Martial God Asura

Chapter 49 – World Spiritist

MGA: Chapter 49 – World Spiritist

When the Jiang Dynasty situated itself in the Nine Provinces, although it didn’t interfere with any developments of any powers, it was still publicly recognized as the overlord of the Nine Provinces.

So, all sorts of powers in the Nine Provinces must pay their respects every year at a certain time or else their entire family would be exterminated.

The Jiang Dynasty claimed itself as the imperial family and they were not ordinary lives. Not everyone had a chance to interact with them.

For example, in the Azure Province. Only the top school in the Azure Province, the Lingyun School, were qualified to pay their respects.

As for the tributes, all the schools would give their tributes to the Lingyun School, and the Lingyun School would give their tributes to the imperial court.

So, to Chu Feng, the Jiang Dynasty was just like a legend and he had no way of getting close. Actually, he hadn’t even seen any experts from the Profound realm.

The so-called Origin medicine and the Profound medicine were similar to the Spiritual medicine.

Just as the cultivators in the Spirit realm use the Spiritual medicine, the cultivators in the Origin realm use the Origin medicine and the Profound realm to the Profound medicine.

Compared to Spiritual medicine, the Origin and Profound medicine were a lot rarer and a lot more precious. Especially, if one could get a single Profound medicine, they could be extremely wealthy.

Today, there was such a good thing sent right to his doorstep, so naturally Chu Feng would be extremely excited. But, he was also suspicious. When would it even be their turn to rob that kind of place?

“Su Mei, in a tomb of a Profound realm expert, we should not be able to lead it with our strength right?” Chu Feng was a bit worried.

“What are you thinking? Do you really think that we’re the only ones that got the news? When a tomb of a Profound realm expert becomes known, it undoubtedly attracts all sorts of attentions from all sorts of powers. There will be many experts that go up and lead.”

“As for us, we’re just there for the liveliness. We get some of the leftovers, and don’t even think about those Profound or Origin medicines. We can already earn a lot with even a few Spiritual Beads.” Su Mei explained.

“So it’s like that. Where’s the tomb then?” Chu Feng continued to ask.

“I hear that it’s in the desert wilderness. As for the specifics, no one knows. For according to our sources, the tomb will be announced in the Ancient City near the wilderness.”

“Of course, the so-called announced isn’t publicly announcing to everyone. The person who announces it will sell the map of the tomb. Every sheet will be 80 Saint Spirit Grasses.”

“Each one of us will give out 10, and it’s just right for 80!” Su Mei continued explaining.

“That expensive? I don’t have any!”

“Didn’t you take a lot from me last time?”

“I finished them off.”

“What a pig! You’re so wasteful! Did you absorb it all?”


Chu Feng was a bit speechless. He couldn’t tell Su Mei that: “Although I didn’t train in any Mysterious Techniques, I have a godly lighting in my body. No matter how many spiritual medicines I get, I can refine them all. Not only do I not waste any, I can absorb them 100%.”

“Whatever. I’ll help you out this time, but remember to return it back to me at a later date.” As she saw Chu Feng who was crying from poverty, Su Mei curled her lips helplessly.

“Hehe, I thank you.” Chu Feng smiled and said. The tomb of an expert of the Profound realm? He looked forward to it.

The group continued forward, and before noon, they entered the desert wilderness and quickly arrived at that Ancient City.

The Ancient City was extremely ancient. According to legends, it had thousands of years of history. Every brick and title were very worn out as if it would collapse and shatter with a little bump.

“So this is the Ancient City. It seems a bit too damaged, and it seems that it will collapse soon right? How are there so many people living in such a broken place?”

Looking at that damaged yet huge city and also the faint smoke rising into the air, Chu Feng knew that there was quite a few people living in the Ancient City.

But he couldn’t understand why so many people were living in the Ancient City. An old construction like that could collapse at any moment so it should be very dangerous.

“What do you know? Every single brick and title in the Ancient City has a Spirit Formation laid by a World Spiritist.”

“Not only gales. Even if experts of the Origin stage attack at full strength, they may not be able to damage any one of the bricks or tiles.”

“It’s that strong?” Chu Feng was shocked at first, but then quickly questioned, “Who are World Spiritists? What is a Spirit Formation?”

With those words, not only did Su Mei look at him with a gaze of astonishment, even other people cast disdain expressions at him.

“What a bumpkin.” Jia Yunfeng coldly snorted.

“Ahh, Chu Feng, the World Spiritist is a special and noble occupation. People like us cannot touch it.” On the other hand, Bai Tong smiled and started to explain.

“World Spiritists have a power called Spirit Formation. Spirit Formation is near indestructible and it’s a very strong defending method.”

“All World Spiritists have extremely high talent. Everyone of them could be said to be a genius and they have really powerful strength. In addition to their strong observing power and the special power from the Spirit Formation, they are almost unrivaled in their own realm.”

“Also, because of the specialness of the World Spiritist, every single World Spiritist is the target of invitation of many powers.”

“The various powers’ school that have a World Spiritist will have a sky-rising upgrade for their defense. As for the Azure Dragon School, we used an extremely high price to ask for a World Spiritist.”

“Oh? If it’s that impressive, then why did you say that the World Spiritist is not something that we can touch?” Chu Feng curiously asked.

“Haha, because everyone can cultivate, but to become a World Spiritist one must have the Spirit power.”

“And this Spirit power is extremely rare, so naturally, ordinary people cannot touch it. That’s also why World Spiritists are so noble.” Bai Tong continued explaining.

“Having Spirit power huh?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help but cast his gaze towards Su Mei. He seemingly already knew why that girl wanted to rope him in.

“What are you looking at me for? Even if you have the Spirit power, without a World Spiritist to teach you, you cannot become one in your entire life.” As if she knew what Chu Feng was thinking, Su Mei curled her lips up.

“Didn’t Bai Tong just say that our Azure Dragon School has a World Spiritist?” Chu Feng chuckled and said.

“You mean Zhuge? Don’t even think about that. That old guy is too strange and he never accepts disciples.”

“In the Azure Dragon School, we have a core disciple that has Spirit power. He always wanted to pay his respects to Zhuge to learn the Spirit Formation Technique but after being ordered around like a slave for one year, he did not learn anything even up until now.” Su Mei continued to strike blows.

“That is correct. It is just as how Su Mei said. The reason why World Spiritists are so noble are because they are so rare.”

“Unless it’s a person that they really like, World Spiritists will not easily pass down their skills. It means one more person they teach, one more person will come and fight for their livelihood!”

After Bai Tong explained all that, he said to Chu Feng with a tone of jest, “I see that you are very interested in this World Spiritist. Does that mean you have the Spirit power?”

To Bai Tong’s words, Chu Feng stuck out his chest, raised his face, bluntly and proudly said, “I do have the Spirit power!”

“What?” When Chu Feng’s words came out, other than Su Mei, everyone else was shocked. Even the Bai Tong that was usually calm had no way of remaining that way.

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