Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 9 – HANNA IS STRONG?

Now September with a lingering summer heat, Roland arrived.When Roland and Eric saw the stove,

「… I can’t even be surprised anymore」

「I’d believe it if Jin-san said he was the Head Magic Engineer of the capital」

such mutters leaked from their mouth. Jin had them do an underwriting agreement for the manufacturing method of the stove as well as the magic stones. This way Kaina Village had a way to acquire foreign currency not just from flour.

「Is this all?」

In addition, Jin still had something more to say, and focusing his tired eyes,

「No, your horse-drawn wagon or in particular, your wagon, could I perhaps see it?」

saying that, Roland gave a puzzled look.

「My wagon? What is it this time?」

And of course he would questioned it.

「I was thinking about how to have your wagon move more quickly」

and when Jin expressed his thoughts,

「Well if I reduced the load it would be able to move quickly, but by reducing the goods I transport, I won’t make a profit」

so Roland said. But that wasn’t what Jin had meant to do.

「No, no, not that kind of thing, I meant remodeling the wheel so it could turn faster」

was what he explained. The two knew intuitively that there was something to discuss, and Jin took the two to Martha’s house.

「Eh? Onii-chan and the Oji-chan from the shop, what is it?」

Martha wasn’t home and Hanna was watching the house, Jin thought it was a good time,

「Yeah, I’d like to show your bicycle trailer for a bit」

he told Hanna.

「My bicycle trailer? Okay, that’s fine. I’ll bring it out now!」

saying that, Hanna headed to the shed and immediately returned with the bicycle trailer. Pulling it with one hand while running. Seeing that kind of thing, Roland and Eric were surprised.

「Th-this scene is somehow amazing…」

「Yeah… that little girl is strong」

The face of the two had stiffened a little while Jin began to laugh,

「Now now, pull yourself together for a bit and observe」

saying that, he passed them Hanna’s bicycle trailer.

「Hn…..? What is this, this lightness!?」

The difference was immediately noticed. He explained what effects the bearings had. Also, he raised and spun the wheel, and seeing that it continued to turn for a long time,

「I see… I now understood what Jin-san meant. So did you want to equip our wagon with this?」

「Yes. How about it?」

「By all means please do so」

So he immediately moves things to the wagon and switched the wheels, axles, and bearings. He also attached a rubber tyre.

「Umm, Jin-san, what is that you attached to the wheel?」

「Oh, this is a rubber tyre」

「Rubber tyre?」

「Well, try testing it out」

So Roland and Eric got on the wagon and Jin pulled it to show them. The effects of the ball bearings were wonderful, Jin could pull it comfortably without much strength. Once again, they were amazed with the improvement of riding with rubber tyres.

「Onii-chan, let me do it」

she said, seeing that it looked fun, so he swapped with Hanna,

「I am… STRONG!!!」

saying those words, the two riding the wagon were engrossed.

「A, ahahahahahaha…」

The two, Roland and Eric were completely engrossed. Well the bearings were definitely effective.

With the display of the improved ride from the bearing and rubber tyre, they were able to understand.

「Jeez, Jin-san, your remodeling is amazing. Do you really not want money for it?」

「Yes, but in exchange, I would like you to increase the frequency of your visits to this village」

Hearing that, Roland took on the face of a merchant,

「I see, so this is for an early investment」

He was able to correctly understand Jin’s intent.

「Yes, well…」

「If the performance is convincing, the stove will sell, and the magic stones would need to be purchased. I understand, suddenly coming once a month would be impossible, but if I put in the effort I can come twice every three months.」

So it was decided and having fulfilled his original objective, Jin was relieved. However this time from Roland,

「By the way Jin-san, that round thing the kids are playing with, by chance is that…?」

Jin looked to where he pointed. There he saw children throwing a dodge ball.

「Yes, that’s right. It’s called a ball, it’s made from the same material as the tyre」

「Hmm, could you also sell that?」

「Oh, yes, I don’t mind」

Because of the 『Tea Tree』 in the forest, he now knew where to look for a lot of resin to collect.

That’s why the rubber ball will also be sold. The manufacturing method is difficult this time so it’s only the finished product, the rubber ball. For now he made 50 each of baseballs, handballs, and dodge balls.

Upon finishing the negotiations, Eric began to grow restless. Jin could somehow guess the reason,

「Going to Erume River is refreshing, let’s go together」

He invited Eric. Unable to turn it down, Eric and Jin headed to the river, and upon reaching the river, a joyful look coloured his face.

That was because in Erume River, the swimsuit figure of Barbara was floating with a swim ring.

「J-Jin-san, what is that thing she’s holding onto?」

「Oh, that’s a swim ring, it allows people who can’t swim to be able to float」

Whether she heard the conversation of the two or not, Barbara found Eric and waved her hand. Eric had a face that wanted to immediately enter the water, but he didn’t have a swimsuit. So Jin,

「Eric, if you want to swim, there’s a shed over there, are you going to get changed?」

saying that, Jin passed over a new swimsuit he secretly brought. He had prepared it because he thought it would become like this.

「Th- thank you very much!」

So Eric snatched it and dashed to the shed to change.

Eric and Barbara swam for the rest of the day like that. Eric did not help with arranging the goods and Barbara ignored her chores and instead they played. The two that got along well were scolded.

Summer was now ending with the day.

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