Legacy Of The Betelgeuse

Chapter 329 - Episode 329: Having A Break.

Chapter 329 – Episode 329: Having A Break.

I log out from the game to get some rest before I log into the game again. I don't know for how long the invasion will last but I need to be there even though I can't do anything. So I'm going to rest my eyes and head on the bed while everyone is still playing.

I hear someone is coming out from the gaming room, I open my eyes and look at Emma who's walking toward me.

"What are you doing, Em? Aren't you supposed to be in the game right now to help Ivonna and the others?"

Emma sits next to me and she seems a bit down, she then looks at me while frowning.

"Are you going to rest, Trev?"

I shake my head and immediately sit down while leaning on the bed frame.

"Not really, what's wrong?"

Emma is peeling her lips while staring at the window.

"Can you drive me somewhere? I need someone to talk to."

I immediately get off the bed and stand in front of her.

"Come on, let's go somewhere."

Emma nods and we both go downstairs and leave the mansion.

Emma is so quiet and I'm not sure what's happening to her, I just realize that I haven't paid much attention to her ever since everyone is living in the mansion. Could it be that it has something to do with it?

I decide to bring her to the beach so she can enjoy the scenery.

I lean on the rail and look at Emma.

"Do you want to tell me what's wrong, Em?"

Emma leans and rests her body on the railing.

"I don't know how to say it but I feel like I don't fit in there…"

I furrow my forehead while sipping a cup of coffee.

"You mean in the mansion with Ivonna and the others? Or is it because Schenider and the others are staying in the mansion?"

Emma is looking down at the sand down below.

"Yeah, mostly because they came here but I already feel this way when Ivonna and the others came…"

Emma looks at me and she looks panicked.

"I'm not saying that I don't like them to be here, it's just… how do I say it…"

I'm just staring at the people walking by while letting Emma think of a way to express her feeling.

"I don't know, maybe I don't belong in the group? I feel a bit lonely and I feel like you guys are enjoying the game as if it's something that they love… you know what I mean?"

I nod while furrowing my forehead because the sun is blinding me.

"I think I know why…"

I look at her while offering my coffee, she grabs it and drinks it.

"Is it because everyone is interested in the same thing which is playing a video game, while you on the other hand just started playing the game a few months ago. I know that it's not your passion or something that you can do all day and all night but because everyone is playing, you don't want to be left behind that you start getting frustrated and sick about it, right?"

Emma is chuckling while nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, you're so on point…"

I get down from the rail and turn around to look at the beach.

"I really understand, so how about you go to places that you always love to go to? I bet your friends from work and your other friends would love to see you hang out with them again, right? You should use my house and stay there, you can bring your friends over and have a girl's night or something like that. You have a lot of money from the game, you can go wherever you want with your friend. Let's just say you're doing this to fresh your mind, it's bad for your health if you're forcing yourself on something that you're not into it. I believe they will understand and you don't have to worry about the game because you're more important than the game."

Emma is humming with understanding but it seems that it's not the answer that she's hoping for.

"Yeah, you might be right…"

I put my hand on her back and rub it gently.

"Just take a break, I bet you will enjoy every second of it. In fact…"

I grab my house key in my pocket then show it to her.

"You can start from today and invite your friends to the house."

Emma looks at me and scoffs while smiling.

"Why? Do you think I'm not needed in the game?"

I mess her hair while smiling.

"Of course not, you silly! I'm more worried about you than the game and anything related to it. I'm your guardian and your best friend, so of course I would prioritize your health over anything. I will come over and pay a visit every day if you want me to, I will make you my famous burnt omelet."

Emma is laughing and I'm glad that she's doing better already, she then grabs the key and looks at it.

"Okay, I will call my friends to come over, I will get wasted and do stupid things with my friends tonight."

I nod with understanding.

"Okay, but don't hurt yourself."

Emma is smiling and nodding with understanding, then she opens her arms asking me to hug her. I stand properly and hug her immediately, I rub her back and then up to her head.

"Just call me if you need anything, okay?"

Emma nods with understanding.

"Thank you, Trev…"

I remove my arms and look at her.

"Shall we check the house? I will help you clean the house if it's dirty."

Emma gives me a thumbs up and then we leave the beach and go to my house.

I'm cleaning the house with Emma and it's something that we both haven't been doing for months now. We used to just woke up and do our daily activities without having to bother to clean the room. It's something that we both miss, the small rooms and the familiar smells of each room are something else.

I look at the time and it's almost time for the invasion to begin. Emma put down the vacuum and then she approaches me.

"Is it time?"

I shake my head.

"No, it's an hour from now so I still have the time to clean up the rest of the house."

Emma shakes her head.

"It's okay, I can do the rest."

I look at her while raising my eyebrows.

"Are you sure? You're not going to be lonely when I'm gone?"

Emma pushes my back.

"Shut up, I already message my friends to come over, so it's okay if you leave now."

I scoff and chuckle at the same time.

"So it's true that you're lonely if I leave now."

Emma pinches my side and it stings and tickles at the same time, I remove her hand and flick her forehead on purpose as a payback.

"Just go already, I bet Ivonna is waiting for you in the game since she's been so nervous the past few days in the game without you around."

I chuckle and nod.

"Okay… okay… I'm going now, be careful, and don't forget to lock the door."

Emma nods and then I leave the house and go back to the mansion.

I log in to the game and I'm inside the castle, I look at the timer and it's half a day from the beginning of the invasion. I go to the teleportation device and teleport to Krestan's house because I need him to send me to the site. Before I go to his house, I check the pub to check if Avriel is there, and when I go downstairs, I don't see her anywhere and so I decide to leave and go straight to Krestan's house.

I enter the portal and go to the site with Krestan, I'm wondering where's Avriel at since Krestan doesn't know her whereabouts as well.

I go to the camp to see the others, everyone is already there and gather to make a plan.

I'm listening to their plan from the side since I believe that they're already prepared everything so thoroughly. While I'm listening to their discussion, A VoW appears in front of everyone's screen. The notification is reminding us that we have less than an hour until Letrax is awake. Kingstar and the others are immediately running out of the camp and going to their own posts while I'm following Ivonna.

Ivonna looks around and then looks at me.

"Where's Emma?"

I look at her and shake my head.

"Emma won't be playing for the next few days."

Ivonna is surprised.

"What happened?"

I smile and look at her.

"Well, it's not something important, she just wants to take a break from playing, that's all."

We both stop and stand on top of the wall while looking at the site.

"For now, we just need to focus on killing Letrax."

[Invasion will begin in 43 minutes 29 seconds]

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