Martial King’s Retired Life

Book 13: Chapter 166

Book 13: Chapter 166

Jiang Chen pulled his brows together as though there was something confusing him before releasing them as if he remembered he was with a guest. “This one respects your courage. You purposely came here to find out where this one is holding him from me and then sent a notification out. Your willingness to exchange your life for his is admirable.”

“Doesn’t seem like you admire anything considering how relaxed you are.”

“This one genuinely respects how complete you are. Sadly, it is all for naught.”

“How so?”

“Your steed will be stopped.”

Battle Cloud neighed in the distance as a group of assassins obstructed it. With just a glimpse, Shen Yiren could tell the group was a lot more dangerous than the ones she had encountered thus far. They didn’t wear their hostility on their sleeve, so they were barely noticeable even at close proximity. The three leaders’ appearances were clear giveaways that they were hidden aces up Jiang Chen’s sleeve. She could tell she had no hope of winning if she were to fight the trio at once, let alone if Jiang Chen joined the fray.

“So they’re the ones who’ve been going around kidnapping the Princes?”

“Your intellect far exceeds what this one gave you credit for.”

Shen Yiren smugly tapped her head with her finger. “I agree. I can be quite clever at times.”

Jiang Chen showed no intention of interrupting Shen Yiren.

“I’ve never been good at lying. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve told a lie. I was told that an honest person is a lot more persuasive when telling a lie compared to someone smart, so I took his advice for a ride.”

“You told a lie?”

“I did.” Shen Yiren tapped her head again. “Of course you shadowed me while I shadowed you. You won’t pay attention to an opponent who has no trace; you won’t fall for such an obvious trap. That’s why you had a pulse on where I was when I tried to analyse you. Clever. However, not all of your calculations are correct. There aren’t two of us. There are three of us.”

Jiang Chen used silence as a means of telling Shen Yiren to elaborate.

“We’ve had a companion all this time. While I followed Wawa, he followed me. We’ve never been too far from each other. He would always be waiting for us at our lodging each night. He never showed himself even when we were in danger because we all had roles to fulfil. My job was to collect evidence, find you and protect Wawa. He only had one job: once I passed on intel, he was to prioritise the rescue. Only one person in Liu Shan Men is capable of that.”

“… Tang Ye.”

Battle Cloud suddenly shone a golden beam into the heavens, but the assassins within its vicinity immediately put the light out.

“He’s received the order.” Shen Yiren took her gaze off the distance and back to Jiang Chen. With a smile, she said, “I assume you wouldn’t give me the chance to send a signal if I were to try sending one right in front of you. However, you wouldn’t feel it’d be necessary for you to personally deal with Battle Cloud.”

Jiang Chen cast his gaze in the same direction Shen Yiren did.

“Tang Ye has gone off to rescue him. If you’re going to stop him, be quick. It’ll tough to stop him if he goes all out.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth didn’t budge, yet the assassins split up to give chase as if they were able to read each other’s minds.

“Voice Transmission… Just how many types of legendary communication methods are you capable of? It’s kind of scary.”

Jiang Chen directed a sigh toward the ceiling. “… This is impossible for you.”

Based on Jiang Chen’s gaze, Shen Yiren felt convinced that nothing could surprise him because he could see through her. If there was someone who would never be lost for direction, it was him.

“It’s odd. Whether it’s the clear view of the situation, the counter strategies or finding this one… It’s impossible for you to achieve it all alone. It’s more than you’re capable of. Who’s the one helping you?”

“Didn’t I tell you I’ve maintained contact with the capital?”

“Didn’t I also tell you that you haven’t been in contact with the capital?”

“Hahaha, well, I guess it boils down to how much confidence you have in yourself, then.”

Jiang Chen folded his arms and adopted an apathetic visage. “… He’s not at Autumn Light Temple.”


“There’s no doubt you’re clever. It’s also true this one is holding captives at Autumn Light Temple. However. Ming Feizhen isn’t there.” Jiang Chen turned his palms up. “This one ran out of time to deal with him; he’s the only risk this one left unchecked. This one doesn’t know what variables he introduces, but, dead or alive, he may very well bring about disaster. Right now, you should be praying that he won’t be the cause of trouble. This one has always liked to have a backup plan. Therefore, should he be the one to cause trouble, he will be the one eliminated.”

Shen Yiren felt lightheaded. Everything she had done up until now suddenly felt meaningless. She drew Yujing and roared, “I’m going to fk you up!”

Yujing in Shen Yiren’s hand was akin to a fiery dragon as opposed to a sword. Black-White Hair’s intention was the culmination of Luo Ming’s perspective on swordplay. While it took a lot from Repository Swordplay, the majority of it didn’t. As a result, Shen Yiren’s swordplay was unorthodox. Her explosion, therefore, created a fiery aura. As a master of the sword, Jiang Chen could appreciate the sophistication of the thoughts behind the swordplay more than anyone else. At the same time, he respected her enough as an opponent to draw his own sword.

As a silver ray descended, the tavern split apart.

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