Magic’s Return: I Can See The Spirits

Chapter 227 How can you be so different than your father?

Chapter 227 How can you be so different than your father?

?”They say they are from the Magic Division. It seems that they are looking forward to meeting you.”

Seraphina reported.

She was ordered to send anyone who came here away, however, she believed that these were the people she couldn’t just send away and decided to talk with Astra.

“Let them in.”

And just as she expected, Astra decided to meet these people.

Seraphina nodded as she bowed her head and walked away, a minute later, 5 elderly people, 2 men and 3 women walked in and the moment they did, Vaan realized who they were.

The old man standing in the middle was Sylas Evergreen, the Head of the Magic Department, one of the Strongest 7th Circle Mages in the entire Academy, and a man almost all the students of the Magic Division wish to meet. Just a single word from him was enough to make almost the entire Magic Department act on it.

Of course, holding such influence, it was pretty much impossible for most students to even see him let alone meet him in their entire lives.

The others around him weren’t normal either, they were the Vice Heads of the Magic Division, each of them excelling in different things.

Even seeing all five of them at the same time could be considered lucky for normal students, here, however, the five of them had personally taken the initiative to visit Vaan’s house.

And the reason behind this was standing right in front of them.

“Lady Astra.”

The Head of the Magic Division bowed his head.

“Professor Sylas, please do not bow your head in front of me, as someone who once taught me, my ancestors would curse me if I let you bow your head in front of me.”

Astra spoke with a small smile on her face as she bowed her head to Sylas’s level.

Sylas smiled as he stood up,

“When are you planning to leave?” he questioned directly.

“I cannot leave the house for too long, so I will be leaving today itself,” Astra replied in a respectful tone.

“You should stay till the Induction.”

“Right, it is that time, huh…

If I am not wrong, it should be tomorrow, no?”

“That is correct. I am sure students would be glad to have you as one of the chief guests for the induction. It will also give a chance to my Magic Division to show off one of our greatest alumni.”

Sylas spoke with a gentle smile on his face. The people standing behind him all nodded their heads as well.


Astra was momentarily silent.

Staying wasn’t a problem, however, as the Head of the Vesta Family, she needed to consider even the smallest of the actions she took as anything she did could later be used against her or the Vesta Family for political agendas.

“You don’t need to worry.” As if knowing what she was thinking, Sylas spoke up.

“Since the only new students this year are the ones who joined through their family connections, the Induction isn’t like the big ones we have when new students from all over Agresia join. Your presence wouldn’t have any political implications.

I wouldn’t have asked this if that was the case.

This old man simply wishes to flaunt that you are a student I once taught.” Sylas laughed.

Astra chuckled as well, “It should be me who should flaunt about being taught by you, Professor Sylas.”

“So, are you staying?” Sylas questioned.

“Well, since Professor specifically came here to ask, I do not have any choice, do I?” Astra replied and a smile appeared on Sylas’s face.

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me,” Sylas spoke. “I know that as a mere professor, I do not have anything that would interest the Head of the Vesta Family, but if there is something you need, please do not hesitate to ask. If it is possible, I will definitely help you.” He offered.

“Then I will shamelessly take Professor’s offer.

I request you to keep an eye on these two children of mine, I have done my best to teach them what I can, but if the Professor feels that they lack in some regard, please give them an opportunity to learn from you.”

Astra spoke as she pointed at Vaan and Elara.

The old man glanced at the two younglings as well,

“Vaan Astra Vesta and Elara Flameheart huh…

One is your only son, while the other is your pupil.”

Sylas spoke up. It was clear that despite the two of them being students who had only been here for 6 days, he knew about them.

Then, the old man chuckled, “Astra, are you trying to embarrass me? Teach these little monsters? What am I supposed to teach them? They are already far beyond what I would expect of my students.

One uses Magic Circles even I cannot understand, while the other is strong enough to seriously injure two Swordsmen and force them into helpless positions.

What am I supposed to teach them?”

“It seems that my children have impressed Professor Sylas. I am glad the two of them could catch your eyes.”

“My eyes? They have the entire Academy watching them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they follow your path and dominate the Academy.”

“That is indeed the plan I have for them.”

Astra declared with a confident look on her face.

As the Head of the Family, she shouldn’t be stating these things out loud, however, when it came to her child, she knew what she wanted. After all, this is the reason she sent them here.

If they cannot stand on the top, there is no point in being here.

Hearing her words, a big smile appeared on Vaan’s face. he 100% supported his mother’s words.

The Magic Division Head stared at the Mother and Son for a while, then, he chuckled as well,

“It might not be as simple as you had it though.”


Astra tilted his head in confusion and Sylas continued,

“The competition he will be facing is quite fierce. Though I can see you already have one of the competitors on your side.”

Sylas spoke as he glanced at Isabel.

“Of course, if you can’t win against them, get them on your side.” Astra declared as he glanced at Isabel and chuckled.

The girl smiled.

“That old man would be quite annoyed when he learns about it. He definitely wouldn’t want another Orion in his Division.”

Sylas spoke but suddenly,

“I will not follow my Teacher’s steps. I will stand on my own feet.” Isabel declared.

As much as she respected Orion, she still didn’t like how he left everything behind to follow ‘the one he loved’. That feeling was still foreign to her.

“Exactly, she will not follow my Father, because I won’t follow Mother’s steps.” Vaan stepped forward holding Elara’s hand.

“I do not need a Partner in the Academy,

I already have the best one with me.”

He declared out loud.

Elara lowered her head in embarrassment, Astra, however, didn’t fail to notice that smile that had appeared on her red face.

Sylas, on the other hand, had a curious look on his face.

These children… for them to be bold enough to speak in his presence…

Well, thinking about it, it shouldn’t be too strange either. After all, these children grew together with monsters, Elara and Vaan with Orion and Astra, while Isabel was one of the Headmaster’s favorites ever since she joined the Academy.

His status, as much as it meant to other students, for these little brats, it wasn’t worth mentioning, at the very least, it was definitely not something that would ensure their silence in his presence.

“This place is quite interesting.”

He muttered.

“Please don’t mind them, Professor. I will beat manners into that brat later.” Orion spoke up as he glared at Vaan.

“Hahaha~ Please don’t be too rash on him.”

Sylas laughed out loud.

Astra then glanced at the Professors and,

“Professors, it has been a while since we met, why don’t we chat more?” She offered. The latest_epɪ_sodes are on_the novel(ꜰ)ir(e).nᴇt

“Mhm, that is what I was here for.” Sylas nodded. Others behind him had the same reaction.

Astra then took the Professors to another room to chat and recall the old days with them, Orion followed them as well.

Since the only ones left here were the children, Vaan stepped forward and,

“I think I need to introduce you two to each other, eh?

Seraphina, she is Isabel. A 4 Star Swordswoman.

Isabel, she is,”

“I am Seraphina Stormweaver, Sir Vaan’s assistant, it is nice to meet you, Lady Isabel.”

Seraphina introduced herself as she bowed her head.

“Assistant…?” Isabel narrowed her eyes.

She may be a commoner, but she was well worse with how nobles worked. A 20-year-old man having an ‘assistant’, this wasn’t the first time she heard this story.

In an instant, her eyes fell on Elara, and seeing how the girl was looking at Seraphina with a hostile look on her face, Isabel’s eyes turned cold.

“How can you be so different than your father?”


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