Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 479 - 479 Chapter 360: If Lord Richard is Already So Outstanding, I Wonder How Qing Qiu is Doing? [1/2]

479 Chapter 360: If Lord Richard is Already So Outstanding, I Wonder How Qing Qiu is Doing? [1/2]

Richard’s expression was sparingly strange as he listened to Chairman Windsor and Onyx’s conversation.

He suddenly thought of something and opened his attribute panel. His eyes stopped on the column above him for a moment.

[Status: Three glorious points (fame spread, additional five glorious points upon entry to the underground world) ]

[Additional Feature: Intimidation–intimidate enemies with lower mythos than you, causing them to be in awe. Personal charm increases, and there is a chance to attract heroes to join you. The entry to the underground city will automatically upgrade the relationship in awe.]

[The system activated the glorious status attribute when he became the Vice President of the Bloodhoof City Council.]

He had received two points, which were only effective in the underground world.

He had gained another three points when he flattened the gray-colored dwarves. Now his glorious status in the underworld had reached five points.

However, he could only use them in the underground world.

The universal three glorious points were the reward he received for becoming the King of Gladiator in the death corner fighting arena.

At that time, he was still curious about how the system would display this glorious status.

Now, he knew.

The ten billion players were the best advertising staff.

The players spread the name ‘Qingqiu’ throughout the primary plane.

To take first place out of tens of billions of people was already glorious, although the players’ overall strength was low.

Even his first dungeon experience dugged three glorious points. The record of killing millions in the spatial rift valley reached the glorious-level. So they unsurprisingly spread.

These three glorious points had an enormous impact.

“I wonder how many glorious points I’ll need to raise my level to attract high-level heroes to come and join me…”

He had gained the support of many orc warriors when he captured the orcs last time. Although he gave them all to [Steamed Bun Lover], he had also tasted the sweetness of it.

It made him look forward to the day when he could get a large group of followers to join him just by showing his ID…

Richard looked at the two after he recollected his thoughts and said softly.

“There will be a chance to meet that Qingqiu… Chairman Windsor. I’m here to deepen the partnership between Twilight City and the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce. Also, to seek some advice.”

Windsor didn’t dwell on the comparison between Qingqiu and Richard. She still had to take care of Onyx’s face.

The other party’s bearing gave her a striking first impression, although they had just met and had yet to have a deep conversation.

Even if Richard was not as powerful as Qingqiu, one of the most powerful among the grace mainland overlords, he was still worthy of respect.

She looked straight into those deep eyes.

“You’re welcome, Lord Richard. Just get straight to the point. The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce has always been friendly to our business partners.”

Richard took a moment to organize his thoughts.

“Twilight City is in the depths of the desert. It is arduous to contact the outside world.

“To better carry out transactions, we have would set up a Chamber of Commerce in Solan City.

“Twilight City doesn’t have much experience in this area, so…”

He didn’t finish his words, but his meaning was obvious.

Windsor laughed.

“This is a good thing. In the future, I won’t have to spend two months deep into the desert to buy the Desert Crown Honey.”

“Onyx, help Lord Richard with this.”

Then, she seemed to have thought of something and added.

“Lord Richard, to build a chamber of commerce needs a fixed office address. The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce can provide you with a house for free as your suitable location for the time being. It’s not too late to move out when you find a suitable location.”

Richard chuckled.

It was rare for the other party to take the initiative to offer help when they met for the first time.

The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce could be considered a behemoth in Twilight City.

Although the things provided were nothing much, the other party’s good intentions were honest.

However, with Rebecca in front of him, there was no need for the other party’s good intentions.

Just as he was about to decline, Rebecca spoke first.

“There’s no need to worry, Chairman Windsor. I gave the Violet Manor to Lord Richard.

“The Twilight City Chamber of Commerce already has a place to stay.”

Windsor’s eyes narrowed.

It sparingly surprised her as she looked at the smiling Rebecca.

The Violet Manor was the Frostwolf family’s only residence in Solan City. Although it was not worth much to a Grand Duke’s family, it was not cheap.

Now, she gave it away to Richard, and it was a grace mainland overlord.

More importantly, she had never met this lord before. She had only gone to the desert once…

She glanced at the calm Richard, and her opinion of him rose again.

She did not think that the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke would be an idiot.

Rebecca had just come into contact with the ruler of Twilight City, and she already gave him the manor.

There must be something special about the other party that she valued.

‘Was it the fur of the fire dragon rabbit?

‘Although it was precious, it was not worth giving away a manor, right?’

She gathered her thoughts and gave Richard a meaningful look.

“Looks like I’m overthinking things. Lord Richard is extraordinary.”

Richard smiled.

“I’ll remember your kind intentions, Chairman Windsor. In the future, Twilight City will have a better partnership with the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce.”

Richard took out two glass bottles of honey from the system space as he spoke.

It was as thick as amber. It glowed faint golden light.

It was ultimately eye-catching.

“This is the latest high-grade honey produced from the desert crown bee. There are only two jars.”

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