Magi Craft Meister


The next morning, the men of the village had gathered in front of the village chief’s house. This was to transport the wheat for the village tax.

「Well then, I’m counting on you」

 When the village chief said that, the men began to tie them into a bundle,

「Ou, leave it to me! This time is easier because we only need to go once」

 Right, the plan was to use the bicycle trailers Jin made so that they would only have to transport it once. Because it had been transported on the back of the person and horse up till now, they had to make several round trips to Kaina Village as well as to other villages, and that labour was hard. This time 12 bicycle trailers were to be used, with approximately 5 tonnes of wheat transported at once. Furthermore, because there is a gentle slope from Kaina Village, transportation should be extremely comfortable, and returning up the slope should also be comfortable with it being empty.

「Did you bring food and water with you?」


「Did you leave anything behind?」

「Dear, be careful」

「Tou-chan, take care」


 The wives and children waved their hands, seeing them off for their departure.

「Yosh… tax collector-sama, let us depart」

 Rock called out to Lithia, then Lithia,

「Then we’re departing」

 The party began to move pulling the bicycle trailers, gorogoro.

「Jin-oniichan, take care!」

 Jin had also joined the party. He wanted to use this opportunity to take a look outside of Kaina Village.

 Lithia was leading on the horse. Sometimes turning back, checking if they were following her. Behind Lithia was Rock, and then after that was Jin. Because the road is narrow, they advanced in a line.

 After crossing the Erume River and then a small mountain pass, the rest of the way was a gentle slope.

「Descending will be comfortable~」

 was Jin’s real intention. He had equipped the ball bearings to all the bicycle trailers, so of course he was tired.

 As for Lithia… that she wanted to talk to Jin about what was in the transportation, she kept to herself.

 3 hours after advancing forward, they took a break at a place where water welled up.

「Aah, I’m so tired」

「Hahaha, you sure are weak Jin」

「I’m not like Rock-san and the others」

 Rock’s height is beyond 180cm, his weight is also 80kg. Jin’s height is 160cm, and his weight is 52kg. They were obviously physically different.

「Well I guess so, but Jin,you can do things we can’t do. Me and the others are envious of that」

「… do you have a moment?」

 Lithia entered into Jin and the other’s conversation.

「What is the matter tax collector-sama?」

 Rock asked,

「N-Nothing, just while taking a break, please don’t forget our work」

 said Lithia. Then she continued,

「Jin-san, was it? I’ve heard that you’ve come from far away, is that true?」

「Ee, it is true」

「Is that so… This 『Bicycle Trailer』 you also made it right?」

「That’s right」

「Tax collector-sama, this Jin here is amazing! He’s made one thing after another that has made our lives a hella lot more comfortable. This punk has made me really happy」

 When Rock said that, the other men resting around also unanimously,

「That’s right! After soaking in that hot spring, mine and my wife’s skin has become smooth 」

「Your wife, only her skin is pretty, only her skin」

「Huh? What do you mean by that? You even repeated it twice!」

 the men were lively. But Lithia was only interested in Jin,

「Uhh… Jin-san is a 《Magic Craftsman》 right?」

「Ee, well, something like that」

「A-Ano, so after this, are you going to keep living in Kaina Village?」


 For that question, Jin did not answer right away. But,

「Well, for such a talented guy, he can’t stay shut up in the village forever can he?」

 Rock said.

「Also, I’m sure Jin wants to go back to his hometown」

 And when Lithia heard that,

「A-Ano, Jin-san’s hometown is the country of 『Japan』 right?」

「So you knew… aa, you must have heard from Barbara」

「E-Ee. I heard it from Barbara at the hot spring. That hot spring is really great! My skin is now smooth from it!」

「Haha, that’s good… so, tax collector-sama, have you heard of this 『Japan』 before?」

「… Lithia」


「Didn’t I tell you my name yesterday? I am Lithia」

「But, right now you’re on duty…」

「That doesn’t matter! Everyone too, don’t call me tax collector, please call me Lithia!」

 Because the person wanted it herself, it was decided that everyone would call her Lithia-san.

「So Lithia-san, do you know about Japan?」

「No, sorry but I do not know about it」

「Is that so…」

 Well, it is from a different world, it would be strange to know of it, so Jin wasn’t disappointed much. But, Lithia thinking she saw Jin with a forced expression,

「Ano~, Jin-san, although I don’t know of it, there may be someone in the capital that does! Once I return, I’ll ask an acquaintance to check, so please don’t give up hope」

 she braced herself and said. Jin,

「Aa, t-thank you very much」

 was all he could answer.

 And once again the party began to walk.

 Crossing a small mountain pass, then descending a long way down, the day grew dark and they arrived at an encampment. There was a simple lodging cabin there, any person travelling from another village or Kaina Village could use it.

「Yareyare, we were able to somehow make it before it became dark」

 Rock breathed a sigh of relief. It would be really dangerous if it became dark. With the short Autumn days, there was worth in having left early in the morning.

 Dinner was hurriedly prepared. They had brought along a stove and pot with the bicycle trailer and wheat. Some porridge, roasted dried meat, and boiled water was made. Each share was prepared quickly.

 Lithia seeing the stove,

「No way, even this stove…」

「Aa, Jin took the trouble to make it」

 hearing that,

「Haa, as I thought. No matter what comes out, I won’t even be surprised anymore」

 she breathed out a sigh.

 After having finished eating, a blanket was handed out to make a bed. The order of the night watch shift was then decided.

「We’ll need two people to stay awake. First…」

「I’ll do it」

 Lithia said.

「Eh? But… Lithia-san we need you to…」

 Rock tried to say but Lithia shook her head,

「No, while I was riding my horse everyone was pulling their cart, so this much is fine」

「Is that so? Hn, then, let’s see… how about you, Jin?」



「Ah, no, I understand」

「Hn, I’m counting on you. After 2 hours will be Jonas and Linus, after that is Bill and Jeff. Then it’s Dave and Howard, Rick and Tom, and last is me and Yang, is that fine?」

「Understood! Hn, then hurry up and get to sleep」

 saying that, Jin and Lithia were left behind, and everyone went to sleep wrapped in their blanket. Jin and Lithia rolled their body in their blanket, sitting on the bench at the entrance of the cabin.

 The sky was now pitch black, and the moon was rising from the hill to the east. The moon in this world is smaller than Earth’s moon. So he didn’t expect much moonlight.

 However, because time is measured by the movement of the moon, it was an important celestial body for that reason.

 Jin and Lithia sat down in silence for a while, soon Lithia began to slowly talk.

「You’ve heard the story about my house being new nobility」


「That’s why, I was brought up as a commoner till the age of 10. But then my father was promoted to 《Ritter》 and my life suddenly changed, honestly, I still can’t believe it」


 Jin could only stay silent and listen.

「But, the current Prime Minister is a splendid person, he rules for the sake of the commoners. As you already know, I also, if possible, if it were for the commoners, for the sake of the citizens I thought, I would become a 《Ritter》」

 Lithia continued to talk.

「But, what is for the sake of the citizens? If it’s to be helpful to people, then Jin-san is even more amazing. A pump, hot spring, bicycle trailer, and a stove. This is the kind of work that I believe to be for the sake of people」


「Jin-san, I… am I fine the way I am right now…?」

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