Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 7 Running After The Bus

Liu Yi voiced his discontent openly.

The people waiting for the bus all send him looks..

“Mama, look! That big brother seems crazy!”

“Babe, I was waiting for the bus but instead met a fool!”

“Holy shit! There’s something to blog about today!”

A group of various onlookers.

Liu Yi’s face suddenly turned red. He remembered that others cannot see the little fox that lived in his right hand.

“It’s all your fault! I’m being seen as a crazy person by others now!”

Liu Yi hid his head into his collar and complained softly.

“Why are you blaming this lady?! It’s your own fault! Can’t you lower your voice to begin with?!”

The little fox rolled her eyes and said. “and Immortal Cultivation is very important, an unworldly importance! What would these mortals possibly understand! Don’t bother with them! After you become an immortal, they will be the one that’s jealous of you!”

“If I don’t get to school soon, then forgot about becoming an immortal, I’m afraid I’ll be experiencing the bliss of my life…”

Liu Yi dug into his empty trouser pocket and pulled a long face.

“Oh? Bliss of your life? Are you trying to obtain Nirvana? That won’t do, I’m a fox immortal, I can only teach you how to become an immortal! If you want to become cultivate the path of a monk…. you better find…. hey hey, why are you running?!”

Seeing that Liu Yi suddenly started chasing after a bus, the little fox cannot help but ask what Liu Yi was running for.

“If I don’t run… if I don’t run then I’ll be fucked for sure!”

Currently Liu Yi felt that he had a lot of stamina. Even running after the bus, he didn’t feel tired at all!

Usually he would’ve been tired like a dog after running just a mere fifty meters. How strange!

If that was the case, then might as well run after the bus every day, I’d be able to save money to go to the internet cafe and play DOTA that way…

Mmmhmm, I’m too smart!

To know how to live my life, Liu Yi, you are indeed a model economic man!

[TL: he’s talking to himself in his brains…]

I suspect that the women waiting for you to marry in the future could be queued from Shanghai all the way to Beijing!

[TL: it is widely known in china that women seeks 3 things in a man, money, height and looks. So he’s basically saying he’ll have enough money in the future due to being so economic that he’ll have enough girls waiting for him to marry them, enough to form a whole long from Shanghai all the way to Beijing.]

This was of course only my dreams…

Sigh! That dream I had of Ma Yixuan… to be woken up at the best part… that hateful aunty! Next time you ruin my dream again, I’ll fight you!

Cried Liu Yi in his mind.

What Liu Yi didn’t know was that at this moment, he had already attracted rows upon rows of eyeballs on him!

All kinds of people had their eyes on him. The pedestrians on the road. The passengers on the bus. The driver of the bus. All of them had their eyes on him.

This ordinary looking youngster wearing a school uniform and carrying a bookbag was running after the bus with only his two legs.

My fucking god! Are all youngsters nowadays this godly?!

His two legs were running even faster than four legged beasts!

“Look look! There’s a school kid racing against a bus! Super cocky!”

“Don’t speak without knowing! That kid might be a student athlete and is training by running after the bus!”

“Who the fuck cares! Doesn’t change the fact that this kid is super cocky! Blog blog, I’ll have to blog this!”

“Village cracker, who the heck still blogs nowadays! I’ll post this onto Baidu!”

Liu Yi didn’t know that he had became the main topic of everyone. He was completely determined to not be late. His legs were continuously moving as if they were made of springs.

“Troubled child, you used the remaining demon… immortal strength that I had in your body all on running!”

Said the little fox grudgingly as she floated next to Liu Yi.

“Aiyah! Leave some for this lady! Otherwise I won’t be able to guide you in opening your first star jade!

“I don’t know what star jade moon jade business you’re talking about but if I don’t get to school quickly then my life would be a broken jade!”

Liu Yi shouted twice. He felt as if all the blood in his body was burning!

Never had he ran like this before!

Throughout his life, he had always been completely useless in sports.

The most he had ever done was watch NBA basketball games on the TV and get excited about Kobe Bryant dunking and such.

In every year’s sports competition and such, he was always that person guy passing out water to those handsome sports players and what not.

Sigh! High school athletes were very popular. Even Ma Yixuan looked to be very interested in those muscular men.

Liu Yi, on the other hand, had a puny body. He also lacked exercise. Thus, sports and the like wasn’t his forte at all!

However now, he had that kind of sensation as if his whole body was burning!

This kind of sensation was so euphoric, so comfortable and so manly!

The blood within his body was quickly flowing like a burning flame.

Every single muscle in his body had tensed up. It was like they became fists, allowing Liu Yi to feel as if he had overwhelming power to run!

Bus? What’s that? Past it!

Liu Yi accelerated. His whole body was like the wind. In a flash, he ran past the bus.

And at this moment, all the passengers on the bus was stunned silly.

“Lil Die, look, isn’t that our classmate Liu Yi?!”

Next to the bus windows, two very different beauties were standing next to each other in school uniform.

One of them had her hair dyed golden like the sand. She had a pair of large charming eyes and some baby fat. However, she was still immensely beautiful.

Seemly to be also because of her baby fat, her chest was a lot more plump compared to her classmate.

The unremarkable school uniform was popped up like there was two small hills. Causing all the men nearby to peep at her.

But because she was a student, she did not dress exposely at all. What she had underneath her uniform was a high necked white T-shirt. Without exposing any of her profound cleavage, she brought upon despair to all the men around.

As for the beauty next to her. Her figure was not as good as the big eyed girl and her chest was only slightly raised.

But her looks were a couple notches above her classmate. Her looks were even more beautiful than TV stars. Her eyes had a hidden sense of status. She was at the level of a goddess!

“Who’s this Liu Yi? Don’t know him and never heard of him before.”

Said the beauty called lil Die curling her lips showing no signs of recollection.

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