Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 968 - 968 Chapter 542: A Wave of Genrous Growth After the Battle [3/3]

968 Chapter 542: A Wave of Genrous Growth After the Battle [3/3]

“You’re smart, and I like to deal with smart people.”

Richard’s sounded relaxed.

“You guys can continue to stay in Ell. I will ask Tundel to reserve a base for your guild.

“Next, you can use the information advantage of the players to help Tundel rebuild the Ell Plane.

“You should know how much you can earn from this.

“This is your reward. I can bring you to participate in more planes. Just do well.”

He finished speaking and looked at them meaningfully.

“I don’t have an organized player faction in my hands…”

He gave people unlimited space to think before he could finish his sentence.

Their gazes became heated.

Who was this person before them?

Qingqiu was undoubtedly the number one player! He slaughtered a god and had four transcendents in his hands.

His influence was something that even the guild leaders of the top guilds could not compare to.

At this moment, they extended olive branches to the big shot!!

The muscular warrior player replied loudly.

“Lord Richard, we will do our best and not disappoint you!”

Richard was a golden leg for them to hug. The muscular warrior player would beat himself to death when he went back if he couldn’t hold it this time.

Richard nodded.

Twilight City was still small, although it showed strength to the public.

However, only Richard knew how big Twilight City was.

Currently, less than ten thousand residents are in the entire territory.

The administrative system was even cruder.

It was simply nonsense to manage a plane.

The underground world also took half a year to digest it.

For now, the Ell Plane still needed the system controlled by Tundel to stand up and govern.

He didn’t need to manage it. He only needed to let the other party advance according to his ideas.

The Ell Plane would naturally submit to Twilight City like the underworld when Twilight City had advanced.

Richard continued to in-depthly converse with the players without thinking much.

The topic of conversation ranged from the future development of Ell to the specialties of the seashore they marked as their territory, as well as cross-plane trade.

Richard ended the conversation after more than an hour on his own accord.

Then he remembered to ask who these players belonged to.

The muscular warrior players replied with a bitter smile.

“Lord Richard, our guild is in the far mountains near the Fog Sea. The guild is also called the Farmountains Guild.”

“Just over a hundred players were there, and the lord players account for one-third of the total.”

Richard nodded thoughtfully.

His attitude towards the players had always been neutral and impartial.

He couldn’t reject the cooperation of those who bring benefits.

A guild by the sea wouldn’t threaten Twilight City.

Their contribution would benefit the city. Richard would first contact them for some time. He could do other operations if he could use them in the future.

He was not interested in establishing a player guild. Players without the ability to revive were weaker than natives.

However, dark work would be possible if he could turn a guild into a supernumerary force.

Richard got the information he needed. He stopped talking nonsense.

He sent a few skeleton blood dragons back to Lion City. He summoned the void sandworms and opened the spatial gate.

He stepped into the land of quicksand again and felt a scorching aura that surged over him. A sense of familiarity immediately arose in his heart.

The desert was his foundation.

Richard was in a good mood as he watched the troop return through the spatial gate.

He started from January 25th to February 7th. It took him less than ten days. This battle ended much faster than he had expected.

The enemies of Ell, the Raging Blood Duke, and the Greed Lord had all died in this war.

He also wiped the troops under his command when a dark aura transformed them into demons. The Greed Lord died in battle.

He waited for Tundel to clean up the entire Ell Kingdom and eliminate the rebellious forces afterward. Then, the Ell Plane went under his control.

Twilight City included the Ell Plane under its rule after two months of preparation or more.

This expedition must have been fruitful.

Richard pondered and calculated his gains from this campaign.

Firstly, there was no doubt that Ell had a large population.

That was a complete plane. Its value was immeasurable, although Richard would take some time to settle down.

Twilight City would receive a generous help than the underworld with the subsequent development.

The population, talents, resources, troops, market, productivity, and so on, and so on will be helpful.

He had perfectly accomplished his goal of taking the Ell Kingdom into his possession.

Secondly, he slayed the Greed Lord.

Richard defeated the abyss ruler who controlled the 120th level of the abyss and was the greatest supporter of the Raging Blood Duke in this war.

Their divine bodies became his spoils of war, although he failed to obtain the treasures he expected from the Greed Lord. He used demonized corpses on the battlefield to feed the rotten swamp.

Furthermore, the golden lion had submitted to him.

The appearance of the Greed Lord made the victory of the Ell Kingdom blissfully glorious, wasn’t an exaggeration to say.

The glorious points he obtained after he slayed the gods and the high reputation established among the players were all assets he could not ignore.

Thirdly, he captured the obelisk.

Taking down the obelisk had elevated Kratos to transcendence. That increased the number of powers he had to an outrageous four.

In addition, he also obtained a long-handled warhammer that perfectly matched Kratos from the colorful treasure chest.

Moreover, one embedded a suitable gem in this weapon and could upgrade from Glorious 5-stars.

The fact that the obelisk might reveal important information about the ancient rules was also a massive fortune. One could obtain enormous benefits if one had used it well.

Finally, he had obtained three remarkable lairs. They were the evil dragon wings.

That was the first batch of battle-type extraordinary soldiers in Twilight City.

Their battle strength was so fierce one could consider it odd with their extraordinary characteristics.

Some minor details were present other than these main benefits.

He divided these three big pieces of profit into more than ten pieces. Any one of them would make players jealous.

At this moment, everything belonged to him.

Tundel pacified the Ell Kingdom, and it would continue to generate profits for Twilight City.

Extraordinary heroes, extraordinary troops, a large population, a large area of land, and abundant resources were a wave of generous growth.

These could reinforce the foundation of Twilight City after this battle.

Richard had enough confidence to deal with the unknown, although no one knew the future.

Richard pondered. He subconsciously turned his head and looked at the spatial rift. The Dwarf God sealed that rift.

He could sense the rotten smell of swamp mud in the air, even from a great distance.

The light in his eyes was subtle as he muttered softly.

“The king of decay‚Ķ”

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