Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 44 Stupidity Is Contagious

“You cannot eat dignity.”

Liu Yi replied with absolute certainty. “But would you throw away your dignity just for food?”

“That, is hard to say!”

Wang Lele laid on Liu Yi’s back and had a finger on her rosy lips. She said.

“I’m a chowhound!”

“If you are starving to the point of dying and someone placed a bowl of rice in front of you. That person wanted you to get on your knees and kowtow. Would you do such a thing for that bowl of rice?”

“Jest, this lady is able bodied, furthermore I have boobs, why on earth must I beg?!”

Wang Lele gave Liu Yi a side glance. “I could earn my own money for food! Who would kneel down to him?!”

“You’re also not willing to throw away your dignity, why is it that you want me to throw away my dignity?”

“This… this is something that’s completely different!”

Wang Lele continued. “It’s for your own good that I don’t want you to compete with Lan He!”

She explained in a hurry. “He had played basketball ever since when he was a child; you want to compete in basketball with him, isn’t this the same as wielding the blade in front of Lord Guan?”

[TL: Lord Guan is Guan Yu. Guan Yu is the famous brother of Liu Bei from Three Kingdoms. Chinese people loved the dude’s virtue and loyalty and turned the dude into a god → Lord Guan. Dude’s also super good with them large polearm blade shit that they even changed the name of the weapon to Guan’s Blade.]

“I am a man, a man must accept challenges.”

Liu Yi continued to insist on his point of view. “My grandfather had said, a man can only bleed standing and not cry kneeling!”

“You… why are you so stubborn!”

“What do you mean by stubborn. My grandfather had said that this is called perseverance of the heart!”

“Fine, whatever, I’m not going to bother with you anymore, go and compete!”

Wang Lele swung her arms. She was truly unable to bother with this Liu Yi.

“Oh? Then what about your stomach? Didn’t you have appendicitis?”

Asked Liu Yi as he continuously blinked his eyes.

“I don’t have appendicitis! My stomach is fine, not even the great aunt came!”

[TL: remember, great aunt means period in Chinese.]

Yelled Wang Lele angrily.

“Ah? Then you…”

“I’m feigning illness to skip class, what about it?!”


Liu Yi finally saw the light of realization.

So that was the case… I even thought that Wang Lele really got sick.

“So you’re actually fine, that’s great! I thought that you are sick too!”

“You’re the one who’s sick, your whole family’s sick!”

Wang Lele was hugging Liu Yi’s beck, she had an urge to choke him to death.

“Eh… let’s go back then.”

“You carry me back!”

Wang Lele laid on Liu Yi’s back and refused to get up.

Being carried by Liu Yi… was pretty comfortable.

“Aren’t you fine? You should walk on your own.”

“No! The nation have this policy, whoever causes the pollution must fix it! For the same reason, whoever carried me out must carry me back! Your back is so comfortable, as if I’m going to get off!”

“Hey hey hey… I’m not a man powered car!”

“You’re a lot more comfortable than a man powered car. Quick, go back! Hiya!”

Wang Lele stretched her hand out and gave Liu Yi’s chest a hard slap.

Sigh, I’m really not a man powered car, she’s treating me like a donkey!

Liu Yi shook his head, he helplessly carried the big boobed girl and started to run back toward the school.

“I have a little idiot that I would never ride! One day, prompted by a sudden impulse, I rode him to the market…”

The heartless and nitwitted girl had forgotten the mission Murong Die gave her and started to sing cheerfully.

Fuck, you’re the little idiot...

Liu Yi continued to run depressedly.

And at this moment, the bell signaling the noon dismissal in One Mid had also rung.

Arrogantly, Lan He walked with a group of boot-licking students following behind him to the basketball court in the rear of the school.

Everyone from Liu Yi’s class had also went there. Murong Die was also present. A group of boys that were trying to court her favor were following behind her.

She also didn’t know why she came out, it’s just that she had a slight bad feeling.

Logically, the plan that Wang Lele and I had… that kindhearted Liu Yi was certainly going to be fooled.

But why is it that my thoughts are in a mess?

“Haha, seems like Liu Yi was still a coward after all.”

Said Lan He cool and arrogantly. He stood on the basketball court and held a basketball on his hand.

“As I said, he’s not stupid to compete with I, Lan He, in basketball. There’s not even a single person in this school that can win against this Lan He in basketball.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Young master Lan is the true slam dunk master!”

“Who would dared to compete with young master Lan on the basketball court? Isn’t that just seeking their own death?!”

The flock of students immediately started to flatter.

“Young master Lan, I reckon that fellow Liu Yi won’t dare to show up. Why don’t you show us a couple moves of your mastery? Give us a slam dunk!”

Laughed a student who knew how the flatter the best.

“That’s right, that’s right. Young master Lan, show us your move so that we can widen our horizons.”

The other people also start to copy-cat immediately.

“Haha, that’s also good”

Lan He took a glance at Murong Die. He said proudly.

“Lil Die, let me show you what a real man is!”

After he said those words, he started to dribble the basketball back and forth around his body, showing off.

His few footman immediately started to clap. A couple girls also screamed. At this moment, Lan He grabbed the basketball with one hand and took two steps underneath the basket before jumping into the air.

As expected of Lan He who had originated from a basketball family, his sports talent was indeed good.

His jumping ability was also very good. With a single jump, he reached a height of close to a meter!

A regular male student could roughly jump around forty to eighty centimeters. Those who can jump higher than eighty centimeters are known to have outstanding jumping ability!

