Chapter 460 - 460 Couple Singing the Same Tune

460 Couple Singing the Same Tune

The girl was instantly stunned.

Huo Zhou smiled evilly. “Mom, I like this girl. Why don’t I marry her and let her be Qiao An’s companion?”

How could Zhou Zhou’s mother not tell that the girl wanted to ruin the relationship between Qiao An and Huo Xiaoran? If she entered the Huo family, their relationship would definitely not be good in the future.

Zhou Zhou’s mother glanced at him with a dark expression. “You have no right to speak here.”

Then, she smiled apologetically at the girl’s parents. “I’m sorry. I don’t think your girl and my son are suitable. Why don’t we forget it?”

The girl’s parents were very satisfied with Huo Zhou. Not to mention that Huo Zhou was already a talent, just the Huo family’s business empire alone would be beneficial to them.

However, their daughter was disappointing, so they could only sigh.

The girl still wanted to sit and chat, but her father pulled her up angrily and scolded, “Let’s go. Don’t embarrass yourself here. You blind thing.”

The girl had been doted on by her father since she was young. This was the first time she had been reprimanded by her father. She felt very aggrieved.

She immediately cried. “Can you blame me? Even a fool would choose the cousin.”

When Zhou Zhou heard the girl’s words, he looked at Xiao Ran gratefully and even reached out to high-five him. His mother was so angry that she slapped him.

“Don’t be smug. Don’t think your cousin can be your shield. Let me tell you, you’re going to see many more girls today. There will always be a blind girl who will take a fancy to you.”

Zhou Zhou’s mother was really merciless when she criticized her son.

Huo Zhou retorted, “You already said that she’s blind to like me. Do I need a blind girl?”

Zhou Zhou’s mother raised her hand and gave him a whack. “I’m warning you, if a girl finally likes you, you have to take it unconditionally. Otherwise, don’t call me Mom.”

Huo Zhou looked helpless.

Huo Xiaoran sighed. Since he had become a stumbling block to Zhou Zhou’s blind date, he did not think it was meaningful for him to stay here.

He said to Zhou Zhou’s mother, “Aunt, why don’t Qiao An and I stop causing trouble here?”

However, Zhou Zhou’s mother grabbed him and refused to let him go. “Xiaoran, don’t go. Just sit here properly. When our Huo family chooses a wife, we need to exercise good judgment. A girl like that just now is not worthy of entering my house.”

Huo Xiaoran could only sit there like he was sitting on pins and needles.

Not long after, the second girl appeared.

Huo Zhou was stunned when he saw her.

The girl had short hair and wore neutral clothes. Her face was even more handsome than a man’s.

Qiao An was stunned. “I’ve never seen such a handsome woman,” she said in admiration.

Huo Xiaoran became vigilant and handed Qiao An a death stare. “Where are you looking?”

Qiao An’s gaze landed on the girl’s flat chest, probing.

Huo Xiaoran reached out to cover her eyes and rubbed her face into his armsn but Qiao An peeked through the gap.

Other than her gender-neutral outfit, that girl was really bright-eyed and white-toothed.

“This one is good,” Qiao An couldn’t help but say.

Huo Zhou leaned back, trying to widen the gap between him and the girl.

“My sexual orientation is normal. Mom, why did you find such a person to go on a blind date with me?” Huo Zhou was speechless.

Zhou Zhou’s mother was a little embarrassed. She whispered, “How would I know that was how the matchmaker interpreted my brief? I told her it would be good as long as it’s a woman.”

Zhou Zhou was so angry that he wanted to leave.

Although the girl had a strong aura, her voice was extremely soft and cute. “My name is Sisi.”

Zhou Zhou’s mother looked at the girl and saw that she was very beautiful and had gentle eyebrows. She was indeed gentle and domestic.

She immediately felt that the girl could be modified. She immediately asked the girl gently, “Sisi, why do you have short hair?”

Sisi touched her hair in embarrassment and licked her lips. “Because I found a job as a graphic model. The company needs me to play the role of a boy.”

Zhou Zhou’s mother heaved a sigh of relief.

“Then look at the two children beside me. Who do you like?”

Sisi swallowed. When she entered the room, she realized that the men in the room were both top-notch handsome men.

“They’re so handsome. I’ll definitely like them both. However, he’s already taken. My liking will stay at the level of admiration,” she pointed at Huo Xiaoran and said.

Qiao An felt that the girl suited her taste too well. Who didn’t like handsome men? But a decent liking such as hers was considered admiration.

“I like this girl,” Qiao An said excitedly.

Huo Xiaoran grabbed her restless hand incredulously. “An’an, behave yourself. You’re not on a blind date.”

Only then did Qiao An calm down.

Zhou Zhou’s mother nodded. “I like her too. Zhou Zhou, what do you think?”

Huo Zhou looked at her unruly short hair. It looked shorter than his.

He looked at his mother speechlessly. “You’re looking for a daughter-in-law, not a son-in-law.”

Zhou Zhou’s mother smiled and said, “But I’ve raised you as my daughter since you were young?”

Everyone burst out laughing.

Huo Zhou was speechless.

Zhou Zhou’s mother asked Sisi again, “Sisi, do you like my Zhou Zhou?”

Sisi nodded shyly. “Auntie, actually, I’ve seen him on television a long time ago. I liked him at first glance.”

Zhou Zhou’s mother was over the moon. “Fate is destined. Looks like this is your fate.”

Huo Zhou looked hopeless.

“No,” he resisted.

Zhou Zhou’s mother said democratically, “How about this? We’ll raise our hands and vote. If the majority agrees to your relationship with Sisi, you’ll obey the majority. How about that?”

Huo Zhou rolled his eyes at her.

Zhou Zhou’s mother didn’t care if he agreed or not. She asked everyone domineeringly, “Come, come, come. Let’s vote. If you think Zhou Zhou and Sisi are suitable, raise your hand.”

Before she could finish, Qiao An raised her hand in agreement.

Zhou Zhou’s mother also raised her hand.

Sisi also raised hers happily.

Huo Zhou glared at her. “I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

Sisi lowered her hand shyly.

Now, it was up to Huo Xiaoran.

Huo Zhou glared at Huo Xiaoran warningly. Huo Xiaoran hesitated slightly.

Qiao An looked at Huo Xiaoran and asked cutely, “Brother Xiaoran, why didn’t you raise your hand?”

Huo Xiaoran looked conflicted. “On one side is my wife, and on the other is my brother. An’an, I…”

An’an continued to ask cutely, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to follow my tune?”

Because of these words, Huo Xiaoran completely gave up on Zhou Zhou.

He raised his hand and Huo Zhou was almost angered to death.

Zhou Zhou’s mother made the final decision. “Alright, alright. Sisi, you’re Zhou Zhou’s girlfriend now. In the future, I’ll leave Zhou Zhou to you. Please take good care of him for me.”

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