Chapter 1895 - 1895 Crushing Ji Ziyin!

1895 Crushing Ji Ziyin!

Ji Ziyin’s expression turned ugly when the name list for the first batch was out. She couldn’t even maintain her smile. Her expression was dark and solemn.

Top 10.

She had never thought that Qiao Nian would enter the top ten.

No matter what Qiao Nian’s ranking was in the end, just the fact that she could enter the top ten after handing in her paper in advance was enough to be recorded in the history of the First Research Institute.

She was just being sarcastic when she said that Qiao Nian knew how to ‘create history’. Now, Qiao Nian was really going to make history!

“This Qiao Nian also entered the top ten…” Even Ji Hongfeng noticed the people on the list. His thin lips pursed and his expression darkened.

“Hehe, the Nan family hasn’t let anyone participate in the assessment for 20 years, but this time, they suddenly asked her to represent them. She must have some skills,” Ji Ziyin said coldly, but her mood was not as calm as her tone.

Ji Hongfeng did not say anything else. He raised his head and stared at the rolling screen with confidence. “The first place will definitely be with us.”

The corners of Ji Ziyin’s lips twitched and she could no longer smile.

He Lin was also looking at the list, no less surprised than Ji Ziyin. Other than shock, he was more excited.

He never expected Qiao Nian to enter the top ten.

Previously, he had estimated that she would be ranked 70th at most. Now, it was the complete opposite. Qiao Nian was not in the last ten but in the top ten.

He Lin was a little excited.

He seemed to see the Ji family’s future…

Although this was only a small assessment and Qiao Nian would still have a long way to go when she returned to the Ji family…

However, based on the girl’s aura, he could see the hope of the Ji family’s direct descendant rising.

“…I wonder what her ranking will be in the end.” He Lin sighed.

Ji Ziyin gave a fake smile and did not reply.

Ten minutes passed.

The name list on the scrolling screen was refreshed. Everyone was paying attention to the scrolling screen and knew that this refresh would be the last ranking.

The top 10 were eye-catching.

Moreover, it was the First Research Institute’s assessment’s top ten.

Everyone looked at the scrolling screen almost at the same time.

2nd place, Ji Hongfeng, 101 points.

The total score for the AB paper was 120 points.

101 points were already considered a high score, but he was only in second place.

Ji Ziyin and Ji Xiao’s hearts sank almost at the same time as they looked at his result, and they instinctively looked at the first place.

The first place was firmly placed above Ji Hongfeng’s name.

How arrogant!

1st place, Qiao Nian, 120 points.

… .

“Full marks?”

“F*ck, am I seeing things? Full marks?”

“Full marks for the first place?”

“What’s going on?”

“Damn, I’m witnessing history!”

The crowd waiting for the results outside became noisy.

It was mainly because Qiao Nian’s score was too heaven-defying.

Full marks?

She could get full marks for the First Research Institute’s assessment?

What kind of result was this!

Back then, Ji Ziyin’s score was only 114 points, and she even broke the record of the assessment and caused quite a stir in the research institute.

However, Ji Ziyin was a little famous, to begin with. Everyone knew that she was a genius among the Ji family’s younger generation and had been taught by the family’s famous teachers since she was young.

Ji Ziyin’s score still caused a sensation at that time despite being carefully raised, not to mention Qiao Nian, a nameless person. She suddenly represented the Nan family, who had not participated in the assessment for 20 years, and scored full marks in the first round!

This shock definitely surpassed Ji Ziyin getting a high score back then.

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