Legend of the Asura

Chapter 274: Sorrowful Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast (part 1)

Chapter 274: Sorrowful Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast (part 1)

“The Kunlun Mirror is in this cave! Although it’s very weak, I can clearly sense it! There definitely isn’t a mistake!” Xuanyuan Wan’er said in an anxious voice.

“Un! I understand!” Feng Xiao’s eyes focused on the cave again. This cave was abruptly put into this green cave. The ruined and tattered appearance of this cave didn’t match the rest of the green Terror Forest. What made Feng Xiao the most surprised was that there might be an ancient divine artifact hidden in the cave, but there wasn’t anything strange about the surrounding area. There didn’t even seem to be a trace of defense or a seal around it.

Just what was hidden here?

Several girls wearing green clothes came to the cave entrance and raised their bows, shooting arrows in.

No one would be silly enough to go in to meet the boss head on, so they could only use bows to draw it out. Then they would use the wide terrain outside to arrange their formation and use tactics to fight. Although the archers wouldn’t be able to shoot that far into the cave with their current abilities, the howls of the arrows would be enough.

As expected, not long after, there was an angry roar that came from the cave. At the same time, there were ‘dong, dong’ footsteps that gradually became clearer.

“Sisters, set up the formation!”

With Rainbow Clothed Piao Piao’s anxious cry, the archers retreated to the back of the formation and the yellow clothed knight girls had already started moving forward. They stared at the entrance of the cave, preparing to surround the monster the moment that it appeared!

They had confidence in blocking a few attacks from a level 40 Gold Boss, but after that, they had to have their other sisters tank for them. They needed the healers and potions to recover their HP before going forward again.

But if the other side used their ultimate skill, they definitely wouldn’t be able to block them and would be instantly killed. So when facing a Gold Boss that surpassed their own level, it was impossible to not be nervous and impossible to not have any casualties.

Feng Xiao who was focused couldn’t help trembling as his eyes narrowed because this roar was clearly——

The Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast!

The large figure came out of the dark cave with a clear angry aura. The oppressive aura and its exaggerated appearance made all the little girls unconsciously take a step back as their hearts filled with instinctual fear.

Feng Xiao’s heart beat wildly! Three meters tall, a purple black body, armour as hard as rock, and a horn with lightning coursing through it, it really was the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast!

Only why would it leave its cave and come here!

His mind quickly turned as he thought of a way of bringing it away. Facing this level 60 Immortal Beast that had forced him into a dead end, he couldn’t fight it by himself. If he wanted to escape though, it couldn’t be more simple. Only these little girls who came to ‘provoke’, not a single one of them would be able to leave.

“Sisters, don’t be afraid! We can defeat it!” Rainbow Clothed You You suppressed her fast beating heart as she forced herself to calm down. This kind of giant and ugly beast was a natural enemy of girls.

Seductive Rainbow didn’t say anything as she knitted her brows. She sensed that things had already deviated from the original plan. At least this dangerous huge creature didn’t look like a bear at all!


The Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast had hated humans for many years, so these pretty girls couldn’t attract its interest at all. It let out a roar and raised its beast horn, sending a bolt of purple lightning at an archer twenty meters away.

“Damn! It’s a magic attributed boss!” Seductive Rainbow’s heart tensed as she helplessly watched her sisters being hit by lightning. A magic attributed boss of the same level, its HP, defense, and physical attack would be lacking compared to a physical attributed boss. Even if it used magic, the damage wouldn’t be that high, not to mention that it would take some time for it to cast its spells. So comparing them, knights and warriors like fighting magic attributed bosses. However, it was a nightmare for them as long range players!

With low HP and low defense, facing this powerful magic attributed boss, surrounding them with knights was useless!



A green clothed girl was hit and she was thrown three meters away by the lightning before turning into white light. At the same time, she dropped her silver coloured bow.

The bright red damage figure made people stunned! That was because with just a simple magic attack, it had dealt over five thousand damage!

How was this possible!

Feng Xiao was also surprised……Because its attack power was just too low! It was ten times lower than before!

Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast: Level 60 Gold Boss

HP: 220000

It used to be the Immortal Beast of the Stalactite Cave to the Terror Forest’s west, but because of an unknown reason, the Ice Spirit Herb it had been guarding was gathered. Without the Ice Spirit Herb to suppress its Thunder Soul Energy, the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast was almost killed by its own wild lightning energy. Although it was lucky enough to escape with its life, its lightning energy greatly decreased and its ability dropped to that of a Gold Boss.

Since its ability had dropped, the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast couldn’t adapt to the cold of the Stalactite Cave and it invaded the Terror Forest two weeks ago. After defeating the level 40 Gold Boss Golden Armoured War Bear, it stole its residence.

Innate Skill:

Thunder Body: Lightning Resistance +50%.


Fears fire, Fire Resistance -30%.

Skills: Heavenly Thunder Flash (30 meter range single target attack), Thunder Storm (30 meter line attack), Heavenly Thunder God’s Light (Three times damage single target attack, 90% chance of paralysis. Has a cast time of 1 second and a cooldown of 8 seconds), Thunder Summoning Strike (10 meter AoE range attack. Has a cast time of 1.2 seconds and a cooldown of 8 seconds).

The information from the Heavenly Eyes cleared up all of Feng Xiao’s questions. At this time, in front of the colourful clothed girl’s shocked eyes, the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast attacked a second time.

Seductive Rainbow’s body suddenly trembled before a surprised look finally appeared on the serene face that was like a lake, “Everyone, quickly retreat! Scatter! It’s a level 60 Gold Boss!”

The archers would gain a skill called “Survey” at level 30. Although it wasn’t as effective as the “Heavenly Eyes”, it was still enough to see through the level of monsters.

Level 60! That was an invincible opponent for them!

As Seductive Rainbow’s anxious voice rang out, the purple lightning quickly swept forward. It killed all the girls that couldn’t react in time to dodge. At the same time, more than ten arrows fell onto the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast.

-1, miss, miss, -1……

Everyone was stunned again before finally waking up from Seductive Rainbow’s voice. Without any time to ask questions, without any time to be shocked, the other side’s strength was the greatest explanation.

No one kept fighting it and did their best to calm down before spreading out to run away. There were only a few girls wearing purple clothes that remained.

They went forward instead of retreating. Six purple clothed girls came within ten meters of the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast and used the Earth Attributed “Gravity Spell” at the same time. They wanted to reduce its move speed and reaction time to let their other sisters run away.

But the level of the other side was much greater, so the “Gravity Spell” didn’t have much effect and instead enraged the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast. With a deafening large roar, the giant Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast charged forward and emptied the HP of all the earth magicians.

Seductive Rainbow’s heart was bleeding. Watching her sisters being killed one by one, pain and helplessness filled her heart. If it wasn’t to survive, she would have angrily charged at it.

The Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast finally started moving and its move speed was much faster than theirs. It instantly caught up to them and released the lightning that terrified them again……


When they were filled with despair, there was a giant roar that made their bodies and minds tremble that rang out, shaking all the leaves off the surrounding trees…..They all stopped because the mounts under them had collapsed to the ground. They wouldn’t get up no matter what orders they gave, as if they were filled with incomparable fear.

The Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast’s “Thunder Summoning Strike” was cancelled by the “Beast King’s Roar”. Countless little stars appeared above its head before with the sound of the wind, a stream of green wind energy appeared and green arrows kept flying out, aimed at the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast. Feng Xiao’s figure also appeared.

Five arrows per second that all landed on it, not a single one wasted! The Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast that hadn’t recovered from the stun was pushed back by these arrows as red and yellow damage figures appeared above its head.


One of the girls reacted first and called out in a loud voice which woke up all her sisters. Instantly, there were many passionate gazes that fell onto him with looks of infatuation and admiration. He who was being stared at……wanted to curse!

“You little girls! What are you in a daze for! Why aren’t you running!”

The Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast recovered from the stun. Feng Xiao’s eyes focused before taking a few steps forward, knocking it back a few more steps, trying to push it as much as he can so the girls were thirty meters away.

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