Martial Peak

Chapter 27 – Exchanging some pointers will not make you pregnant

Not long after, a group of sleepy eyed Sky Tower disciples had gathered.

“Young master Su, is there anything you need?” Someone asked while rubbing their eyes.

“It’s nothing much, it’s only about the affair this morning.” Su Mu tried his hardest to calm down his heart: “The reason why I have gathered you all here is because I want you to help me come up with some ideas that will help me get revenge and pacify my hatred.”

Someone said: “Young Master Su, why don’t you just wait four days. In four days, you can go challenge Kai Yang, and you will definitely be able to beat him to pieces.”

Annoyed, Su Mu replied: “If I really wanted to wait until then, then why did I call you all over?”

The sleepy people who had been gathered, were suddenly startled into standing up. Evidently, they weren’t very awake, so nobody had paid attention to Su Mu’s words and only yawned widely. When he saw their reactions, Su Mu became vexed. Slapping the table he shouted: “All of you, help me think of some good ideas. If you guys can’t help me think of some good ideas, none of you can think about going back to sleep!”

This startled everyone, and they realised that Su Mu was actually angry. His slap and loud voice had caused them to fully regain consciousness and they hurriedly put their minds to use, thinking up some good strategies.

Not long after a disciple named Li Yun Tian eyes widened from formulating a good plan. Opening his mouth, he told Su Mu: “Young Master, we could do this…...”

As he said this, he crept closer to give a detailed explanation of his plan. How could they, how could they, how could they, able to, able to, able to.

Su Mu’s heart burst with joy, he hit Li Yun Tian’s back in excitement while saying: “Not bad. Not Bad. This is a good plan, so I will leave it to you to complete the task!”

“Leave it to me young master Su!” Li Yun Tian was also smiling widely.

“You can all go back to sleep.” Su Mu waved his hands as he said this and everybody relaxed themselves before promptly leaving to go back to their beds.

Looking out at the pitch black darkness outside his room, Su Mu laughed evilly. “Kai Yang, Brother Kai, let us wait and see at dawn!”

Finally, with his heart content, Su Mu fell asleep.

The next day, Kai Yang woke up to practise the tempered body record before going out to do some sweeping.

Yesterday, when he used the incense burner to help practise, although he was constantly on the brink of death; so much so that even now his whole body ached; the results were really evident. This was most obvious when he was practising the tempered body fist, because he felt that the pressure he felt was slightly smaller. He had also understood that the pressure given from the incense burner was similar to the pressure he felt when practising the tempered body record. As long as he adapted to one type of pressure, he would naturally be able to adapt to another type.

This incense burner was a good thing! His spirits high, Kai Yang wanted to quickly finish his work and go back to train.

Just as Kai Yang was halfway through his sweeping, someone had suddenly blocked his path. Looking up, he thought that person looked vaguely familiar. When he was thinking this, that person opened their mouth and laughed loudly.

(ED: It’s here guys, Ning makes her reappearance. Prepare yourselves for more risque leg action, three quarter length pants incoming. Just kidding.)

Last night Li Yun Tian had suggested a plan to Su Mu. Though he had everything planned, he didn’t dare be careless, for he knew it would not be easy. He must not let the opposite party become suspicious and must first trick him; to make him exchange some moves with him.

Yesterday when he had accompanied Su Mu to challenge Kai Yang, he had hidden himself at the rear of the crowd. He also didn’t say much, so Kai Yang shouldn’t be able to recognise him, making things much easier.

Since earlier he had been waiting for Kai Yang to come past this area during his daily sweep. His waiting had finally paid off, Kai Yang had come here to sweep. Putting on a big and friendly smile :D, and a innocent and harmless demeanor, Li Yun Tian walked over.

His current expression should be friendly enough! Li Yun Tian told himself to boost his confidence.

“Does this fellow disciple have any problems?” However Kai Yang was not courteous, since any disciple here currently should be his junior. It was early into the entry period, so their levels shouldn’t be that high, so many would claim to be fellow disciples.

