Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 610

Chapter 610

Magi Craft Meister 610

18 Further Progress Arc

18-30 The Visit

As soon as Jin emerged on Hourai Island, he immediately started working on the new Golem Maids.

Their technical specifications would be basically the same as the other five-color Golem Maids, so he expected to have them ready rather quickly. The same went for their clothes.

However, since he was planning to add some self-defense techniques, new knowledge, and both Engineering and Healing Magic, he could not entrust this task to Laojun.

Of course, the idea behind these additions was so that the new Golem Maids could make the best out of them in Loizart’s environment.

The self-defense techniques were to help them defend themselves against foreign enemies, thieves, intruders, and so on. The Engineering Magic was so that they could do maintenance of both the residence and each other. And the Healing Magic was just in case.

They were also given the sense of touch and the ability to modulate how much force they put into a task. Their offensive magic was the same as that of the other five-color Golem Maids, so they could use it at an intermediate level.

“Okay, you’ll be called Amethyst 102, Topaz 102, Peridot 102, Ruby 102, and Aqua 102 respectively.”

“Yes, Master.”

Everyone answered in unison and bowed their heads.

Next, Jin made a new Butler Golem, and named him Butler D.

He had also been given the sense of touch and the same new knowledge as the Golem Maids.

With this, Jin had built a team of Golems that would be in charge of his new residence. Therefore, he was now free to recall the Smith Golems back to Hourai Island.

“My Lord, I have something to tell you.”

Jin had been working at his usual pace, so he still had plenty of time left.

“Yeah? What’s wrong, Laojun?”

“My Lord, it’s about the giant Golems that were being repaired in Loizart.”

“What’s the matter with them?”

“I have a certain concern regarding them, which I will proceed to report now.”

“A concern?”

Since there were other people around at the time of the repairs, not even Jin could manage to do an in-depth analysis. Therefore, after being finished for the time being, Jin had left the Quinta in charge of Loizart, Capella 7, to conduct a secret investigation.

“First of all, I had been wondering why these giant Golems had been stored in a place where the Ether concentration was so low.”

“Wasn’t that to prevent theft?”

“Let’s think about this more carefully. It would be considerably difficult to steal something as big as those giant Golems.”

Now that Laojun mentioned that, Jin thought it made sense. Back when they first opened the door to the basement where those Golems were stored, they had simply had to supply it with Mana from the outside to open it, leading Jin to believe that the lock was too lenient, but now the idea of those Golems being stolen was actually unrealistic.

“So, there must be another reason.”

“Correct. The most logical reason would be to prevent them from being moved, or starting to move on their own.”

If it was to prevent them from being moved by someone else, there would have been no need to lower the Ether concentration in that basement to that extent. Therefore, it could have only been to prevent them from moving on their own…

“No way, you think those things could start moving on their own now?”

“That is the concern I have. I do not know what would happen if those giant Golems suddenly started to move on their own, considering we have yet to find anything that looks like their control device.”

Thinking about the functions such large Golems would have, Jin figured they would at least have certain basic movements such as walking, running, and punching. Jin also believed that they would be able to combine these basic movements into slightly more complex ones.

That was how Jin’s own “Titan” worked, after all.

“I see. Then, if they suddenly started to move, would we have a way to stop them?”

Just in case, Jin decided to think about the worst possible scenario.

“The simplest way to do it would be to rid them of their Ether supply.”

Since the giant Golems were equipped with Ether Converters, Laojun believed that either an Ether Jammer or a Magic Canceller would be effective to make them stop.

“That’s right. Then we could maybe issue commands to them using a magical power with the same wavelength as their control device, right?”

Jin believed he could have built a control device for those giant Golems himself if only he had allowed himself enough time to do so, but he didn’t want to risk attracting unwanted attention as a result.

“It looks like it may take some time for us to precisely identify the correct magic wavelength for that.”

“Well, yes. But I believe this is the most preferable way to handle this…”

“We could develop a device that would allow us to do just that. I do believe that there may be other uses for such a device in the future, so feel that it would be better to work on it.”

“A ‘Magi Spectrum Analyzer’ of sorts, huh…?”

Jin remembered that No. 700672 had a Magic Tool with such a function. Thanks to it, he was able to determine that the frequency of Jin’s mental waves were good enough to manipulate Ether.


Jin groaned as he pondered. After spending around 20 minutes like that, an idea was finally conceived in his mind.

“That’s right. I wasn’t able to find a way to do it because I was too focused on trying to express this wavelength in numerical form. What we should be doing is trying to find a wavelength of the same frequency!”

In order to express a wavelength in numerical form, it would be necessary to count the number of waves in a fixed period of time (for example, 1 second). However, that was very difficult to do with magical power at the moment.

