Chapter 475 - 475 Tragic Childhood

475 Tragic Childhood

Qiao An choked and spat out the tea she had just drunk. Then, she moved the stool closer to Huo Xiaoran until the two of them were tightly pressed together. Qiao An asked him with a smile, “Brother, are you satisfied?”

Huo Xiaoran pulled her into his arms and smiled in satisfaction. “That’s more like it.”

Huo Zhou rolled his eyes. “Xiaoran, look at you. You revolve around your wife every day.”

Huo Xiaoran glared at him. “What do you know? You don’t have a wife yourself, yet you don’t allow others to show off their love. Zhou Zhou, your Yin and Yang imbalance will cause you to become perverted. I advise you to quickly find a girlfriend and get your envy treated.”

Huo Zhou’s mother couldn’t help but give Xiaoran a thumbs up. “Xiaoran is right.”

Huo Zhou had been abandoned by everyone and was alone. He could only choose to escape.

At night, the neon lights in the city lit up one by one. Huo Xiaoran stood in front of the window and looked at the colorful night outside.

Qiao An walked over and draped a coat over him.

“Brother Xiaoran, what are you looking at?” Qiao An asked him as she looked at the silent night.

“An’an, there are so many neon lights. Why can’t they illuminate their way home?” Xiao Ran sighed.

Qiao An’s eyes turned red. Yes, like Falcon, Xiao Ming, and Qianqian, they were all lost.

They couldn’t find their way home.

Qiao An choked. “Brother Xiaoran, do whatever you want. The children and I will support you.”

Huo Xiaoran pulled Qiao An into his arms. “Thank you, An’an.”

It was also on this silent night that Huo Xiaoran came to a quiet street and sent Boss Guo a secret code d666 with his new number.

However, this message was like a stone sinking into the sea. Huo Xiaoran sat in the car until dawn and did not hear his reply. He could only return home.

When he returned home, he realized that Qiao An was not around. Huo Xiaoran asked the servant in surprise, “Where’s Madam?”

“Madam got up early in the morning to take a call and went to prison,” the maid answered him.

Huo Xiaoran immediately turned around and walked out.

At the prison, Qiao An had just arrived at the door when she saw Lu Qianyu’s mother standing at the entrance of the prison. When she saw Qiao An, she immediately walked forward shakily.

After not seeing her for a while, she had aged a lot. Her once smooth face was suddenly filled with many fine wrinkles. Countless white hair had also appeared in her black hair. She must have had a hard time recently.

“Qiao An, I’ll accompany you to see Qianyu, okay?” she begged.

Qiao An received a call early in the morning saying that Lu Qianyu had slit her wrist in prison. After being saved in the hospital, she said that she wanted to see Qiao An alone.

Mrs. Lu had heard the news from somewhere. She must have reflected on her mistake recently, so she wanted to see Qianyu.

“Auntie, Qianyu might not see you. But you can try your luck with me,” Qiao An said.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Mrs. Lu replied humbly.

Qiao An looked at her cowering and felt extremely emotional. When she was young, she married an officer and gave birth to two beautiful daughters, but because she favored boys over girls, she had wrongly sent her youngest daughter away. In the end, she let her husband and eldest daughter live their entire lives trying to find their youngest daughter. She had even caused her eldest daughter to lose her life.

A good family had been shattered.

“Let’s go.” Qiao An led Mrs. Lu into the prison.

When Uncle Xiao saw Qiao An, he immediately welcomed her.

Qiao An was a little stunned. She looked around and didn’t see Old Master Xiao. She was immediately surprised. “Uncle Xiao, where’s Grandpa Xiao?”

Uncle Xiao smiled. “Qiao An, my father retired. Just yesterday.”

Qiao An’s body trembled. If Grandpa Xiao retired, would Falcon’s identity be exposed?

Uncle Xiao seemed to see Qiao An’s worry. He comforted her. “Don’t worry, my father has told me all his secrets. In the future, I’ll work on what he hasn’t finished.”

Qiao An heaved a sigh of relief.

She was curious again. “Grandpa Xiao is still energetic. Why did he suddenly retire?”

A hint of sorrow flashed across Uncle Xiao’s face. “My father is sick. It’s not appropriate to tire him out.”

Qiao An opened her mouth but couldn’t close it for a long time.

“What illness?”

“Kidney cancer.”

Qiao An’s heart clenched.

Uncle Xiao said sadly, “My father has long been sick, but he’s been hiding his condition. He’s been too tired recently and his illness has gotten worse.”

Qiao An felt a lump in her throat. “I salute him.”

Uncle Xiao smiled and said, “Qiao An, my father told me that you’re a smart and patient girl. He told me to believe you. Come with me.”

Qiao An nodded and followed Uncle Xiao to a simple bedroom.

There was a shelf bed inside. Lu Qianyu lay on the bed with a pale face. She looked very haggard and weak.

When Mrs. Lu was about to follow Qiao An in, she was stopped by Uncle Xiao. “Don’t go in yet. Let Qiao An talk to Qianyu.”

Only then did Mrs. Lu stop.

She pressed herself against the wall by the door like a helpless child, waiting for Qianyu to call her.

When Qiao An entered, she pulled up a stool and sat at the head of the bed.

She did not go straight to the point. Instead, she poured a glass of water for Lu Qianyu and fed her a few spoonfuls of water. She asked with concern, “Do you need more?”

Qianyu shook her head with a desolate expression.

Qiao An put down the glass of water and looked at Qianyu quietly.

Since Qianyu had called her over, she must have a lot to say to her.

However, Qianyu moved her mouth a few times, not knowing where to start.

Only then did Qiao An ask, “Qianyu, why are you so stubborn?”

Qianyu said, “Qiao An, do you look down on me? I was so strong and cold-blooded. In the end, I ended up like this.”

Qiao An said, “In my eyes, you were Sister Qianqian’s missing sister first, then Rosa, who kills without blinking. Do you know what I mean? You were the victim first, then the perpetrator. So I don’t hate you purely. I also pity you and feel your helplessness.”

Qianyu said, “I knew you were different from them. I’m only willing to share my thoughts with you.”

Qiao An took on the posture of an audience.

Lu Qianyu began to tell her tragic life. “Actually, I know that my mother didn’t sell me. She just gave me to someone else. But I hated her. I wanted to take revenge on her and make her suffer, so I framed her.”

Qiao An looked at Qianyu’s indignant expression. Her hatred for her mother overflowed.

“She’ll never know what kind of hell she pushed me into. She was so irresponsible as to casually give me to a relative. That relative sold me to an old bachelor for money. The old bachelor said that he wanted to raise a daughter to take care of him in old age, but do you know? He was a pervert. I’m… not his daughter at all, but his exclusive property.”

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