Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 20 – HERDING

「Okay, around here should be good」

 Rock was travelling as the lead, seeing the terrain he made the decision.

「If it’s here, we should be able to divert the herd of mountain deer」

 It’s impossible to divert the herd perpendicularly. Therefore, they would have to have them turn in a slow curve. And the optimal terrain for that was before them.

 It was about a two metre ramp. Though you could say it was a cliff that did not rise steeply, still it could not be called a slope.

 If guiding them here goes well, their course would change to the west, after that they would just run straight ahead.

「Listen, us four people will need to maintain a distance, we’ll successfully guide the deer by keeping in a line. Let’s go with some fighting spirit!」


 Jin and the others headed towards the cloud of dust in the distance with the Horse Golems. Their distance quickly shortened.

「Okay, turn around! Then we’ll slowly run once those guys come. We’ll need to match their speed to keep up with the deer. And then we’ll shift them west little by little.」

 Because he had wanted to be a knight, Rock’s instructions were precise.

 The herd of mountain deer came. The four men smoothly maneuvered their Horse Golems, matching the speed of the herd.

「Alright, that’s it! Let’s keep this up!」

 They could cooperate because the Horse Golems could change their speed with an accelerator. If it was a real horse, the cooperation so far would require a considerable amount of training.

「As expected of Rock-san」

 Jin maneuvering 『Koma』 last in line was impressed. Although there wasn’t anyone close to him in crafting, such strategy would likely not be possible for Jin.

「We’ll push a little more to the right here!」

 To Rock’s instructions, the Horse Golems shifted their course to the right. The herd of mountain deer accordingly shifted their course to the right.

「Keep going and we’ll reach the place from before」

 The group moved forward to the 45 degree ramp from before. The leading deer did not like the ramp and diverted further to the right.

「That’s it! If it goes on like this they’ll be diverted」

 Diverting the herd parallel to the ramp, they moved away from the village. Having distanced enough away from the village,

「Alright, it’ll be good now. Let’s go back!」

 So as to not stimulate the mountain deer, the four men returned to Kaina Village by drawing a large arc. They were no longer worried about the mountain deer heading towards the village.

「As expected of Rock-san」

 When Jin said that to Rock in line,

「As expected of Aniki! Who would have thought it would go so well!」


 The other members also unanimously praised Rock.

「Stop it with all that flattering. More importantly, we need to decide about the other dangerous beast entering the village. Let’s hurry back!」

 Seeming uncharacteristically embarrassed, Rock pushed on the Horse Golem accelerator, speeding up towards the village. Jin and the others followed after a little behind.

*   *   *

 In the end no further unusual events occurred, once again a lookout was placed and the day grew dark.

 Since the guiding during the daytime would make one tired, Jin quickly fell asleep. However, around midnight, a big rumble woke him up.


 Going outside curious of what it is, the other side of the north mountain shined red. The light grew paler while looking at it, soon disappearing. Jin somehow had an idea of what it was and he felt a cold sweat flowing down his back.

「I wonder what that was?」

「What in the world was that light?」

「It couldn’t be the mountain collapsing could it?」

 The rumbling had awakened everyone, and seeing the same red light, they anxiously murmured.

「Magic… Explosion…」

 Though a person who can’t use magic could not feel it, Jin had clearly felt it. Some 《・》 or some 《・》, something possessing powerful magic was brought down. Or perhaps a 《Core》 was destroyed.

 A 《Core》 is something a demon possesses, it is the root of their magic. Because it controls all their magic, when that magic is destroyed and the magic power rampages, it causes an explosion.

「However if it’s on that scale, how frightening of a demon could it be」

 From what Jin had judged, though it wouldn’t be a Dragon, it would be a demon possessing an extremely close amount of magic power. The opponent to defeat such a demon… The current Jin would stand no chance against.

「Is there something I can do with 《Water Jet》…?」

 Even if 《Water Jet》 is strong, only Jin could use it. For example if there were multiple enemies, it is unthinkable for him to be able to protect the entire village.

