Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 22 Hard To Fathom A Person’s Mind

“You rascal, I have waited for you for half a day already. So you decided to come back now?!”

Lin Tong saw Liu Yi and immediately came showering down on him.

“How does it feel to be a hero saving a beautiful princess? Satisfying?”

“Cough cough. This… it wasn’t on purpose...”

When he remembered the him who was all wicked and evil, Liu Yi felt very ashamed and uncomfortable.

“Oh? You really didn’t feel anything? In that case then this lady will have to start doubting your manhood!”

“That’s…. not it…. it felt pretty good…”

Said Liu Yi. He was happy showing off in front of Murong Die and obtaining her handkerchief.

To say that it wasn’t satisfying would be a lie!

“Then that’s real good! As I said, learning the methods of immortal cultivation following this lady would only benefit you!”

Lin Tong continued. “Once you reached the upper mortal realm, you’ll become a super expert, a super hero. When that time comes, the amount of girls who would like you would be too much for you to count!”

“Actually… the reason why I want to embark on the immortal cultivation… is no longer just for the sake of getting girls…”

Lin Yi suddenly sighed.

“What? You still miss that Ma Yixuan girl?”

Lin Tong curled her lips. She looked at Liu Yi with a disdain. “You good for nothing! Can’t you man up?! You still can’t forget about that woman?! There are plenty more fish in the sea! Why must you focus on a single rotten flower?!”

Was she telling me to go gay?....

Liu Yi straighten up his thoughts and said.

“The reason why I want to cultivate was because I don’t want to be looked down upon! I want to prove to them that I, Liu Yi, am not a wussy! That I, Liu Yi, can do a lot more things!”

“To live yourself for how others view you… why must you do such a tiring thing?”

Lin Tong suddenly advised Liu Yi. “Cultivators cultivates for their own personal gain and not to prove themselves to others. Should you continue on this way, I’m afraid that your mind will be very much clouded….”

Suddenly, something came into Lin Tong’s mind.

Why am I telling him his issue?!

When did I want his immortal cultivation to come to fruition?

Didn’t I only want to use him? Didn’t I want him to gain enough strength and then absorb his demonic powers and escape from his body?!

But how did it turned into… why did I started to care for his future development?...

This…. is this even science?...

Lin Tong, what is wrong with you?

Lin Tong suddenly started to fluster.

“What you said was right. However, I am still very concerned about how others view me.”

Continued Liu Yi. He didn’t know that Lin Tong was already distracted by her thoughts.

“I do not want to be looked down upon by others because I lacked the strength to shock them. My grandfather had said that if a man have a very powerful strength, then even if he was to be looked down upon by others, he wouldn’t care because he knew that those people are just wind blowing at the mountain, totally unable to shake the mountain itself.”


Lin Tong stood there expressionlessly. She didn’t respond to Liu Yi.

“Big sister Female Immortal?”

Liu Yi promptly called out to Lin Tong.

Why did this little fox stopped paying attention to him?

“Ah? Ah! Well, okay.”

Lin Tong coughed twice. She felt that something was wrong with her. The expression she showed toward Liu Yi had also turned a bit unnatural.

Fortunately Liu Yi cannot see her face clearly. Otherwise, she’ll certainly be very embarrassed.

“No matter what you think, it’s all good as long as you’re firmly set on cultivating. You know, I was very satisfied with you. As you had shown, although you’re a good for nothing, it seems like you’re not a rotten wood and could still be transformed.”

“Oh? What do you mean by that?”

This was the first time that Lin Tong praised him.

Although the way she praised him was a bit weird.

“Yes… I found out that are some immortal power hidden within your body!”

Lin Tong thought that the immortal power might be left from that female immortal...

When she sealed her in Liu Yi’s right hand, she must had certainly used some of her real immortal power...

These immortal power had stayed within Liu Yi’s body. And now, Liu Yi hadsomehow obtained a way to start the immortal power and the immortal power somehow started to move by itself as if according to some certain immortal method of movement…

The immortal power that was obtained so suddenly and developed so rapidly had created an adverse consequence.

When an immortal cultivator’s power increases, he must also train his mind.

However, Lin Tong had not taught Liu Yi how to train his mind.

That’s because Lin Tong is a demon. When a demon cultivates, they only need to follow the innate demonic nature and does not need to train their mind.

However, humans does. Every cultivation method they have, they would always have a matching method to train their mind.

What Liu Yi was practicing was the demonic method that Lin Tong taught him, the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra.

The Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra was a way for demons to cultivate. However, Liu Yi was currently using that.

According to Lin Tong’s original plan, as long as Liu Yi practice the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra, he would be able to open the first Star Jade. Once he opens that, she would be able to slowly absorb demonic power from his Star Jade, increasing her own power.

Who would’ve expected that the immortal power in Liu Yi’s body was the first to move. Moreover, the amount of immortal power left behind by that female immortal wasn’t small either.

If Liu Yi were not to cultivate, then this power will scatter slowly over the course of the next ten twenty years. At most it would increase Liu Yi’s lifespan by a bit.

However, Liu Yi had embarked on the path of immortal cultivation. The situation now was completely different.

