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Chapter 1135 - To Marry or Not to Marry

Chapter 1135 To Marry or Not to Marry


The earth trembled!

Liu Yi’s left hand pressed against Erlang Shen’s head, slamming him fiercely into the ground!

The ground caved in, forming a terrifying crater with Erlang Shen’s head buried within.

“What a horrifying force!”

“Erlang Shen has actually been defeated?”

The members of the Sima family were astonished; none of them had expected that a suddenly appearing witch servant would beat Erlang Shen so miserably.

“Well done!”

Sima Jiao clapped excitedly, cheering on Liu Yi.


Erlang Shen suddenly roared, a golden light erupted from his body, repelling Liu Yi.

He pulled his head out of the dirt, his helmet falling off, his hair disheveled, appearing utterly disheveled.

“Divine Possession!”

Erlang Shen bellowed, a silver light descending upon him, enhancing his strength!

At this moment, Erlang Shen’s power entered the middle realm of the Fourth Heaven! With almost an entire level of suppression, Erlang Shen had confidence in destroying Liu Yi!

He swelled to over three meters tall, brandishing two tridents in his hands, and launched an attack on Liu Yi!

Both were masters of close combat, and for a time, they were evenly matched.


Erlang Shen grew increasingly apprehensive as he fought. Liu Yi’s power seemed boundless, and it was on par with his own middle realm of the Fourth Heaven!

Originally, he thought that by invoking divine possession, he could completely suppress Liu Yi! But now, he found it unattainable!

Damn it! How had this wretch, whom he had once completely plundered, become so powerful?

This was utterly unscientific!

Erlang Shen crossed his two large spears together and swung them out forcefully.

Two silver dragons rushed toward Liu Yi, thick and long, composed entirely of celestial power.

Liu Yi raised an eyebrow, wondering why the phrase ‘thick and long’ had come to mind.

The two silver dragons closed in and lunged at Liu Yi.

Unperturbed, Liu Yi stood there, teasing Little Nine on his shoulder with a finger.

The Eight Wastelands Poisonous Spider, Meng Xi, who had also awoken due to Liu Yi’s restored power, cried out in alarm.

“Quick, make a move!”

Erlang Shen thought Liu Yi was done for and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Just as the situation reached a critical point, thirty-six Crimson Flame Lamps flew out, shielding Liu Yi.

These thirty-six Crimson Flame Lamps spun, their flames like blades, tearing the two giant dragons apart.


Erlang Shen was taken aback by the sight of the thirty-six Crimson Flame Lamps. He glanced instinctively overhead, noticing that all ninety-nine Crimson Flame Lamps were present.

“Don’t bother guessing. These are the transformations of the Heavenly Gang Blades.”

Liu Yi, with one hand in his pocket and the other playing with Little Nine, spoke slowly, “Erlang Shen, you are no longer the number one expert in the immortal realm. Doesn’t it feel strange using the power you’ve stolen?”

“True Lord will kill you!”

Erlang Shen roared unwillingly. Liu Yi snapped his fingers, and the thirty-six Crimson Flame Lamps immediately flew toward Erlang Shen from all directions, their flame blades spinning!

Erlang Shen was shocked and hastily erected a barrier.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

A series of explosive sounds resounded as the Crimson Flame Lamps continuously collided with the barrier, making Erlang Shen’s defenses increasingly fragile.

“I can’t believe it! How could this be? I clearly took away all your power!” Erlang Shen cried out in disbelief.

“Relying on stolen power and still wanting to be the strongest? Dream on.” Liu Yi looked into Erlang Shen’s eyes, filled with disdain.

“Let me shatter your twisted dream!” Liu Yi declared, suddenly appearing in front of Erlang Shen. He was clad in a red and blue intertwined ice-fire armor.

The armor enhanced Liu Yi’s strength, allowing him to surpass Erlang Shen in terms of power at this moment. He extended a palm and struck Erlang Shen’s barrier.

“Wild Flames!”

A terrifying force burst forth from his palm, causing Erlang Shen’s barrier to distort and shatter.

“What?!” Erlang Shen’s eyes widened, unable to believe what was happening.

“Start crying!” Liu Yi’s right hand formed a palm and ruthlessly struck Erlang Shen’s chest.


Erlang Shen’s chest armor shattered, fragments scattering in all directions. He was sent flying like a cannonball, crashing into the ground.

The impact created a massive crater, over a hundred meters in diameter and tens of meters deep!

“Come out!” Liu Yi beckoned with his palm, and Erlang Shen’s body was pulled out by his power and lifted into the air.

“Return everything you took from me!” Liu Yi demanded, as a colossal demon rose behind him. The demon’s finger pierced into Erlang Shen’s chest, causing him to scream in pain.

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The demon’s power began to drain Erlang Shen’s soul, weakening it continuously. This was the Soul Absorption technique Liu Yi had acquired from Ma Yixuan!

Erlang Shen wailed in agony, unable to endure the pain of having his soul consumed.

“Sky Piercing Technique!” Desperate, Erlang Shen mustered all his strength and activated a lifesaving spell.

A silvery light enveloped him, breaking free from Liu Yi’s demon’s grasp. It pulled Erlang Shen into the sky and vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Why did you let him escape?” Sima Jiao asked immediately.