This was because there were no sufficient means to define 1 second as exactly one second. The basic signal in electronic circuits is called a “clock signal”, and it was necessary in order to create said means starting from there.

But Jin came up with a different approach.

“We could raise the frequency from low to high and see at which point a magical resonance occurs…”

Jin believed that, if they were to manage to generate magical power of the same frequency, their immediate problem would be solved, so he figured it would be better to tackle it from this angle.

However, when Jin was about to start working on a prototype, he was approached by Laojun.

“My Lord, I believe it’s nearly time for you to return to the new residence.”

“Huh? Is it time already?”

He had about 20 minutes left until the Empress arrived. Since the excuse for her visit was to make an inspection of the residence, it was inescapable for Jin to have to be there being the one doing the show-around. He also needed some time to change his clothes.

“Aw, if only I had 10 more minutes, I would’ve been able to make a prototype…”

After getting changed and stuffing his pockets with all the Magi Crystals of the attributes he wanted to use, Jin returned to Loizart while feeling that he was being dragged back against his will. Incidentally, he had already sent the new Golem Maids over.

“Brother Jin, an announcer… was just here a few moments ago.”

As Jin returned, Elsa greeted him and informed him of the most recent events. As planned, Her Majesty the Empress would be visiting at 10 am.

“Hanna, go get changed, okay?”

Jin brought along a dress that had been given to Hanna as a gift by Princess Lieschen of the Klein Kingdom.

Elsa was already wearing appropriate clothes for welcoming such an important visitor. And Jin was wearing his Magi Craft Meister clothes.

Jin also decided to keep the Magi Crystals in his pocket just in case. He was planning to work on his prototype as soon as he had the time.

“Her Majesty the Empress of the Shouro Empire”

The Empress arrived at Jin’s new residence as the families in the other neighboring houses were paying attention to what was going on.

“Sir Jin Nidou, I know you are very busy, but thank you for having us here today.”

Just as before, the Empress was being accompanied by Minister of Magi Technology Degauss, the female knight of the royal guard, and her personal secretary.

“Welcome, Your Majesty.”

Jin hurriedly performed the Shouro Empire-style salute that Elsa had taught him. With his right palm on the outside of his left elbow and his left palm on the inside of his right elbow, he bent his waist approximately 60 degrees forward while maintaining his crossed-arms posture.

Elsa, who was standing next to Jin, bowed deeply on one knee, which was the most respectful way for a woman to bow in the Shouro Empire.

The Empress didn’t say anything about the formalities on this occasion, as it was necessary to be polite, unlike during their encounter in Magiroots Village.

“Let me show you around the house right away.”

“Please come this way.”

Jin and Elsa led the way to the entrance hall.



The new five-color Golem Maids and Butler D were there to welcome the party.

“Jin, what is this!?”

As soon as she entered the hall, the Empress’s tone shifted to a more candid one.

“These are the maids and the steward in charge of this manor. From the right, Amethyst, Topaz, Peridot, Ruby, and Aqua. And the steward’s name is simply Butler.”

Hearing Jin’s voice, all six of them also greeted their guests with a respectful bow.

“This is wonderful. I should’ve expected no less from the Magi Craft Meister…”


The Empress was frankly impressed, and Degauss marveled at the workmanship, so much that he even seemed a little scared of it.

“I see you also did a great job with the interior design.”

“Thank you very much. That was all Elsa’s doing.”

At Jin’s words, the Empress looked at Elsa and smiled.

“How lovely… You really are doing well as partners.”

Elsa’s cheeks blushed slightly in response to the Empress’s praise.

“And these are Barrow and Belle, who take care of my daily necessities. They come from Magiroots Village.”

At Jin’s introduction, Barrow and Belle nervously saluted with a respectful bow as well.

“Is that so? You should’ve introduced us the other day…”

“Back then, they were enjoying a well deserved vacation…”

“Hmm, I see you take good care of your servants, don’t you, Jin?”

The Empress seemed happy to know that her people were being taken care of with respect.

“And finally, let me introduce you to my other little sister, Hanna.”

“I’m Hanna.”

Wearing her new dress, Hanna bowed curtsy. Children were not required to bow in the same way as the adults.

“My, what a pretty young girl.”

The smile on the Empress’s face became even broader.


The Empress crouched down and beckoned Hanna. In response to this, Hanna approached the Empress briskly and with small steps.

“A Klein Kingdom-style dress, huh? It looks really good on you.”

“Thank you.”

Hannah bowed once again.

“She’s really cute. You said she’s your little sister, Jin?”

“Yes, we are not related by blood, but she is my precious little sister.”

“I see. Nice to meet you, Hanna.”

“Much obliged, Your Majesty.”

The Empress took Hanna’s hand and gently stroked her head.

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