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Chapter 1133 - They Started Fighting

Chapter 1133 They Started Fighting

“This is your Nine Transformation Immortal Pill.” Sima Jiao handed a small golden box to Liu Yi inside her room.

Sima Jiao had just returned from a family banquet, and now she was no longer the third young miss of the Sima family but the head of the Sima family.

Liu Yi reached out and the golden box immediately disappeared from Sima Jiao’s hand and appeared in his.

This was a small magic trick created by holy power.

As Angel had said, holy power could indeed create many useful tricks.

“You know a lot of strange methods,” Sima Jiao said with a smile when she saw the box disappear. Liu Yi felt like she had been drinking and had drunk quite a lot.

“I have entrusted the treasure of the Sima family to you… you must be grateful to me!” Sima Jiao spoke a bit clumsily.

“Don’t worry,” Liu Yi nodded. “I owe you a big favor. But I also made you the head of the Sima family, didn’t I?”

“Hehe… right, I am the head!” Sima Jiao sat next to Liu Yi and leaned lightly in his embrace. “But… until when can I do this? If you’re not here, I’ll be exposed soon… and then I’ll be kicked out by everyone…”

Liu Yi looked at Sima Jiao and couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Sima, I’m curious, why do you have to become the head of the family? Is it just to save face?”

“It was before…”

Sima Jiao said, “Now… it’s to help you get the Immortal Pill…”

Her drunken words were all true, which surprised Liu Yi.

Suddenly, Liu Yi thought of something and asked, “Sima Jiao, if one day I reorganized the Heavenly Court, would you be willing to join me with your family?”

“You want to reorganize the Heavenly Court?” Sima Jiao looked up, not concealing the smile in her eyes. “Hehe… Your ambition is even greater than mine.”

“I’m serious.”

“Then this young lady will follow you!” Sima Jiao waved her small fist. “Following you… is better than following the Jade Emperor… But can you become the new Jade Emperor?”

“I will create a new system.”

Liu Yi’s eyes were full of a kind of ambitious vigor. “Let me overthrow this decadent Heavenly Court.”

“Okay… then you… go for it…”

Sima Jiao had already completely passed out in Liu Yi’s arms as she spoke. When she slept, Liu Yi felt she was even more gentle and obedient. He didn’t disturb her but instead opened the small golden box.

A fragrance wafted out, and the Little Nine, who had already fallen asleep next to him, suddenly woke up and let out a chirp.

“Do you want to eat too?”

Liu Yi couldn’t help but smile when he saw the little creature drooling.

He took out a golden pill from the small box and forcefully shattered it into two halves. He tossed a small half to the Little Nine, which flapped its wings, stretched its neck, and swallowed it in one gulp.

He took the remaining larger half himself and immediately felt a fiery force rolling within him, instantly activating his magical power!

The potency of the Nine Transformation Immortal Pill was powerful. Although Liu Yi could not use its power to unlock his unique sun rotation, he could use its medicinal properties to enhance his own strength!

His strength was already at the first level of the Heavenly realm, and after taking the Nine Transformation Immortal Pill, he was slowly developing toward the second level.

Liu Yi didn’t know that his power was growing too fast. In the blink of an eye, a beam of light shot up into the sky!

The Sima family members who were still continuing their banquet suddenly saw a circular Tai Chi symbol appearing in the sky above their family head.

“What… What is that?”

“Oh my god, it seems to be the power of the universe!” someone exclaimed.

“Could it be that the family head has obtained the power of the universe?” another person wondered.

“How is that possible? We Sima Family cultivate the Nine-Revolution Heavenly Fire!” a third person exclaimed.

The Sima Family members were in disarray. Sima Tian sat on the side, silent and frowning, apparently contemplating something.

At that moment, a disciple rushed in from outside, looking flustered.

“Oh no, something bad has happened!” one disciple exclaimed.

“Outrageous!” Sima Tai scolded. “Today is the family head’s family banquet. How can you shout and make a scene like this?”

“It’s really bad…” the disciple sobbed, “Yang Jian’s Erlang Shen has led a group of heavenly soldiers and generals to surround our family!”

“What?” The crowd immediately panicked.

“Oh my god, the Yang Family is here!”

“Erlang Shen has appeared!”

“What do they want to do?”

Watching the chaos below, Sima Rou stood aside, a cold smile on her lips.

“Alright, everyone calm down!” Sima Tian could not bear it anymore. He suddenly roared, and the people below finally quieted down. Although Sima Tian was no longer the family head, his authority was still respected.

“What are you all thinking? Is panicking going to help?” Sima Tian scolded. After that, he turned to the disciple and asked, “What did Yang Jian come for?”

“He said that we have a fugitive from the Heavenly Court and he wants us to hand them over!” the disciple replied.

“But we don’t have any fugitives…” someone muttered.

“They must have the wrong person!” another person chimed in.

“Quick, let’s get the family head!” the people below shouted.

“This is a minor issue, why bother the family head?” Sima Tian stood up and said, “I will personally go and meet with Yang Jian and see what he’s up to!”

