Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 36 Practice Is So Hard


The little fox Lin Tong hooked at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was shaking his head like a rattle-drum, it seems like he didn’t dare.

“Fuck, this lady is ready! I’m telling you to attack me, so attack me!”

“Okay then….”

Liu Yi finally nodded. He then took a couple deep breaths.

He knew that the little fox’s speed was very fast, thus he wasn’t careless either, he started the Spirit Fox Steps and started to accumulate the red stream of qi into his legs.

The relaxed feeling immediately returned.

Liu Yi felt that at this current moment, even if he was to help that little loli Liu Ying retrieve her balloon again, it wouldn’t be that difficult anymore.

He turned toward Lin Tong who was hooking her fingers at him and rushed toward her!

Liu Yi’s speed really grew a lot faster! Like a burst of agile wind, in a blink of an eye, he arrived front of Lin Tong.

However, seemly as if Liu Yi was unfamiliar with that sensation, he was unable to control his body and almost directly rushed into Lin Tong’s chest.

The palm strike that he had prepared was also unable to come forth.


Scolded Lin Tong, her body suddenly appeared around five meters behind.

Liu Yi stumbled forward and almost fell to the ground.

He prop up his body a hand and then stood back up.

And when he raised his head back on, he saw the smiling little fox standing in front of him.

“big… big sister fox immortal….”

“Call me Lin Tong!”

“Okay… big sister fox immortal...

“Are you deliberately making me mad?! Or are you really stupid?!”

Lin Tong extended a finger and gave Liu Yi’s forehead a hard flick.

“What, what did I do?... big sister fox immortal…”

“You’re about anger me to death!”

Lin Tong felt like rage quitted.

“Did I made big sister fox immortal angry?....”

“You did! You did! YOU DID!”

“Then, then are we still going to continue?...”


Lin Tong growled.

Liu Yi quickly climbed up. He did a horse stance and began to once again start the red stream of qi, on one hand, he was doing the Spirit Fox Steps and, on the other, he was gathering power into the center of his palm for the Desolate Flame to attack Ling Tong.

[TL: horse stance in martial arts = kinda like squatting with legs open wide]

I cannot make big sister fox immortal angry again!

It must be because that I wasn’t practicing hard enough that big sister fox immortal got angry!

I can’t let her down this time!

Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, you can do it, you can do it!

Liu Yi felt that his legs were light and agile again, this time around he did not jump out with all his strength, instead, he held back a certain amount of power and sprang toward Lin Tong.

This time around, because Liu Yi didn’t go all out, the speed wasn’t as fast as last time but the control was much better.

He felt as if he was ice skating, he was sliding forward quickly and the wind was cheering past his ears.

This kind of feeling...

Was so very good...

Liu Yi was enjoying this feeling, in a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Lin Tong.

Liu Yi’s palm flew past bringing a fiery hot wind and a dazzling pattern of the golden sun.

Liu Yi’s palm strike appeared to be about to land on Lin Tong, however, her figure instantly appeared five meters away again causing Liu Yi’s palm to land on empty air.

The feeling of hitting the air was really uncomfortable.

Lin Tong once again reappeared by Liu Yi’s right hand side, she was right next to Liu Yi’s body, she brought with her a nose seeping fragrant wind.


Lin Tong’s palm was slightly touching Liu Yi’s lower abdomen.

A surge of pain suddenly appeared in Liu Yi’s belly. The pain was caused him to retreat back two steps. His body had curled up like a shrimp, his face was covered in cold sweat.

One could also feel pain in their spiritual knowledge field.

Liu Yi didn’t know how to adjust between spiritual body and actual body, thus he could only get beaten up

“Big sister fox immortal….. your..your attack was too hard…”

Said Liu Yi as he looked at Lin Tong miserably.

“Humph, this lady only used one percent of her strength!”

Lin Tong had her hands on her waist looking very proud while looking at the Liu Yi who was squatting on the ground.

Little guy, I don’t believe that I can’t punish you!

After saying that, another Lin Tong appeared beside Liu Yi. She pulled his ears and said.

“You continue to practice for me, once you reach the latter stages of the Spirit Fox Steps, it’s immensely powerful!


Liu Yi jumped up while holding his ears, he was dumbfounded as he saw the two identical Lin Tong.

“Stop looking, the other one is my afterimage.”

Said Lin Tong, she clapped her hand and the distant figure slowly dissipated.

“This is an afterimage created by the Spirit Fox Steps, it is used to confuse your enemies. When you manage to practice the Spirit Fox Steps into the latter stages, you could even fly to the sky! With this Spirit Fox Steps, the next time you encounter that white dressed woman, you’ll be able to flee faster!”

“Mmm Mmm! Thank you big sister fox immortal!”

“Call me Lin Tong!”

“Yes big sister fox immortal….”

“I…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………”

Lin Tong’s leg suddenly flew up and kicked Liu Yi out of the spiritual knowledge field.

The pitiful Liu Yi opened his eyes, he had returned to the real world.

However, the techniques that he was practicing earlier had been firmly set into his mind and body.

Having obtained those two techniques, Liu Yi grew a lot more confident.

He had the confidence to be able to escape the next time he encounter that crazy white dressed beauty!

He also had the confidence to fight if he encounter that black suited uncle again.

Although he might not win, he still had the courage to battle the guy.

He needed to control himself, he cannot allow himself to be swayed left and right by the power he had within him!


Right at this moment, Ma Yuanyuan’s roar suddenly came from Liu Yi’s bedroom.

