Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2115 A Moment In Time! VII

Chapter 2115 A Moment In Time! VII

Noah's slumbering will gazed at this coldly at the Enders of Nature outside the boundary of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality as his wrath subsided.

The actions of Reality were logical and illogical at the same time.

The Desolate Mausoleum and the Nine Anchors…all of it had been warped over the years as the actions they followed could at times be unfathomable!

But the action done today was enough to be considered a Nexus Event by itself.

The Main Empyral Domain of Nature had been taken from the Main Reality and placed into Noah's home as the Primordials had suffered a terrifying setback!

It was an action that no doubt caused other branching Parallel Paths to form that involved all the possibilities of how things could have played out.

But since the one involved was an existence who wasn't truly present in Parallel Paths…how exactly would these versions of Realities look like? 

It was a question with no answer as apart from Primordials losing, there was Noah gaining a whole lot from this whole ordeal.

<This is unprecedented…>

The voice of Eowyn rang out as she wiped away the crimson gold blood on her lips while coming to stand by Noah's slumbering Main Body.

This single action today had too many consequences as even now, tens of thousands of Realities were being assimilated as a certain Source was being strengthened greatly!

As the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality overpowered and assimilated the Will of Reality in its Source, its voice finally rang out again with clarity.

<Master, enough fractions of the Source of Reality will have been attained to support the Integration of 2 more Fundamental Natural Laws or 6 Natural Laws by the end of the day.>


One of the boons revealed itself as the even bigger boons of partial binding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics had yet to fully reveal themselves, their prompts continuing as Noah's slumbering will gazed at them coldly.

<The Integration of Manadynamics is causing a Fundamental change in the Heart of Mana.>

<The Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels are being elevated.>

<With the elevation of the Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels as the framework, the Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique has undergone a fundamental elevation.>

<Each Cycle of the Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique now grants 6,000 Base True Damage and Defense Values, +300 Million Units to the Maximum Essence Reserves the Essence of All Established Dimensions, the capability to withstand 18 Quintessential Dimensional Infinite Reality Passages, and the capability of evolution as more cycles pass is retained.>

The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique experienced yet another robust round of Empowerment as it brought Noah to even greater levels, his Damage Values now after all the augmentations approaching tens of Quadrillions close to the numbers he saw from the terrifying beings within the Dimensional Conclave!

As for the exact value, this could only be quantified when he tested it after all boosts settled as for now, they still continued.

This time…it was his Heart.



The glorious Heart of Mana that redefined how Noah cast his abilities shone with a starry blue luminosity as it pumped pure Absolute Mana Authority through Noah's vessels!

The Heart of Mana that could pay for any ability in full so long as its cost was less than 5 Billion Units of the Essence of Reality or 10 Units of Absolute Authority, or 50 Billion Units of Dimensional Essence or the Essence of Natural Laws.

It was an Absolute Connate Reality Engine that fundamentally changed Noah's fighting style and continued to allow him to spam shocking abilities freely!

And now, its radiance was utterly blinding as it was elevated even further.

<The Heart of Mana>:: Born from a mutation of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor and his authority as an Infinite Conduit, it was brought to fruition by Manadynamics and bathed in its Fundamental Absolute Authority to bring about something unique. It has been further strengthened by the Integration of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics into the Quintessential Kainos Emperor, this Integration allowing for even greater levels of Reality Alterations to arise- especially on the aspect of Mana. At its current stage, the Heart of Mana shall pay all the resource costs of skills requiring less than 30 Units of Absolute Decreta and Natural Law Authority, 20 Billion Units of the Essence of Reality, 200 Billion Units of the Essence of Decreta and Natural Laws, and grant an alteration of an unlimited usage of the essence for concepts below Natural Laws. When exceeding the set numerical boundaries, the Heart of Mana shall pay 75% of the cost of the cast ability as with this Absolute Connate Reality Engine, resources are bound to not be a problem for you. It has resonated with your Vessels as the efficiency of essence has been optimized to greater levels, increasing your True Reality Cast and Attack Speed Values by 50,000%. Its numerical boundaries can be exceeded and changed depending on your own power as the Heart of Mana is nearing its final form…


In the midst of swirling essences of Natural Laws, the color blue greatly won in denseness and concentration as Noah's body became even more quintessential!

This was just part of the boons brought by Reality's actions and allowing Noah to have the instant integration with Manadynamics.

The details for integrating this Source itself were yet to be quantified due to Noah's soul being in a slumber and stretched out into millions of portions- where he wasn't able to fully feel the Source of Manadynamics within the Source of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality as its percentage augmentations were bound to be astonishing.

But among the many changes, the placement of the Main Empyral Domain of Nature into the center of his Dimensional Reality now meant he could begin comprehending and understand all Natural Laws from now on!

And the assimilation of even more concentrations of the fabric of Reality meant only one thing.

<The features of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality are also undergoing elevation with the continued accumulation of the Source of Reality.>

<The Dimensional Holy Land is currently morphing into the Dimensional Empyral Domain that contains an abundant amount of essence of multiple Natural Laws and Decreta.>

<The Dimensional Reality Xyston is undergoing elevation.>


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