Saying that, Sima Tian walked out of the main hall and headed towards the door.

Sima Rou lifted her great sword and walked out, and the remaining clan members looked at each other before following suit.

“Your Majesty, why don’t we just charge in?” Yang Wei, with only one arm, suggested to Erlang Shen. “I don’t believe we can’t find that damn Liu Yi!”

Yang Wei still remembered the grudge of losing his arm clearly. At this moment, his eyes were filled with a sinister gleam.

“Calm down,” Erlang Shen said somewhat displeased. “Do you not know where we are? This is the Sima family’s territory in Xi Niu He Continent. Do not underestimate the power of Sima Tian, who is at the Third Heavenly Realm. I do not want to provoke this family.”

“Your Majesty has the power of the Fourth Heavenly Realm, are you afraid of Sima Tian?” Yang Wei couldn’t help asking.

“Foolish!” Erlang Shen pointed to the ninety-nine crimson flame lamps on the city walls. “Do you see those lamps? I can protect myself, but these lamps can kill you in seconds!”

Yang Wei instinctively shrank his neck when he saw the red flame lamps.

At this moment, the gate of the Sima family’s city opened, and Sima Tian, wearing a red robe, walked out slowly.

“Yang Jian, did you bring so many people to my house just to show off your strength to me?” Sima Tian had a fiery temper and immediately reprimanded them upon appearing.

“Sima Tian, don’t misunderstand. Your Majesty is not here to target you, but to catch the criminals of the Heavenly Court!” Erlang Shen held a trident in his hand and slowly spoke. “Sima Tian, I respect you as a hero, but don’t do anything foolish.”

“Oh?” Sima Tian laughed. “I would like to know, what is considered foolish?”

“You are not a novice in this world. Do I need to explain it to you?” Erlang Shen pointed behind him. “Today, I have brought not only people from the Yang family but also soldiers from the Heavenly Court, and even the elite of the God Army! Sima Tian, we are here to catch the criminals of the Heavenly Court. Do you really want to oppose the Heavenly Court?”

“Hehehe,” Sima Tian laughed. “Yang Jian, I am an honest man. Don’t try to use the Heavenly Court to suppress me. Even if there are people from the Heavenly Court hiding here, you can’t search for them at will. This is not the Heavenly Court, nor is it Dong Sheng Shen Continent (Another major continent in Buddhist legend). Remember, this is Xi Niu He Continent, and this is the territory of the Sima family!”

As he spoke, the ninety-nine red flame lamps on top of the Sima family lit up at the same time.

A strong flame breath filled the Divine Fire City!

Before Erlang Shen could speak, Yang Wei spoke first, “Sima Tian, you’re not putting our Yang family in your eyes!”

Sima Tian shouted, “Get lost, who are you, a dog, to speak to me?”

Erlang Shen’s face turned cold, “Sima Tian, even when you’re beating a dog, you still have to look at its owner. Aren’t you going a bit too far?”

“Are you the one going too far?”

Sima Tian stood his ground, “Erlang Shen, you have brought people to bully my family at my doorstep! Do you think my Sima family is powerless?”

As he spoke, he waved his hand and the disciples of the Sima family immediately lit up their flames. Sima Rou even lifted her great sword and pointed it at Erlang Shen.

“The Sima family is the Sima family.”

But Erlang Shen slowly clapped his hands, “Not a single person is a coward. If it were the old me, I would really have to weigh my options… but now, Erlang Shen is different!”

As he spoke, the third eye on his brow opened! A strong breath burst from his body and rushed into the Divine Fire City!

The sky changed and a huge vortex slowly appeared!

“Fourth Heaven!”

Sima Tian, seeing this scene, couldn’t help but be shocked, “You, Erlang Shen, have actually broken through to the fourth heaven realm?”

“Hehehe…didn’t expect it, did you?”

Erlang Shen held his three-pointed, two-edged spear and looked imposing, “Sima Tian, do you still dare to shout at me, Erlang Shen?”

“I afraid of you?”

Sima Tian held back his anger, “Even if Buddha himself were to come, Sima Tian would still have the same temper! You have the Four Heavens, but I have the Scarlet Flame Lamp Array!”

Sima Tian spoke and with a wave of his hand, the ninety-nine Scarlet Flame Lamps flew out and surrounded Erlang Shen in the center.

“How dare you touch our family’s leader! Take them down!” Yang Wei roared as he lifted his spear and charged toward Sima’s gate with a group of his own soldiers.


At that moment, a red light flashed.

Sima Rou appeared behind Yang Wei, her large sword pointed towards the sky and her right hand grasping his head, blood slowly flowing down.

“I hate barking dogs the most.”

“Excellent!” Sima Tian wasn’t angry, but instead laughed heartily. “Truly, my good daughter!”

“Sima Tian! You’re asking for death!” Erlang Shen grew furious seeing his followers killed.

He waved his hand and his trident spear immediately released a silver glow.

Meanwhile, the ninety-nine Scarlet Flame Lamps also began to unleash their power!

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