Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 12 – CONFESSION

「Welcome home, Father」

Returning to the laboratory, Reiko came to greet him.

「Although it has become quite dark, the house is complete so please have a look」

「Eh? Already?」

Jin was surprised that Reiko’s group had built a house in one day, however Jin did not realise it would have been quicker if he had done it himself.

Putting that aside, looking out besides the laboratory, there stood a Japanese style house with a tiled roof.

「This is…」

「From Father’s memory, I looked for a form that was easy to live in」

A single story house with wooden tile-roofing. The walls were plastered with clay.

「Please have a look at the inside too」

Once inside, there is a foyer where you can take off your shoes. The corridor had a wooden floor and dirt floor close together with the kitchen. There were 4 rooms, and contrary to the wooden floor he had expected,


The thing that resembled tatami was spread all over.

「According to Father’s memory, it is 『soft rush』 right? And so to make it, I saw a similar grass that grew in the wetlands and tried to use it」

To do this much he wouldn’t have thought, to make this for him showed how much Reiko thought of Jin.

「Reiko, thank you. You are truly a lovely 『daughter』」

Jin said with a big smile, Reiko was also delighted from being praised.

「I guess I’ll sleep here for tonight」

「Yes, go ahead」

That night, Jin spread out a futon and slept in a tatami (tatami-like) room for the first time in a while.

The next morning. Jin ate a gruel of barley for breakfast,

「Reiko, please sell the small 《Magic Stones》 again for money. I then want you to stock up on wheat, barley, and seasoning.

「Yes, very well. Do I go to Beana-san’s place after I’m done?」

「Aah, that’s right. If we’re not at the stall then we’ll probably be at Beana’s house」


The 《Magic Stone》 collected on Hourai Island was of high quality so it sold for a fairly high price. Reiko had sold 3 and obtained 5000 torr, using that money to buy wheat and barley.

The price of wheat and barley in the vicinity of Blue Land was 1kg of wheat for 80 torr and 1 kg of barley for 90 torr. By buying 10kg it was slightly cheaper.

Reiko walked while carrying the 60kg of barley and wheat, the clerk of the grain shop was jaw dropped seeing her off.

She handed over a portion of the wheat brought back to Hourai Island to Peridot, cultivating it. The rest was stored as food.

Since salt can be collected from the sea of Hourai Island, by buying a little pepper, Reiko’s role was done.

「I’ll go earn a little more money」

So Reiko sold another 2 《Magic Stones》, obtaining 3200 torr and headed for where Jin was.

*   *   *

「Good morning」

「Good morning, Jin」

「I brought Pelshka again today」

「Thank you!」

Beana no longer cared about where the fruits Jin brought were from.

「Somehow, it seems like the condition of my siblings get better from eating this」

「That’s good. It’s best if he can recover without seeing a doctor」

Jin saying that,

「Jin, do you perhaps know how this happened?」

Saying that Beana gazed at Jin with upturned eyes.

「Aah, I might have thought of it. However, can I say it without being certain? Therefore I kept silent」

「Come to think of it you did say something like that. Hey, what kind of disease is it?」



Beana tilted her head to the unfamiliar word.

「It’s a disease that easily appears if one does not eat fresh vegetables and fruit. Beana’s vegetables speaking of which, the soup should be enough? When heated up, the special nutrients contained in vegetables will come to an end. Therefore it is meaningful to eat it fresh」

Beana continued to tilt her head while Jin explained,

「Why do you have this knowledge Jin? somehow Jin seems fundamentally different from me」

She said.

「Ahh, I may have received some special education. It’s probably because of that」

「Education? Jin, do you attend a school?」


「Am I wrong? Then perhaps you meant a tutor? Were you rich? Or are you a noble?」

Jin waved his hands in front of his face,

「No no. How should I say it…」

The house was complete so he thought about it.

「I’m an orphan」


Beana was bewildered by the sudden confession. Jin continued,

「So, the place where I live is an isolated island. There aren’t anymore teachers」


「That island has an 《Artifact》 called a 《Warp Gate》」

「W-W-Wha, a 《Warp Gate》 you say!!??」

Beana was surprised and flustered. Jin to that Beana,

「Calm down. So, after using it I came out to the side of a forest. And you know the rest afterwards」

Quite a bit was left omitted, but he generally didn’t say a lie.

The details were shocking and after a while Beana,

「… I somewhat understand. So that’s the reason why Jin is a special 《Magic Craftsman》」

「The fruits are also grown on the island」

Jin appended.

「I see. Thank you. Do you trust me?」

「Aah. Can you not talk to others about it?」

「Of course. Anyway, I think I’ll make lighters today too」

「Of course I’ll help」

So the two immediately began production of the lighter. Since it sold so well, 40 were prepared today.

Since there was still a little bit of time,

「So, did you come with something else you make?」

Jin asked. Beana,

「Ah, yes. You see, can’t we make a magic tool that produces hot water?」

「The lighter can simply light a fire to reach the point for that can’t it?」

When Jin rejected so,

「It’s different. Though I say hot water, it’s not the boiling water used for cooking, for example washing your hands, or wiping your body, that kind of hot water.」

With that explanation Jin clapped his hand in admiration,

「Aah, I see. I got it」

That is to say a magic tool like the modern Earth water heater. It would be great if it could make moderately hot water.

「It doesn’t seem so complicated」

「Right? So I thought of placing something that generates heat in a container filled with water」

Beana laid out her plan, however Jin rejected it.

「Aah, that’s pointless」


Readily shutting Beana down, she spontaneously raised her voice.

「Yesterday you said it, a tool useful for everyone」

「I said that?」

「That means you should try to keep the price as cheap as possible okay?」

「Well if that’s how it is」

「In that case you’ll need to think of efficiency first」


「Aah. Like the effort in regards to work, that meaning」

Hearing that Beana pondered, soon understanding the meaning,

「I see. Use as little magic as possible, producing as much hot water as possible, that kind of meaning right?」

「Right right. You catch on quick」

Jin was honestly impressed.

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