Martial God Asura

Chapter 5626: He’ll Leave His Mark

Chapter 5626: He’ll Leave His Mark

Chu Feng didn’t respond to Chen Hui’s words. Instead, he pointed his hand toward the three corpses and pulled all of their treasures and origin energies toward him.

It was chilling how he had no qualms about killing the trio, stealing their treasures, and absorbing their origin energies in public. The crowd felt goosebumps as their fear of Chu Feng deepened.

None of those who had come here were pushovers. They were considered to be prodigies where they had come from, and most of them had blood on their hands. However, there was a difference between killing a cat and a tiger.

“Feel free to report me to the elder, but don’t bother me anymore. Other than Chen Hui and the elders, I don’t want to see anyone else in my line of sight,” Chu Feng declared with a cold voice overflowing with killing intent.

In particular, his eyes were even more terrifying than that of a ferocious beast.


The crowd scattered like a flock of frightened birds. They dared not linger in the area after witnessing what Chu Feng did to the trio. In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng and Chen Hui were the only ones left in the area.

“Those cowards are so easy to scare. I didn’t think that you’d kill them just like that. You know that the three of them have backing, right? Still, I admire your decisiveness,” Chen Hui said with a smile.

Chu Feng continued to ignore Chen Hui. He formed a series of hand seals before pointing his finger at the sky. His spirit power gushed outward and formed an isolation barrier that prevented juniors from entering.

The elders from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion wouldn’t be blocked by the barrier.

After erecting the barrier, Chu Feng grabbed the sickle before he turned to Chen Hui and said, “The secret of this place lies in…”

Chen Hui raised his palm to stop him.

“Stop. You don’t have to tell me anything. I appreciate your goodwill, but this is a rare opportunity for me. I wish to decipher it myself. Don’t look down on me just because my spirit power is beneath yours. I am a potential rival.”

Chu Feng intended to tell Chen Hui the secret behind this place. Admittedly, Chen Hui hadn’t really done anything much for him, but his righteous attitude was something that the world of cultivation direly lacked. He didn’t expect Chen Hui to reject his offer, though it further raised his opinion of the latter.

“All right. Feel free to approach me if you require any help,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

It was a coincidental meeting, but Chen Hui’s cheerfulness and righteousness lightened his heavy heart a little. He knew that remaining in a gloomy mood wouldn’t change a thing at all, but Eggy was simply too important to him that it was hard to control his emotions.

He knew that he had to be in his best condition to excel in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s entrance examination. There was no lack of prodigies in the current era, and this was a rare opportunity that was bound to attract the most outstanding junior world spiritists in the world of cultivation. His rivals wouldn’t just be small fry.

This was likely going to be one of the most challenging trials he had faced in his life, which was why he had been trying to adjust his state of mind, and Chen Hui had helped him on that.

What Chu Feng didn’t know was that two individuals were assessing him from the sky. One was a black-haired elder, and the other was a white-haired elder. Both were elders from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. It was evident from their clothes that they were of a higher standing than the elder who visited Chu Feng every day to collect the crops.

The white-haired elder, in particular, wore an extravagant robe that was clearly a treasure. He was likely of exceptionally high standing even in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

“Milord, that formation might look simple on the surface, but it’s ingenious. His ability to control spirit power far surpasses that of ordinary Gold Dragon God-cloak World Spiritists. Do you think that he’s the person our mansion master is looking for?” the black-robed elder asked.

“That’s very likely to be the case,” the white-haired elder replied.

“Let me question him about his background,” the black-haired elder said.

However, the white-haired elder raised his hand and stopped him.

“His name is Chu Feng, and he’s from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy. He has close ties with the Totem Dragon Clan’s young master and young miss. He first showed his edge in the Totem Dragon Clan’s Trial of the Strongest, and he forged his name in Painter’s Mountain. Not too long ago, he was in the limelight in the Immemorial Star Sea too. If he takes the first place in this trial too, it’d prove that he’s one of the juniors with the greatest potential,” the white-haired elder said.

“Elder, you know him?” The black-haired elder was taken aback.

The white-haired elder sighed in disappointment. “You’re severely lacking in understanding of the current circumstances. How are you different from those ignorant juniors?”

“I apologize, milord. I’ll make sure to remain abreast of the recent movements in the world of cultivation,” the black-haired elder quickly bowed and apologized.

“Report this matter to the mansion master. You know what to say, right?” the white-haired elder asked.

“I understand, milord,” the black-haired elder replied before leaving the area.

The white-haired elder took another look at Chu Feng before turning his attention to the formation the latter had constructed at a whim. The more he looked at it, the more awed he was.

As a True Dragon World Spiritist, his world spiritist techniques were superior to Chu Feng’s. Logically speaking, he should be able to see through Chu Feng’s formation at a glance no matter how ingenious it was. Yet, Chu Feng’s formation was so ingenious that he found himself impressed. There were even some details that he struggled to comprehend.

He looked at Chu Feng with admiration as he murmured, “Chu Feng. It looks like the rumors understate your capabilities. There’ll surely be a place for you in our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.”

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