25 Naked protest

Mathew pushed the doors open. And to his surprise, there wasn’t any resistance blocking him from doing so.

‘Are they stupid or what?’ Mathew asked himself, shaking his head as he entered the room. ‘If they wanted to stay here, barricading themselves is a no-brainer!’

And as he stepped inside, Mat realized that the girls did nothing to block the doors whatsoever.

‘So it’s not like they were trying to prepare for setting up the barricade either,’ he thought, unable to stop his head from shaking.

Yet, the girls weren’t in the classroom. No matter how much Mathew looked around, they didn’t appear to be anywhere inside.

As such, there was only one place where the two of them could be.

‘Am I really sure that’s what I should do?’ he thought, unable to stop himself from hesitating.

And then, he looked at his system once again. And just like before, the name remained the same. pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ


[Name: Mathew Karian]

[Age: 19]

[Level: 1/1]

[Race: Evolved Human]

[Class: System Holder]

[Status: Desperate]

[Mathew Karian] pᴀɴᴅᴀ ɴoᴠᴇʟ

[Level – 1/1]

[Vitality – 13]

[Brawn – 13]

[Agility – 14]

[Mind – 0]

[Arcane – 0]

[Total – 20]

[Accumulated Levels – 1] (A/N – added this line 2 chapters behind, I forgot about it, sorry for that) ρꪖꪕᦔꪖꪕꪫꪣꫀ​ꪶ​

‘It’s a wives system after all,’ Mathew thought, releasing a deep sigh before finally making use of his hand and knocking on the doors.

“So you came back,” the girl whose name Mathew still didn’t know uttered, opening the door right in his face.

Yet, what was the most shocking about her appearance, was how she no longer had any clothes on herself.

“What is the meaning of this?” Mathew asked while squinting his eyes and refusing to look anywhere but at the girl’s face.

“You are just a man,” the girl shook her shoulders in clear contempt for the young man. “Given a free booty call, how could you refuse?” she asked before bringing her arms together and crossing them below her bust only to accent its size as she then shook her arms.

Due to the movement, Mathew made the mistake of looking toward it. Yet, rather than throwing himself at the girl like a wild animal, he simply rolled his eyes, reached out… and pushed the girl aside.

“Huh?” Leila muttered when she noticed Mathew’s actions. “Could it be that I’m the one to your liking?” she asked while sitting down in the very corner of the shed.

“What I need and what I want has nothing to do with fucking either of you,” Mathew replied.

Despite his earlier decision to take the booty call and enjoy himself before going to what would likely be his death, when faced with those two girls…

For some reason, Mathew just couldn’t press the issue.

Even with the other of the two girls standing stark naked behind him.

“Your friend should learn some shame, you know?” he muttered before looking at a piece of glass in the outer doors to the shed in hopes of finding some clues about his system.

Yet, outside of the things he saw before, no new clues appeared to float above the young man’s reflection.

“What do you want, then?” Leila asked, a look of confusion mixing with some sort of disappointment on her face.

Mathew kneeled down in order to get his eyes on the same level as the Leila’s.

“First off, the most important question. You want me to protect you from the zombies because you have no means of fighting them off,” Mat stated before swallowing his saliva as he gathered the courage. “But what if I could offer you the strength to fight them?”

‘From the looks of things, whoever I make into my wife, will receive system blessing as well,’ Mathew thought, waiting anxiously for Leila’s answer.

“Do you mean you want me to fight alongside you?” Leila finally composed herself enough to push the topic ahead.

“Well, that all rides on a certain gamble,” Mathew admitted while shrugging his shoulders only to then nod his head. “But yeah. That’s the gist of it,” he added.

Leila lowered her head. She then raised her hand to her mouth and put her thumb between her lips, sucking on it as she thought.

She then released a heavy sigh before raising her deep, blue eyes at Mathew.

“It sounds better than just waiting here to starve,” she added.

“Leila!” the other girl protested, unable to hold herself back any longer. “He is just going to use you as meatshield!”

“You don’t sound very convincing when you showcase your nudity for all to see,” Mathew commented, rolling his eyes. “Anyway, back on the topic. What I need you to do, right now, is just vocally accept everything I say,” he explained before raising up only to fall down on one knee.

“Leila, will you be my wife?”

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