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Chapter 92 - The Situation Is Grim!  

Chapter 92: The Situation Is Grim!

The scene in White Deer City was beautiful and charming when the lights were on. The brightly lit stadium was one of the most dazzling throughout the city.

Although the individual Player Kill competition matches had ended, the spectators waited in their seats for the final list of the top thirty-two.

A moment later, the exciting footage on the screen disappeared. Then the words “Top Thirty-two” flashed on the screen, followed by the thirty-two contestants’ names.

The audience immediately became excited when they saw their favorite participants on the screen.

“Yes! Miller got twelve points and is the undisputed leader of the group!”

“You’re so excited. A few participants got first place in their groups too.”

“Look at the Knight in group twenty-five. He won all of his matches. He even defeated the popular Deng Lun in his last match!”

“Exactly! That’s just unbelievable. A Knight defeated a Holy Alchemist!”

“That Knight is indeed an interesting character. Whoever bets on him will be rich.”

The participants who entered the top thirty-two would become the focus of discussion in the future, but the most talked-about person was none other than Moss.

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Moss was a Knight ranked the lowest among all the players who advanced to the next round. However, he stood out from Deng Lun’s group, one of the crowd favorites, and made it to the top thirty-two.

Moss becoming the focus of public opinion was genuinely unexpected and within reason. Moss created a colossal contrast even though he was just a Knight, creating waves with a single stone.

Moss’s insane performance made the headlines that night.

“A shocking upset! A rank five participant got unexpectedly eliminated!”

“Rank five participant loses to a rank eighty participant. A huge disparity in strength!”

“Are Knight’s making a comeback?!

At the same time, the internet exploded with discussions.

“Such fake news. The internet is getting worse by the day. A Knight could never beat a Holy Alchemist or participate in the annual school professional competition. What a joke.”

“Why don’t you believe it? It’s true. My dad watched the competition live and even recorded a video.”

“W-Wow, this is true. Then why didn’t your dad post the video on the internet? The video will undoubtedly go viral! Send me a copy before you post it!”

“Aren’t Knight’s in decline? Is this a sign of their comeback?!”

The media and internet were in an uproar, causing massive reactions in various schools. There were praises and doubts, but no matter how everyone reacted, there was a lingering question in their hearts, ‘How did a Knight defeat a Holy Alchemist?’

Even the teachers and students who witnessed the match were in disbelief. White Deer High’s students and teachers wondered how a Knight rendered a Holy Alchemist useless.

The core figures of Number Two High’s alliance sat together the following morning in a private cafe. Melodious and quiet music played, but everyone’s faces were unusually gloomy and terrifying.

Taylor read the newspaper as the corners of his mouth twitched. A fierce light glinted in his eyes, giving the others the feeling that he would explode with anger at any time.


Taylor slammed the newspaper on the table and roared, “What the hell is going on here, Campbell?! Explain yourself!”

Campbell shivered and felt a chill run down his spine. He said shakily, “I-I talked to Deng Lun as soon as his match ended. He thought it was strange too. He thought that Moss was affected by his red poison gas and gradually slowed down. But after that, Moss reacted as if nothing happened.”

“H-However, Deng Lun fell into Moss’s trap before realizing something was wrong. Deng Lun lost the match shortly after that.”

Campbell dared not raise his head when he spoke. He bowed and remained still as he waited for Taylor to scold him.

“You idiot! Of course, it was a trap!” Taylor slammed the table and thundered as he revealed a tremendous amount of hostility.

After pausing, Taylor rolled his eyes and softened his tone a little, “Even if the poison gas didn’t work, it’s still a bizarre incident. Cambell, I want you to find out if someone gave Moss some medicine or equipment before the competition. It should have the same effect as Deng Lun’s poison-dispelling pill.”

Then Taylor urged impatiently, “Why are you sitting around?! Go and do what I told you to do!”

When Campbell left, Taylor said, “It seems that we aren’t facing any old Knight. That sly old fox from White Deer High is hiding something. Seventh Brother, go and investigate Moss when you have the time. We can’t allow him to ruin our plans any longer!”

Number Ten High’s director slowly nodded his head. He still maintained his usual silence and just sat there, slowly sipping his coffee.

Number Five High’s director added some coffee to Taylor’s cup and took the opportunity to continue speaking. But from his expression, he didn’t seem to take Moss too seriously.

“Big Brother, we’ve all witnessed Deng Lun’s match. He was indeed a little careless and too confident in his red poison. However, it is not entirely Deng Lun’s fault.”

“Moss charged and attacked frantically in his second match, displaying a reckless fighting style. No one expected Moss to be so clever in his fight against Deng Lun.”

Taylor noticed his brethren’s expression as he pulled a long face and said, “Don’t be so careless, Third Bother. There are at most five more matches from now on. We can’t let something like this happen again!”

Taylor swept his sharp gaze across the other five people as he continued, “From now on, we must gather our resources and equip our students with better equipment and potions whenever they face Moss. Our only purpose is to take Moss down as soon as possible! We must do the same for other important matches and win this year’s annual school professional competition.”

After that, Taylor looked at Number Five High’s director and said meaningfully, “The next match will be up to you and Pell, Third Brother. I don’t want to see Moss’s name in the top sixteen. Do you understand?!”

“Okay, Big Brother! Leave it to me!”

Number Five High’s director then cupped his hands and said to the other directors, “I hope that you can all support me when the time comes.”

“Of course, Third Brother!”

“No problem, Third Brother!”

The other principals expressed their support one after another.

Seeing that his brethren had expressed their support, Taylor heaved a sigh of relief, and his expression improved.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen teachers sat on the couches in one of White Deer High’s offices, waiting for the director to arrive.

The teachers immediately rushed to the director’s office for a meeting as soon as they received a notice. They heard that Number Two High would unite with other schools and deal with Moss and other threatening participants. The teachers’ expressions were somber.

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