These immortal powers were fully utilized by his body. Through following the Heaven’s Circulation, the power had allowed Liu Yi to set one foot over the door of genuine immortal cultivation.

As the power suddenly increased, Liu Yi’s mind had also become unsteady!

An unsteady mind breeds inner demons!

The inner demons had directly stimulated Liu Yi’s practice speed for the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra.

The amount of demonic power that he have in his body had also begun to grow quickly due to the stimulation.

The two forces stimulating each other had caused Liu Yi to open his first Jade Star at an astonishing pace!

Originally this was a good thing for Lin Tong!

However, she soon discovered that because of the immortal power obstructing, it had became immensely hard for her to try to obtain demonic power from Liu Yi’s Star Jade!

Only when the amount of demonic power that Liu Yi had within his body grow above and beyond the amount of immortal power he had would she be able to successfully extract the demonic power she needed...

It would seem that she had to assist Liu Yi till he become even stronger, only then would she be able to extract demonic power from him.

She had to let Liu Yi continuously increase his demonic powers!

The Liu Yi right now, he’s still not strong enough!

Originally, one would require some practice in order to increase their demonic powers.

However, Lin Tong found out that after Liu Yi practiced the Holy Fox Heart Sutra, he had somehow obtained the ability that only their fox clan possess!

The females of the fox clan could collect yang energy to mend their yin energy.

The males of the fox clan could collect yin energy to mend their yang energy.

[TL: yin = female,negative, yang = male, positive.]

Even though Liu Yi wasn’t a real member of the fox clan, he seems to also possess this ability.

Furthermore, his ability seemed to be even more excellent than the males of the fox clan.

He actually could increase a woman’s yin energy after gaining a favorable impression on them and then absorb the energy to increase his own power.

This… was an outrageous ability!

With this many girls around… once he casually take a dip in a few… then won’t the power of the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra rise up non stop?!

In the event that he was lucky enough to get a couple more girls...

Then Lin Tong would be able to successfully escape from the seal in his right hand and regain her freedom!

Hahaha! Yes! That’s it!

Lin Tong could not help but become happy.

She originally thought that it would take a long long time before she could escape.

Who would’ve expected that she would’ve actually be sealed within a superb material!

This lady’s luck wasn’t so bad afterall!

If it all goes well, then not only could she escape from the seal, she’ll also be able to absorb Liu Yi’s powers, greatly improving her own.

Seeing the distracted and laughing Lin Tong, Liu Yi hurriedly asked.

“Big sister female immortal, are you okay?”

“Ah, I’m...I’m fine.”

Lin Tong quickly recovered and said resolutely.

“Currently, there are two forces in your body. The red one is from our Heart Sutra that you are practicing, the white one is the wicked power that my younger martial sister left behind. It was this white force that caused you to degenerate.”


Liu Yi was greatly surprised.

No wonder he felt strange the whole time. No wonder he lost his mind and did things that he didn’t want to do!

It turns out that it was all because of that white stream of qi!

Liu Yi started panicking.

“Then what should I do?.... Can I get the white stream of qi out of my body?!”

“How could it be done that easy?!”

Lin Tong saw the panicky Liu Yi and, unable to help herself, emerged a smile on the corner of her lips.

Little guy, you can’t escape from the palm of this lady!

Liu Yi didn’t know that Lin Tong was very proud of herself, he was just in a huge panic.

How did his immortal cultivation actually bear fruit to a devil that seized his mind and actions?!....

This was really very uncomfortable and terrible.

“Then what should I do?...”

“The only thing you can do is to continuously increase the red stream of qi until it could resist the white stream of qi and finally eliminate the white stream of qi!”

“So that’s it… I will certainly practice hard!”

Said Liu Yi firmly. He wanted to resist this unhealthy devil.

“Good, very good!”

Lin Tong was so very happy. “Then, you better listen to my instructions!”

“Yes, of course! I’ll listen!”

Liu Yi didn’t know that Lin Tong had already set him up. He thought that she was sincerely helping him and was immensely grateful to her.

“Big sister female immortal, please rest assured, I will certainly practice extra hard and help you escape earlier!”

Lin Tong was all proud of herself. However, a sudden speech from Liu Yi had stunned her.

Smile had faded from Lin Tong’s face.

Seeing that Lin Tong once again stopped talking, Liu Yi asked curiously.

“Big sister female immortal, what’s wrong?”

“You… really want to help me escape?”

“That’s right!”

Liu Yi nodded. “Is there something strange about that?”

“But… we only met by chance, why do you want to help me?”

“What kind of speech was that?! Big sister female immortal, you have saved me twice!”

Lin Yi continued. “Furthermore, you knew that I am a good for nothing and even called me a good for nothing, yet you were still willing to help me and didn’t turn your back on me. My grandfather had said, one shall return the kindness of another person a thousandfold. Big sister female immortal had helped me so much, even if I to risk my life, I am still willing to help you!”


Seeing Liu Yi’s honest expression, Lin Tong shivered from head to toe.

“Don’t think like that… the world is very complicated…didn’t you grandfather tell you that it’s hard to fathom a person’s mind?....”

As if possessed by something, Lin Tong said those words.

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