Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 2367: In the star Beast Hall of 2367’s rage

Chapter 2367: In the star Beast Hall of 2367’s rage

"Brothers of the star Beast Hall, if you have the chance later, you can help us tame some star wolf desolate beasts!"

"Haha, that's easy to say. Brother Gu Yuan, since you have spoken, we will definitely do our best!"

In the Star Wolf Forest, a group of people gathered together. The group of young men and women in the lead were chatting and laughing!

Although the star Beast Hall was not on the same level as the Heavenly Dharma Gate and the Overlord sect, the disciples of the star Beast Hall were still quite popular!

Most importantly, the disciples of the star Beast Hall could tame desolate beasts. which youth did not want to have a mount! !

About two thousand people walked towards the star Wolf Forest!

The Disciples'training was mostly group training. This was because every few hundred years, when desolate beasts invaded, humans would form battle formations to deal with them. No one below the eternal God Lord would fight alone!

Therefore, their training was to fight a group of desolate beasts together!

The Star Wolf Pack in the Star Wolf Forest was a very good choice!

"Brother Liu, I heard that many of your star Beast Hall's top experts have entered this time and are preparing to tame a peak eternal god Lord Battle Pet. Is there really such a thing?"

The leading Heavenly Dharma gate youth curiously asked the star Beast Hall disciple beside him!

"There is such a thing, but we do not have the qualifications to know about it. With my current strength, I can at most tame nine wisps of divine fire desolate beasts!"

A youth said with a smile!

"Haha, the god Lord Level is indeed far away from us. Nine Wisps of divine fire are already powerful enough. It Won't be long before brother Liu Can become a Beast Tamer Master!"

"I really envy you guys for being able to tame all kinds of battle pets!"

The Heavenly Dharma gate youth said with a smile!

"Joining the star Beast Tower is our best choice. In the future, our star Beast Tower will also become stronger and stronger!"

A few star Beast Tower disciples raised their heads slightly and said with confidence!

The group of Heavenly Dharma Gate Disciples also nodded in agreement!


Suddenly, the star Beast Hall's young man surnamed Liu, who had just spoken, sensed the trembling of the communication stone plate in his interspatial ring and was slightly stunned!

He immediately took it out, and when he saw the information on it, his expression changed greatly!

A trace of fear appeared in his eyes!

"Eh? Senior Brother Liu Guan? What Happened?"

A star Beast Hall disciple beside him looked at him and asked in surprise!

"The Deacon sent me an urgent order to have all of our disciples scatter and escape back to the Star Source Planet!"

He said with an uncertain expression!

"What? Brother Liu? What's Going On?"

A group of Heavenly Dharma gate disciples looked over in shock!

"Someone is hunting down our star Beast Hall Disciples!"

Liu Guan said with an uncertain expression!

"Who dares to hunt down our star Beast Tower's people? We, the crocodile god King, are in charge. Who Dares to provoke us?"

A star Beast Tower's disciple asked loudly with a face full of shock!

"That's right. Who Wants to hunt us down? They are courting death!"

The star Beast Tower's disciples at the side echoed with cold expressions!

Their star Beast Tower originated from the star source planet. Being able to slowly rise under the Overlord sect and Heavenly Dharma gate was enough to prove their strength!

Furthermore, they had a good relationship with the two great sects. Which faction would dare to hunt them down?

"Brother Liu, is there a mistake? Who would dare to hunt you down together with our Heavenly Dharma Gate Disciples?"

The Heavenly Dharma gate disciple raised his brows and asked in puzzlement!

"Starbeast tower disciples, your elders have sent us a message. Immediately flee. Peak god Lord experts are coming to hunt you down!"

At this moment, a figure suddenly flew over from the sky!

"It's a master of the Heavenly Law Sect!"

"Oh no, someone is really hunting us!"

When all the disciples of the star Beast Hall heard the words of the Master of the heavenly law sect, their bodies trembled slightly, and their faces revealed shock!

"A peak master of the Eternal God realm is hunting the disciples of the star Beast Hall?"

Everyone from the Heavenly Dharma gate was also filled with shock!

A peak eternal God Lord expert was considered a peak expert in the Heavenly Dharma Gate, and there were less than a hundred peak eternal God lords in the entire Heavenly Dharma Gate!

Every single one of them was an expert who was in charge of a city and a region!

"Go, listen to the orders of the elders. All the disciples of the star Beast Tower, flee immediately!"

The expression of the star Beast Tower's Liu Guan was uncertain, and he immediately ordered loudly!

"Yes, yes!"

The rest of the disciples were also somewhat dispirited as they immediately echoed!

"Don't go!"

However, at this moment, a voice exploded beside their ears, followed by a terrifying pressure heading towards them!

"Hehehe, you bunch of Little Luo Luo still want to escape, kill yourselves!"

An extremely arrogant voice sounded!


In the sky, the expression of the powerhouses from the Heavenly Dharma gate changed slightly as they looked towards the back!

All the disciples from the star Beast Tower were horrified as they looked towards the sky in horror!


Wang Xian and his invincible battle techniques appeared in the sky above the disciples from the star Beast Tower!

They didn't hide anything nor did they hide their faces. They were just floating there openly!

It was meaningless for them to hide anything. The star Beast Tower knew that it was their doing!

Therefore, Wang Xian didn't have any scruples at all!

"Both of you, leave yourself a way out. Don't completely anger the star Beast Tower and the godly king crocodile!"

The powerhouse from the Heavenly Dharma sect frowned as he looked at Wang Xian and the other two!

Just now, when he received the message from the powerhouse from the star Beast Tower, he was also slightly shocked!

He didn't expect that someone would dare to provoke the star beast tower in such a manner!

Now that he saw how young Wang Xian was, he was even more astonished!

"Haha, a backup plan? The crocodile god King sent his disciple to kill boss Wang. Now, boss Wang and I have killed three peak-stage master God level powerhouses, two peak-stage master God level powerhouses, and five to six hundred master God level powerhouses. What backup plan do we have?"

"Besides, Croc God King wanted to kill us in the first place. Why are we still keeping his disciples from the star Beast Tower?"

Invincible battle technique curled his lips when he heard Wang Xian's words and spoke directly!

The expert from Heavenly Dharma sect opened his mouth and revealed a shocked expression!

"Consider yourselves unlucky to have joined the star Beast Tower. Croc god King wants to kill me. I'm not his match. I just want to kill the people from the star Beast Tower!"

Wang Xian swept his gaze across all the disciples of the star Beast Tower and said in a cold voice!

Sometimes, disputes had nothing to do with right or wrong. The crocodile god King represented the star Beast Tower. If he wanted to kill Wang Xian, Wang Xian naturally had to retaliate!

The entire world was like this. Compared to the wars between planets and the battles between races, it was still peaceful!

"No, no, no... Don't Kill Us!"

A young man stared at Wang Xian and said in horror!

"The mistake is that you guys joined the star Beast Tower!"

Wang Xian's eyes were filled with indifference. With a wave of his arm, a terrifying force swept across their bodies!

Following that, without any screams, more than 500 disciples of the star Beast Tower were killed!

When the powerhouses of the Heavenly Dharma sect saw this scene, they frowned slightly!

He didn't stop them. He had no strength and no obligation to stop them!

The enemies that the star beast tower had provoked had to pay the price!

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