Liu Yi was surprised, he suddenly remembered that there’s a little loli in the house!


A little loli who’s wearing only a pair of panties….

“Damn! Damn you Liu Yi! What with your computer, why is it lagging even at CrossFire?! I have been killed by others multiple times already! I’m going craaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy!”

Liu Yi entered the bedroom, he saw a loli wearing only a pair of panties, her white legs were on the stepping on the chair all rouge-like.

This girl… had turned into a little witch again...

“Liu Yi you bastard! Why don’t you go get a new computer?!”

“No money…”

Liu Yi curled his lips.

On the computer screen, a female gunman was holding a gun motionlessly and lagging.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My battle records! My battle records………..”

Ma Yuanyuan wanted to cry but had no tears.

“Damned Liu Yi, give me back my battle records, boohoohoo….”

Seeing the Ma Yuanyuan that was making a fuss, Lin Tong’s voice sounded in Liu Yi’s ears.

“Aiyoh…. not bad…. I just left for a while… and you already hid a pretty chick…”

“Cough cough…. don’t misunderstand…”

Liu Yi quickly lowered his voice and said.

“She’s my neighbor’s little sister…. Ma Yixuan’s sister… she secretly ran over here….”

“Tsk tsk…. secretly ran over, she’s dressed rather exposing, no?...”


Liu Yi suddenly was at a loss as to how to explain the situation.

“Damned Liu Yi, what are you mumbling about?!”

Ma Yuanyuan was unable to continue playing the game, she looked at Liu Yi and said with her hands were on her waist, one leg kneeling on the chair and her sexy protruding buttocks tilted to the side.

“Nothing…. I’m just saying that my computer is pretty good…”

“Good my ass! The heck is with your crappy computer, it can’t even play CrossFire!”

“That…. there’s nothing I can do, my family is poor…”

Liu Yi shrugged helplessly.

“Then can this crappy computer of yours still play games?”

“Of course!”

Liu Yi called for injustice for his computer.

“This 486 can play games?”

[TL: google 486 computer, it’s those shitty old ass PCs from the late 90s.]

Shouted Ma Yuanyuan while pointing at Liu Yi’s computer.

“It could! Of course it could! It can even play massively multiplayer online games!”

Said Liu Yi.

“Massively multiplayer online games? Which?”

“Fight the Landlord!”

[TL: 斗地主 is a 4 player card game that's really popular in china. 3 players go against the landlord.]

“The..the hell…”

A dark line appeared on Ma Yuanyuan’s forehead.

This Liu Yi…. why is there an impulse to beat him up?...

Ma Yuanyuan suddenly kicked the power supply off, she then jumped out the bed and told Liu Yi.

“This ma’am isn’t going to play anymore, this ma’am is going to sleep!”

“Oh…. okay okay okay… I’ll get the bed ready for you.”

Said Liu Yi, he began to ready the bed for Ma Yuanyuan.

He decided to let Ma Yuanyuan sleep in his room and go to sleep in his mother’s room.

There’s still things spinning in the washer making a tuu tuu tuu sound. After finish putting on the bedsheets, Liu Yi still need to dry his clothes, write a bunch of exercise booklets and finish his homeworks before he could go to bed.

Once he thought of the amount of homework he had, Liu Yi wanted to cry.

Even though his parents and his teacher had always told him.

Learn well, once you manage to get into college, then everything would be better, you’ll be able to play around.

However Liu Yi felt that, with the daily mountain of assignments…. before he could last until the day he enter college, he’ll already had died on the pile of homework.

“Where, where are you sleeping?”

Ma Yuanyuan suddenly asked.

“Next door.”

“No, you can’t!”

Said Ma Yuanyuan suddenly while blushing and biting her lips.


Liu Yi was dumbfounded, what does Ma Yuanyuan mean by this?

“I… I need my grandmother to coax me to sleep!”

Said Ma Yuanyuan boldly.

“I….I can’t fall asleep by myself…”

“Then go read a book, I have a high school level English book here, try learning some English from that, if that don’t work, then go online and watch a movie!”

Said Liu Yi while blinking his eyes.

Ma Yuanyuan grew immensely angry.

“Liu Yi!”


She’s not even calling me big brother Liu Yi anymore… tsk tsk… her attitude changes way too fast.

It’s really true that girls changes constantly when they’re on menstruation!

The next time this happen, I’ll be sure not to get close to them!

“Can you grow some balls?!”

Said Ma Yuanyuan angrily. “Tomorrow I still have to go to sleep, I can’t sleep late! If I sleep late, my skin will get bad! If my skin gets bad, then I won’t be able to find a husband! If I can’t find a husband, are you able to bear the responsibility?”


Liu Yi felt defeated.

“Useless good for nothing! You can’t even win against a little girl in an argument!”

Said Lin Tong disdainfully by Liu Yi’s ears.

So what if I can’t win against an argument?...

Grandpa had said, I cannot lower myself to argue with girls...

Men must be magnanimous, they ought not fight with words!

“If you cannot then why do you still want me to stay up all night?! What’s the meaning of that?!”

“I...I… I was wrong…”

“If you knew of your wrong, then quickly come over and warm up the bad for this ma’am!”


“...I mean come over and coax me to sleep by telling me a story…”

Ma Yuanyuan’s face once again reddened. She lowered her head and her voice instantly got lower too.


“The heck are you huhing about? Are you going to tell me a story or not?”

“Let me go dry the clothes first….”

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