“Are you not senior disciple Kai Yang?” Li Yun Tian asked as if he knew the answer already.

Kai Yang nodded his head: “Yes.”

Breathing in deeply, Li Yun Tian said: “So it really is you! Senior Kai, I have been looking forward to meeting with you. Now that I have met you today, I can see you really live up to expectations!”

(TL: Arse-kisser)

These words had made even Li Yun Tian himself want to vomit, but he must maintain the facade and act like his words were sincere.

“This is serious, this is serious.” Kai Yang’s name was already loudly proclaimed by this junior.

Li Yun Tian put up quite a performance. Taking Kai Yang’s hand, he said admiringly: “Senior Kai, I heard you had taught Zhou Hu a harsh lesson yesterday. You really a person with a big heart.”

“What, you have enmity with him?” asked Kai Yang while sizing him up.

Li Yun Tian’s face turned cold: “Yes I do. That person is like a beast, despicable; he even humiliated me once.”

“But you didn’t go get revenge.” Kai Yang noted.

“I even dream about getting revenge, but…...” Sighing loudly he replied: “Senior Kai, I’m afraid you also know this, Zhou Hu has somebody supporting him. I wouldn’t pay attention to an insignificant person like Zhou Hu, but the person behind is someone I can’t easily provoke. ”

“That’s true.” Kai Yang nodded his head, after all, Su Mu had some powerful people backing him. So an ordinary disciple obviously wouldn’t dare provoke him.

“That’s why yesterday, when senior Kai gave Zhou Hu a lesson, you helped this junior get his revenge.” Li Yun Tian said gratefully, tears flowing down his face.

Laughing, Kai Yang replied: “We were only exchanging some pointers, it wasn’t anything.”

Li Yun Tian pressed ahead: “Senior Kai, since you were able to win against Zhou Hu, your strength shouldn’t be that weak.”

Waving his hand Kai Yang replied: “It’s not much, it isn’t something so amazing.”

Li Yun Tian was sneering inside, you finally said something true. If you didn’t plan something yesterday, then how could Zhou Hu possibly lose to you? But he didn’t dare reveal his true thoughts, in case Kai Yang became suspicious. That would be disastrous for his plan.

“Senior you are too modest. Come, come, come, normally I, Li Yun Tian don’t have the opportunity to exchange pointers with anybody. Senior Kai, you have done so much for me and since we happened to meet up today we must not miss this chance. Please spar with me.” After going around in circles, Li Yun Tian finally found an opportunity to ask the question that was the true reason he had talked to Kai Yang.

Forcing a smile, Kai Yang asked: “You want to compare notes with me?”

Li Yun Tian nodded his head enthusiastically: “Of course. I hope senior will not be stingy, and allow this junior to see how senior defeated Zhou Hu. And to help me also.”

This reason was really a bit hard to believe, shaking his head Kai Yang rejected the request: “Forget it. You don’t usually fight others anyway.”

Li Yun Tian anxiously pressured him: “That won’t do, senior you will agree even if you don’t want to.”

Laughing, Kai Yang looked at him and laughed coldly.

Li Yun Tian’s heart jumped out. He was a bit impatient just then and was too rushed and forceful with his words, he immediately started laughing too: “Junior is really too weak. So if senior were to give some pointers, it would be very helpful.”

“No can do.” Kai Yang refused.


“There is no reason to…..”

Seeing that Kai Yang was intentionally moving away from him now, Li Yun Tian called out: “Exchanging some notes, naturally we could help other greatly. Isn’t that reason enough? If we exchanged pointers, it will benefit both of us.”

“You can put it like that, but… No, no.” Repeatedly Kai Yang waved his hand.

“Don’t be like that senior, exchanging some pointers will not make you pregnant.” Li Yun Tian’s face was full of anxiety, he didn’t even dare reveal his true intentions. Heart thumping, he quickly thought up an idea: “Could it be that senior is afraid that he will lose and his contribution points will be deducted, am I right?”

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