「This is really bad… huh」

 But there was no option of escape for Jin. He did not want to throw away the village that was like a second home and escape.

「A shelter… huh?」

 The conclusion Jin came to was a shelter. For an emergency, all the villagers could take refuge in the shelter he made.

「I need to start immediately」

 Jin began making the shelter without saying anything to anyone because he did not want them to worry. The location was a rock face in the village outskirts. Calling the Golems Gon and Gen, he issued them instructions.

「Gon, Gen, dig out a big hole here. Enough to fit all the villagers in」


 The two began digging immediately. Making the hands of Adamantite paid off, and they easily dug through the hard rock.

「That’s it, dig it more deeply」

 He wanted it at least 10 metres deep.

 The dug out rock is compressed and hardened and used to reinforce the interior of the hole. With that, the rock around did not pile and the digging was done efficiently. Though it would take some time being dug diagonally, it would surely become easier to use.

「Alright, that’s it. Slowly dig out the living space. The height of the ceiling should be about 3 metres」

 While reinforcing the walls, Jin continued issuing instructions. With such harsh work, even the Golems became damaged, and so as to not slow down the work, Jin immediately repaired them.

 It was soon dawn. Jin decided to return to Martha’s house for the moment. Gon and Gen continued to work.

「Good morning」

「Good morning, Onii-cha…?」

 Seeing Jin, Hanna’s eyes rounded.

「What’s wrong Onii-chan? Your face looks terrible」

 He was told and Jin looked at the reflection of his face in the water, with bloodshot eyes, and dark circles under his eyes. Of course Hanna would be surprised.

「A-Aa, I didn’t get much sleep last night…」

 Then Martha came and the same as Hanna, she was surprised seeing Jin’s face.

「Jin! What’s wrong!? If something happens to you now, what will the village do?」


 With that frighteningly angry shout, Jin looked at Martha in surprise.

「You, do you not understand it yourself? The scouting, the fences, and defending against the mountain deer yesterday, without you, would we have been able to do it? It is because you are here that everyone can feel at ease」

「Do you mean… me?」

「Aa that’s right. You are already a splendid member of this village. It looks like you’re trying to do something yourself, am I right? In this village, we all share our hardships and joy」

 With Martha saying that, involuntarily the corner of Jin’s eye grew hot.

「Thank you very much. I…」

 Martha pushed Jin’s shoulder,

「You look like you’re lacking sleep. Sa, hurry up and sleep. You’ll feel better with a little sleep」

 With that said, Jin once again,

「Thank you very much」

 said his thanks, and dropped on his bed.


 To the worried Hanna, Martha,

「Shh, let him get some sleep now. When he wakes up we’ll give him warm porridge to eat」

 said, and Martha led Hanna out of the room.

 5 hours, Jin soundly slept, he ate breakfast and lunch at the same time, then rushed back to the digging of the shelter. Half of this was to hide his embarrassment.

「Quite a bit has been done…」

 The operation of Gon and Gen somewhat worsened with Jin gone. Jin immediately repaired them, then checked the inside. About 8% of the plan seems to be done.

「Alright, at this rate I’ll make it in time」

 However, the time for this hard work to be in vain came.

「Jin! So this is where you were! Trouuble!」

 Rock came flying over out of breath.

「Rock-san? What is it?」

「T-That is, from the north mountain…」

「From the north mountain?」

「…something unbelievable is coming… 」

「Eh? No way?」

 Was it a strange looking monster? Or was it a huge demon beast?

「Anyway, have a look with your own eyes…」

 So he stopped with the shelter for a moment, taking along Gon and Gen, Jin came to the protection fence at the north side of the village.

「Ou, Jin. That, what do you see?」

 There in the direction where the lookout Tom pointed…


 A girl wearing a blue one piece and a white apron dress. Her silk black hair fluttered.

「That is…」

 The girl finds Jin in the far distant, then in an instant the figure blurs and,


 The next moment Jin was embraced.

 And then.


 The voices of everyone faded away into the sky.

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