“Don’t worry, he won’t get far,” Liu Yi replied, gazing at the sky with a smile.

“You…you’re Liu Yi?” Sima Tian had heard of Liu Yi’s deeds, and now scrutinized him from head to toe. “I never thought that the one who caused chaos in the Heavenly Court would appear in my Sima family’s residence!”

“I apologize for startling the esteemed Sima senior,” Liu Yi offered a respectful gesture.

“Hmph, it seems Sima Jiao’s victory is your doing!” Sima Tian deduced with his experience.

“I had no choice… I hope Senior Sima can understand,” Liu Yi replied.

Sima Tian glanced at Liu Yi again. “Understand? I’d like to, but you’ve already consumed our family’s Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill!”

“Cough, cough…” Liu Yi coughed dryly, while Sima Jiao turned her head away, remaining silent.

“Forget it, you can’t regurgitate it anyway,” Sima Tian sighed. “But we can’t just let you benefit for free. You have to give our Sima family something in return.”

Liu Yi raised an eyebrow. “I wonder what kind of advantage Senior Sima would like?”

Sima Tian chuckled. “What do you think?”

As the ball was kicked back into his court, Liu Yi laughed as well. “In that case, why not form an alliance with me, Sima Tian?”

“Young man, your schemes are quite impressive!”

Sima Tian’s eyes twinkled as he chuckled, “Not only have you acquired our family’s most precious treasure, but you also want to bind us to your chariot of war?”

“No, I intend to elevate you to the heavens with me,” Liu Yi gestured toward the sky, “There shall be a place for you there.”

These words stirred a momentary excitement in Sima Tian.

“Boy, I am no longer a passionate youth in my twenties or thirties. That fervent era has long passed.”

Sima Tian quickly regained his composure and continued, “Such words cannot deceive me.”

“I have never relied on mere words to sway others,” Liu Yi said proudly, crossing his arms. “I only use my strength to speak.”

Sima Tian fell silent, knowing that Liu Yi indeed possessed the power to make such claims.

“Fine, your strength is indeed sufficient,” Sima Tian took a deep breath and said, “But a single promise is not enough. I am no child, you know.”

“What do you propose?” Liu Yi was curious to know the old fox’s thoughts.

“What has always been the way to form alliances since ancient times?” Sima Tian asked with a cunning smile.

Liu Yi was no fool; he understood that Sima Tian wished to form a marriage alliance with him! Sima Jiao, likewise, was not a fool. Hearing this, her pretty face blushed.

“How about that? You’ve taken our family’s elixir, and I’ll give you a beautiful wife in return. Am I, Sima Tian, not generous enough?” Sima Tian laughed, leaving Liu Yi on the verge of cursing.

Damn it! Is this arrangement really considered generous? I might as well beat him up instead!

“Marriage alliance it is, then,” Liu Yi thought to himself that it was only a formality, so there was no harm in accepting. He looked at Sima Jiao, who turned her head away.

The girl was still shy; it was just a mere formality after all!

“Good, let’s hold the wedding ceremony tomorrow!” Sima Tian laughed heartily, “My eldest daughter is finally going to be married.”

Upon hearing these words, both Liu Yi and Sima Jiao were taken aback.

Sima Rou, who had just awakened, was also surprised but remained silent.

Hearing that she was to marry Liu Yi, she felt a strange sensation in her heart.

Sima Rou was a strong-willed woman who believed that only a man who could defeat her in battle could marry her.

That was why she remained single to this day.

A man capable of conquering her didn’t exist, or so she thought in the past.

Liu Yi’s appearance, however, had shattered her worldview!

Sima Jiao was completely stunned, standing there speechlessly.

How could this happen? Wasn’t she supposed to marry Liu Yi? Why had it become her sister instead?


“Why… is it with Sima Rou?” Liu Yi couldn’t help but ask.

“What, is my eldest daughter not good enough for you?” Sima Tian’s expression turned cold.

“That’s not it,” Liu Yi replied somewhat awkwardly, “Sima Rou is a fine young woman.”

Sima Tian scoffed coldly, “Or is it that you don’t truly wish to form a marriage alliance with our Sima family, and are simply trying to appease us?”

“No, that’s not it…”

Liu Yi’s forehead began to bead with sweat, thinking to himself just how cunning this old fox was!

However, he did indeed owe the Sima family a favor, and it was necessary to repay it. Moreover, in order to establish himself in the Heavenly Court, he needed the support of powerful families like the Sima.

“The two old fellows from the Nan Zhan Bu Continent and the Bei Ju Lu Continent are both my good friends,” Sima Tian grinned slyly, “Young man, you’d best think this through!”

Damn it… he really was an old fox.

Although Liu Yi felt somewhat guilty sacrificing Sima Rou, the marriage alliance seemed like the best choice. Still, he decided to ask, “I need to hear Miss Sima Rou’s opinion.”

Liu Yi bowed slightly, “I don’t want Sima Rou to become a victim of our political maneuvers.”

“Good! Though your words are blunt, I appreciate them,” Sima Tian nodded in approval, then turned to Sima Rou, “Rou’er, will you marry him?”

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