Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 13 Miraculous Eyesight

Mai Kitsune Waifu - Chapter 13 - Miraculous Eyesight

My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 13 - Miraculous Eyesight

Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

“Good one, Liu Yi, you learned to be late.”

Luckily this lesson was not taught by Liu Yi’s homeroom teacher but instead was taught by a literature teacher.

This literature teacher was an old bald man that’s like fifty years old or so. He’s a funny guy and Liu Yi liked his class.

Seeing Liu Yi knocking on the classroom door, the literature teacher fixed his glasses before making fun of Liu Yi.

“Based on the way you look, I suspect you went to pick up garbage this morning?”

Liu Yi was covered in dust. He had slept a whole night in the park and then ran to school. Thus, he was currently covered in sweat and dust.

After being made fun of by the literature teacher, the students in the class immediately turned over and started laughing at the embarrassed Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was completely ashamed. He wanted to find a hole and hide.

He didn’t even dare to turn around to look at Ma Yixuan.

She must be laughing at me…

He already had a bad impression on her… and with this… his impression just got lowered to a failing level.

“Forget it, forget about it. Quickly, go back to your seat and learn.”

The old literature teacher didn’t want to delay the classroom time, he waved his hand and told Liu Yi to go to his seat.

“Thank you teacher….”

Dejected, Liu Yi returned to his seat.

Chen Cai who was sitting next to him looked at his calamity with delight. He said.

“Oh Liu Yi, Liu Yi. You got lucky today. When our homeroom teacher was taking attendance, he was called over by the principle. However, the way you dressed was really elegant. Wasn’t this the most fashionable beggar outfit from a couple years back? Did it got popular recently again?”

“Go fuck yourself…”

Liu Yi glared at Chen Cai.

A shitty friend! A shitty friend indeed!

Liu Yi laid on the table. He secretly looked at Ma Yixuan who was sitting at the front.

She was wearing a school uniform. Her head was lowered. She was smiling and secretly sending text message to someone.

From Liu Yi’s point of view, it looked like a mocking smile.

Oh lord! Was she laughing at me?….

Suddenly, Liu Yi got curious. Ma Yixuan was sending some kinda microblog message…

He strongly wanted to know what she was sending.

He had a curiosity like a fire, burning directly in his heart.

And just at this moment, his body’s blood flow suddenly accelerated again.

A sensation like he’s high suddenly hit him again.

In a flash, Liu Yi’s sight suddenly changed.

It was like he was wearing a high powered telescope. He instantly narrowed the distance between the two.

Even the tiny mole that Ma Yixuan had behind her ears was clearly reflected in Liu Yi’s sight.

Holy shit! What the heck happened?!

Liu Yi was surprised.

However, his surprise was not long lasted as his eyesight immediately returned back to normal.

The clear and beautiful Ma Yixuan had faded away from his sight. The distance between the two once again grew apart.

What the heck just happened?!

Liu Yi was both confused and surprised.

He wanted to ask the little fox about what happened. However, she didn’t respond at all! It was as if she was mad or something.

She was acting like a forum lurker!

Liu Yi wanted to know so bad that he began to try calling from her in his heart.

My dear old female immortal sister! I need your help!

How could you disappear on me like this?!

Please show yourself….

Liu Yi was constantly calling for Lin Tong. However, unfortunately for him, she never once respond.

Chen Cai saw Liu Yi grasping his hands tightly as if he was praying for something.

“Liu Yi, what happened? I just teased you a couple times and you decided to start jerking off here?!”

“Fuck off. I’m immortal cultivating!”

Liu Yi gave his shitty friend a white eye.

“Hahaha! Immortal cultivating? Then I’ll computer cultivate!”

Chen Cai immediately started laughing out loud.

“Liu Yi, Chen Cai, do you want to try standing up for the whole lecture?!”

Said the old literature teacher, frowning.

Immediately, Chen Cai stopped himself.

Liu Yi felt that he had been wronged.

God damn! It’s Chen Cai who was laughing and talking! Why must I be included?!

Man, why did I have to have a shitty friend?!

Liu Yi once again gave Chen Cai a white eye. Then he paid all his focus into trying to figure out what exactly happened to his eye sight.

I wanna see!


Ma Yixuan is playing with her phone again!

Liu Yi was staring at Ma Yixuan’s phone. His eyes had started to get sore.

I wanna see! Let me do it again!

As if from deep dark within, someone was responding to Liu Yi’s request.

Soon, Liu Yi began to feel that his blood flow had once again started accelerating.

The icy cold sensation once again flow through his whole body.

His eyesight suddenly increased and landed on Ma Yixuan’s phone.

It was a latest Samsung phone. Big screen. Looks stunning.

Ma Yixuan was indeed sending a microblog message.

The content of that message was also clearly reflected in Liu Yi’s eyes.

Immediately after seeing the message, Liu Yi felt ice cold from head to toe. It was as if an ice cellar dropped on him.

He saw that Ma Yixuan was sending a message to man called “Mr. Perfect of the New Society”.

“Hubby! Hubby! Guess what, that Liu Yi in my class was stupid as heck. He dressed like a beggar to school today. And that loser wanted to pursue me!”

“Don’t pay attention to him. He’s been on my nerves for a while now. I’ll get a couple guys and teach him a lesson tonight!”

Replied that Mr. Perfect of the New Society.

“xoxo. Hubby’s the best after all! That idiot is so annoying! I’m so unfortunate! He even lived next to me. Just thinking that I might run into him when I go out got me all gloomy and depressed. Hubby, why don’t you beat him up real good and scare him to move?!”

“Hahaha! No problem! I’ll do that! Remember to reward me tonight!”

“Hubby, you’re so mean…”

Liu Yi’s heart had frozen into ice and then cracked into pieces.

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