This was a fantasy wasteland world that had been radiated by nineteenth circle spells. Roger had been teleported with the profession model of “Hermit Ranger”. He had only one wish: Before the real catastrophe broke out, he aimed to become a stronger every single day.