Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275: A son that suddenly appeared

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Those people placed their hands in front of their chests and retreated in an orderly manner.

Chu lui walked in and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his daughter was still sleeping and unhurt. Where did these people come from?

He suddenly squinted his eyes and stared straight at the young man in front of him, his blue eyes that were like the sky, and his skin that was much whiter than the East.

Which country is this person from?

Which country did this mixed-blood come from?

“Father …”

The man’s thin lips opened slightly, and the words that came out shocked Chu lui and Xia ruoxin, who was outside.

“Chu lui!” Her red lips trembled. where did you give birth to such a big child? ”

Chu lui was also baffled. Why? he didn’t know where he had given birth to the child, and it was a … Mixed-blood?

mother. the man nodded at Xia ruoxin again. This feeling was so … Strange.

Xia ruoxin suddenly felt dizzy. What was going on?

Chu lui seemed to have suddenly recalled something. you’re … That child? ”

yes. the man knew what Lu was asking. I am. I’m sorry for my opposition to my father in court. &Quot;

Xia ruoxin lifted the courtroom and looked at the four people beside her. She quickly ran in and pulled Chu lui’s sleeve. It was him. Yes, she remembered. It was him.

Her Rainy’s current nationality was changed because of this child. This country’s name was Heya. Could it be that her daughter had really sold her and herself out to call her father and mother?

Not long after, Chu lui walked out with Jun Yi following behind him. It seemed like the two of them did not fight, and neither did they lose an arm or a leg. Chu lui’s expression was obviously not too bad.

“You didn’t beat him up?”

Xia ruoxin asked carefully.

“Why should I beat him up?” Chu lui didn’t understand. why? do I look like the kind of person who would hit someone the moment they meet? ”

“That’s not the case.”

The Chu lui that Xia ruoxin knew was like this.

ever since you were young, whenever someone had designs on your daughter, you’d either scare them or warn them. Isn’t it all because of you that your daughter’s luck with the opposite sex is so bad? ” towards a Rascal who had designs on his daughter, Chu lui would never be polite.

he’s different. Chu lui’s lips curved up slightly. Yes, he seemed to be very satisfied with this future son-in-law who was also a man who had snatched his daughter.

What’s the Difference? ” Xia ruoxin sat down and propped her face up on her hands. aren’t they all stealing your daughter’s man? ”

Chu lui raised his eyebrows. he’s the leader of a country. He’s marrying my daughter for no other reason than my daughter. I’m not worried about that, just like how I married you. &Quot;

Xia ruoxin facepalmed. Was he complimenting her or someone else?

there’s oil and mineral resources everywhere in his place. The transportation is well developed, and it’s a good opportunity to connect with my business. He promised that the first child he had with rainy would belong to our Chu family, and he could have the Chu family name. &Quot;

Xia ruoxin blinked. That seemed right. She did not agree with the first point. She was not selling her daughter, but she felt that Jun Yi’s status was not bad.

he has a primeval forest there. We can go and explore it. &Quot;

Xia ruoxin’s eyes lit up.

Primeval forest?

yes. Chu lui walked over and placed his hand on Xia ruoxin’s hair, caressing it gently. there’s a primeval forest. We can go on an adventure and leave the company to him. actually, the meaning before was just an additional one. The main reason was because this d * mned kid had his eyes on his daughter when she was three. After so many years of waiting, he was stronger than an old man like him because the D * mned kid would never mistake someone else for someone else.

He’d been convinced. Yes, he’d been convinced. Instead of finding a man whose personality and background he didn’t know, he’d rather find this Jun Yi. Even if he were to come to his door, he’d pick a man out of a million, but he’d never know his true nature.

Among all the people here, Jun Yi was one in a million. He just felt bad when he thought about how his baby had been scammed away just like that. However, in the end, they still had to plan for their daughter’s future. Most importantly, this man didn’t care at all if rainy was sick or if she would need a kidney transplant in the future, and perhaps more than once.

The fact that he could still make such a request at this time and not change his original heart, he knew that this man was suitable for his daughter who he had raised with great difficulty.

However, Rainy’s illness was still weighing on their hearts. It was a pain that could never be resolved.

“You want a kidney transplant?” Jun Yi narrowed his eyes dangerously. He took the examination and showed it to the people behind him. This was his country’s authority, and if the operation was really necessary, he didn’t believe in anything else. He would protect and save his own little girl.

The person behind him flipped through the pages and whispered something into Jun Yi’s ear. He spoke in a native language, perhaps local, so no one could understand.

“Why does she only have one kidney?”

Jun Yi asked everyone present.

“You weren’t born with this, were you?”

Chu lui clenched his fists by his side. He raised his head, and his voice was still strained and extremely uncomfortable.

“Her kidney is in someone else’s body.”

Jun Yi stood up, then turned around to speak to the man who had been reading the report. The man thought for a moment, then nodded calmly. What were the two of them discussing?

Jun Yi didn’t ask about the cause of the kidney. He just wanted to find the most suitable surgery schedule for the young lady, preferably one that was successful in one try and profited from it.

where’s the person who got the kidney? ” 1

He asked Chu lui, ” yes, it was in someone else’s body. Was it that Chu Xiang? the Chu family had kept this matter a secret. He only found out that Chu Xiang had a kidney transplant when she was young. Could it be a young girl’s kidney? ”

“You want to …”

Chu lui suddenly understood something.

He quickly asked Guan Gaoyi, ” Gao Yi, what if we transplant Rainy’s original kidney back? ”

this … Gao Yi stood up as well. that’s right. How could we have forgotten about this? the kidney in Chu Xiang’s body is Rainy’s. There’s no other kidney in this world that’s suitable for rainy like the one in Chu Xiang’s body. Even though the kidney has been working in Chu Xiang’s body for more than ten years, it still belongs to rainy. &Quot; 1

The transplant might be like his own, and the rejection would be very small, or there might not be any rejection at all.

“What about Chu Xiang?”

Gao Yi was a doctor. He didn’t want to kill someone to save someone, but if it had to come to that, he would do it.

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