Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277: Two operations

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I want the kind of love that uncle Dongfang and uncle Dongfang have. Their love is pure and they can disregard everything and the world. Yes, he’s a man, but there’s nothing wrong with their love. Perhaps it’s not accepted by the world, but they’ve never given up.

They loved each other very much.

I also want the love between aunt Shen and third uncle, even if they have been silent for more than ten years, experienced life and death, and even died.

That was also love, love …

I also want mo Ming’s father’s love. I want him to always protect me without any regrets. I think this is also a very, very deep love.

What is Love?

In literature and art, the main focus was emotion.

To put it in a melodramatic way, it was hypocritical.

Love is fate, love is touching, love is habit, love is tolerance, love is improvement, love is understanding, love is a lifetime promise. Love was an indescribable feeling. Love was all kinds of feelings. Perhaps this was life.

After looking at the broken arm mountain, he knew that gender was not a problem. After looking at the divine Eagle couple, he knew that ethics was not a problem. So love was like this, life and death were not a problem. When he thought about the unfinished love between humans and ghosts, he really understood. After looking at King Kong, he realized that species was not a problem.

where is my love? I took the easel and walked slowly. I asked myself if I loved Lin Qing.

The answer was no.

I’m very clear that it’s heart-stirring, far from love.

I’m also very clear that I’m still very young and may not know what love is.

One day, a man with mesmerizing sky-colored eyes placed a doll in front of me.

And I’m sick, a very serious illness.

And this man would also have sky blue eyes like a doll, charming ocean blue eyes. Under the sky, there were clear skies and rain.

It was as if they had returned to that day, when it was drizzling …

I’m called rainy. What’s brother’s name?

I’m Jun Yi.

If you want, I can help you. But remember, you’re mine from now on. The handsome child said to the little girl who was holding the doll. The little girl nodded vigorously. The light rain that day turned into a heavy rain …

When rainy woke up, it was as if she had gone through a cycle of reincarnation, reincarnation of life and death, reincarnation of memories.

It turned out that this was the memory of the half year she had lost. It turned out that in this half year, there was not only her father but also her brother.

“You’re awake?” When Chu lui saw that his daughter had woken up, he quickly held her hand tightly. tell Daddy, are you okay? does it hurt? ”

Rainy lowered her head and saw that she was lying on the hospital bed. She did not know what had happened, but there was a dull pain in her abdomen. Yes, it hurt.

It really hurt.

baby, we’ve had a kidney transplant. Chu lui squeezed his daughter’s hand. the operation was very successful. You’ve finally gotten back the kidney you lost. &Quot;

“Lost?” Rainy moved her fingers gently. Even such an action would hurt her.

“Is it Chu Xiang’s?”

No. Chu lui shook his head. this is yours. It was given to you by your parents when you were born. You were born with it, not someone else’s. It will not reject you or hurt you. &Quot;

“What about Chu Xiang?” Rainy wanted to ask, but she was too tired. In a daze, she fell asleep again. There was still a faint pain in her stomach, but she could bear it. For her father, for her mother, and also … For herself. 1

Chu Xiang had woken up earlier than rainy.

She suddenly opened her eyes. The pain in her stomach made her cry loudly.

“My kidney, where’s my kidney …”

your kidney is here. Miss, you’ve already had a kidney transplant, ” a nurse said with a smile. the operation was very successful. It was the kidney of a 20-year-old prisoner on death row. &Quot;

Chu Xiang’s hand fell weakly. Her eyes were wide open, and she could not even shed a tear.

The kidney of a death row criminal? what about her original kidney? what about her kidney?

haha, ha … she suddenly laughed, but it pulled on her wound. After a while, her whole body twitched in pain, and there was no one around her.

No one in the Chu family loved her, and no one treated her as family. She could only cry, but there was still no one in the ward. When the nurse came, she had already fainted from the pain. Then, she had to go through another operation and had to get a few stitches.

that’s great. Gao Yi put down the report. There was no rejection at all. She would take good care of herself in the future and be like a normal person. She would be able to dance and draw. Furthermore, it seemed like Rainy’s damaged kidney was recovering its function. Perhaps, she could use both of her kidneys in the future.

Xia ruoxin held Chu lui’s hand tightly, and Chu lui’s eyes were slightly red.

“Yeah, I’m fine now.”

yes, it’s okay. Xia ruoxin hugged Chu lui tightly again. After such a long time, she could finally not feel any pressure and cry out loud without any care. Her baby was fine. It was fine.

She would be fine in the future, right?

At this time, in the ward, rainy held her doll up high and touched the doll’s head. The warm light fell on her whole body. Although the wound still hurt, she felt much better. It was great that she did not have to go through a blood transfusion. Uncle Gao Yi said that this was her own, so she would not reject it. Furthermore, her other kidney seemed to be slowly recovering its function. As for how much it would recover to, was it? He would be like a normal person in the future. No one knew about it yet. He needed to wait and receive blessings.

The door was gently pushed open, and a man walked in. Rainy was stunned for a moment before she hugged her doll in her arms.

“How do you feel today?” Jun Yi bent down and placed his hand on Rainy’s forehead. Yes, not bad. Not too hot. It’s good that it’s not hot. No fever.

Xiaoyu smiled at him and nodded. I’m fine. her heart throbbed slightly. It was something she had never felt before. It wasn’t slow, nor was it her heart beating. It was her heart beating.

She thought that she would recover very quickly.

Yes, she was recovering very quickly. Just like her lost kidney, she found her way home and began to fulfill its mission that was more than a decade late. She even brought back the broken kidney and was recovering bit by bit.

Moreover, there was really no rejection, not at all, because it was hers to begin with. It belonged to her.

That was, she touched her hair. It was too ugly, and Chu Xiang had cut it so badly that it looked like it had been gnawed on by a dog. In the end, she had no choice but to ask her mother to help her shave it off. This way, her hair would grow tidier. If she wore a wig, one would not be able to tell that she was actually bald.

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