As for girls, they are usually between twenty four centimeters to forty five centimeters. After all, there is some physiology differences between them. Therefore, the jumping ability between guys and girls have a large gap.

Back in the years, the player who could jump the highest in the NBA is said to be ‘Spud’ Webb. He was able to jump to a height of a hundred forty to a hundred fifty centimeters!

Lan He was naturally not as amazing as Webb. However, his current jumping ability was already very astonishing.

He grabbed the basketball and ferociously slam it into the basket causing the basket frame to tremble a bit.


Amongst the loud noise and the screams of a group of girls, Lan He elegantly landed.

He opened his arms wide. It was as if he was enjoying the sensation of being worshipped by the girls.


Unable to help herself, Murong Die curled her lips.

“Lil Die, you see this?!”

Lan He pointed at himself and said. “This is what a real man is! That boy that you liked is nothing but trash, a good for nothing loser!”

“Young master Lan is right!”

Laughed Ma Yixuan. Ma Yixuan has a blue school uniform on her upper body but had a short skirt on her lower body. In the midst of autumn, she was exposing her thighs.

“Liu Yi is nothing, a certain someone really gotta have their vision checked.”

“Ma Yixuan, who do you think you are?”

Murong Die felt that Ma Yixuan was extremely annoying. Why is it that’s she’s everywhere?!

Also, why is she saying malicious words about Liu Yi? Isn’t that calling her own vision into question?

“Murong Die, this is not your Murong house! Is it wrong for me to look down on Liu Yi? What, did your heart hurt?”

Ma Yixuan chuckled. She touched her charming cheek and then said. “Let me tell you, even if that Liu Yi that you liked were to kneel in front of me and beg, I would still not become his girlfriend. There’s only you who have such a strong taste.”

“Ma Yixuan, you’re stepping over your bounds”

Murong Die was extremely angry.

This Ma Yixuan’s mouth was extremely wicked!

At this moment, none of those guys who were trying to court Murong Die dared to say anything.

Ma Yixuan is Little Overlord Yuan Shaojun’s chick… how could they possibly dare poke her?!

Even if they liked their goddess, there’s still no need to take a beating for the goddess, right?...

“Oh Lil Die, Ma Yixuan is right.”

Lan He joined the conversation.

“Where exactly is Liu Yi better than me? Where exactly am I, Lan He, worse than him?”

“In my view, even a hundred of you, Lan He, cannot compare to even a single Liu Yi’s toe.”

In her heart, Murong Die was thinking: ‘In any case, I had already pushed everything to Liu Yi, might as well go all the way.’

Murong Die didn’t feel like excusing herself anymore.

With that girl Wang Lele, she most certainly to be unable to remove herself.

Furthermore, it’s pretty good to have a shield; it helps to omit the constant attention of others on her.

“What did you say? I can’t compare to Liu Yi?”

Lan He can’t keep his urge and shouted. “Murong Die, are you blind?”

“You’re the one who’s blind, your whole family’s blind!”

Right at this moment, the scold of a girl sounded from the side of the basketball court.

Everyone immediately turned around to look. What they saw was a thin and weak boy carrying a beautiful girl walking over step by step from that side.

Seeing these two people, everyone was simultaneously shocked.

Lan He’s mouth was wide open. He found it to be a bit unbelievable.

Murong Die’s eyes were wide open as she saw her best friend.

Wang Lele immediately jumped down from Liu Yi’s back. She looked at Murong Die with face filled with a wronged expression. Her eyes seemed to be apologizing.


“Liu Yi, you actually dared to come?”

Asked Lan He with an unbelievable tone of voice. Lan He saw that Liu Yi was slowly walking into the basketball court and was unable to refrain himself from asking.

“This is the basketball court, why would I not dare to come?”

Replied Liu Yi as he walked while being under all kinds of gaze from everyone present.

“From the way I see, you’ve came to disgrace yourself!”

Said Lan He. He picked up the basketball, placed it on his finger and spin it. He had an appearance of trying to act cool.

“Lan He, one must have a baseline with speaking.”

Said Liu Yi. “The way you’re acting now, using my grandfather’s words, is someone who’s pretending and would be struck by lightning!”

“Fuck, you’re good. Liu Yi, I see that you’ve grown some balls recently; you even dared to talk like this to me! Have you grown tired of living?”

In the class, Lan He was also considered to be a fierce character. No regular students dared to provoke him. However, there’s a lot of students who flatters him.

“Today I shall make you apologize for your words.”

Liu Yi didn’t care about Lan He’s fierce threats at all. He stood there and extended two fingers and said.

“One, apologize for your insults toward me. Two, apologize for the lack of respect toward Murong Die!”

Murong Die stood on the outside of the basketball court and was staring at the unreliable Wang Lele when she heard Liu Yi’s words. Immediately, she was startled.

How did even I was brought up?

“Are you an idiot?”

Said Lan He disdainfully. “I, Lan He, apologize to you?”

“Then do you dare to take a bet with me?”

Said Liu Yi slowly. He already had a plan.

“If I were to win, then you are to apologize to me and Murong Die.”


Lan He started to laugh out loud while holding the basketball. He was in such a great laugher than even his back was bent forward and his tears even came out.

The couple students beside him also started to laugh out loud. The girls who were cheering for him also started to mock and ridicule Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi must really have some brain issues!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Competing in a basketball match with my big brother Lan He… and trying to win on top of that… he’s totally retarded!”

“We better try to not come into contact with him in the future...I’ve heard that stupidity was contagious…”

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