Magi Craft Meister


Nidoh Jin was an orphan. As a child, Nidoh was abandoned in front of an orphanage and from then on raised in the orphanage.

His hobby is handicrafts. His specialty is also handicrafts. However the orphanage did not provide the satisfactory environment he wanted, so he decided his own path.

「Jin-nii, make an airplane~!」


From the top, for the young boys he started with a bamboo-copter, then stilts, a boomerang, a kite, and then finally the model plane.

After graduating from middle school, he worked part-time while attending high school part-time.

「Onii-chaan, I want a doll~」

「I got it, I got it, just wait a little bit」

And for the girls, he made origami and stuffed dolls. Thanks to learning how to make detailed dresses, he was also able to sew normal clothes.

「You’re so skilful Jin. You’ve been a great help.」

Jin’s foster parent, the director praised him for every little thing.

「Jin, it might be troublesome but could you repair the roof leak?」

「Leave it to me」

He handled the carpentry jobs in general, from the repairs of the house to making the chairs and tables.

After graduating, he found employment at a certain company. He entered the company’s dormitory and left the orphanage.

All the children cried, reluctantly parting from him,

「Everyone, this won’t be the last time we see each other. On my days off I’ll come visit with a gift and play with all of you, okay?」

And according to his word, when Sunday came, he visited the orphanage with a gift he bought with his pay.

*   *   *

Another space, another time, another world that was not Earth.

There, one witch… a magic user’s life was ending.

「… listen… this laboratory… everything of mine… entrust it to someone… that someone… somehow… find… them… I’m counting on… you…」

「Yes ・ Mother」

She was a 《Magi Craft Meister》. She entrusted her successor to the 《Automata》 she poured her everything into to construct and died silently.

*   *   *

The company Jin joined was not a so-called black company, but it was still a considerably harsh place. The occupation was not particularly written, the only day off is Sunday, there was no unpaid overtime though, but people at the dormitory were often abruptly called in. ⚑

Being a high school graduate, Jin was worked especially hard, resulting in his fatigue accumulating.

「Jin-nii, you don’t seem well」

The children at the orphanage were also worried.

「Work must be demanding right? Don’t push yourself, you should at least take a rest on Sundays」

But even though the director had said that to him, he considered playing with the children his rest and ignored her advice.

*   *   *

The 《Automata》 continued to search for its new master, the 『Successor』. Its only lead was the 『Wavelength』 and 『Waveform』.

Able to identify a human’s individuality by their 『Wavelength』 and 『Waveform』, the 《Automata》 continued to search for a human with a 『Wavelength』 and 『Waveform』that closely resembled its master.

「This world ・ probably ・ not it」

The probability of finding someone the same or very similar was extremely small, the 《Automata》 could not find the 『Successor』 even after 100 years had past.

*   *   *

「Nidoh, sorry, but can you take care of this」


Jin was passed various jobs to settle. Sorting documents, contract confirmation and so on were the good ones, and then there was dealing with customer claims as well as defective product servicing and withdrawal. This time, Jin is repairing the internal LAN that ran into some trouble.

All of this was because Jin had knowledge in a wide variety of fields.

*   *   *

「Insufficient ・ Mana ・ Available ・ To ・ Access ・ Other World」

The 《Automata》 was given an enormous amount of knowledge, and knowing it had insufficient magic power to access the other dimension, it developed a way to compensate for that.

*   *   *

「Aah, I guess I’m a little tired…」

Jin walked around with dark circles under his eyes. It was understandable. This was the 3rd day that he hadn’t slept.

Today’s job was a system check for a certain iron manufacturer.

*   *   *

「World 2367 ・ Failure. Continuing ・ World 2368 ・ Scan ・ Starting」

With the perseverance only an inorganic being could have, the 《Automatic》 continued to search for the 『Successor』.

*   *   *

「Umm… temperature control, error… This must be it, the wire must have been cut somewhere.」

Jin followed the sensor wire that led to the electric furnace.

*   *   *

「World 3601 ・・・・・・ LOCATED!」

The search that lasted for 1000 years had ended, finally the 《Automata》 had found the 『Successor』.

「Summoning ・ Ritual ・ Activation Commencing」

*   *   *

「It sure is hot. Even though the furnace is stopped, the melted iron below is still hot.」

Although the electric furnace doesn’t operate during the occasional check, the large amount of melted iron wouldn’t cool down so easily.

「Aah, here it is! The iron scraps must have collided with it」

The electric furnace melts the iron using arc discharge, producing a number of raw materials and iron scraps. A section of the sensor wire seems to have been damaged from this.

*   *   *

「Summoning Magic Circle ・ Constructing. Bestow ・ Special Characteristics ・ Knowledge of Language」

The means to communicate is similar for any world.


Before the 《Automata》, something emerged from the magic circle composed of complex magic language.

*   *   *

「With this I’m… done!」

Jin finished replacing the parts. At that moment, slipping out of his hand, his tool dropped.

「Oh crap!」

Reflexively he extended his hand out towards the ladle inside the electric furnace. In other words, the place where the melted iron accumulated.


Leaving behind a short scream, Jin’s body fell down towards the ladle.

At that time,

「My life insurance, I hope it goes to the orphanage…」

was Jin’s last thought in this world.

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