Martial Peak

Chapter 35 – The first drop of Yang liquid

Chapter 35 - The first drop of Yang liquid

Kai Yang didn’t know the average amount of World Qi that someone who was at the tempered body seventh stage would have, they shouldn’t have as much as him though. Although the accumulation speed was very slow, the True Yang Tactics allowed him to the absorb the Yang Qi around him. How many secret methods allowed one to do such a thing?

After Kai Yang finished his training, he slowly opened his eyes.

Over the past few days, the accumulated Yang qi had gradually become denser and the warm feeling in his meridians had also become more and more distinct. Kai Yang felt that the absorbed Yang qi would soon reach its limit.

Once he had absorbed enough to reach the limit, the Yang qi would condense into a liquid state. This liquid Yang qi would then be stored within his dantian. Such a drop of Yang qi could be then used in battle giving him access to unimaginable power which caused Kai Yang to anticipate such a time greatly.

Opening his eyes, Kai Yang prepared to adjust his posture when, from his peripheral visions, he caught sight of a person standing not too far away from him. His expression changed. Since he had been so immersed in his training, he hadn’t sense that person approach leaving Kai Yang to wonder when they had arrived.

The person was standing off to the side and was wearing a cyan robe. His sleeves were elegant and he was tall with a straight stature, white hair, a moustache and a thin wispy goatee hung down from his chin. Looking at him his age should be about the same as the Contribution Hall’s old man Meng, but their auras were vastly different.

At first glance, Kai Yang felt that his brain had up and gone with the wind. This person’s aura and old man Meng’s lecherous hoodlum attitude starkly contrasted each other. When compared together, one was up in the heavens and the other was down in the earth.

Currently, one of the man’s hands was behind his back while the other one was stroking his beard while he stood over there gazing down into Coiling Dragon Stream. His gaze was very strange, it was so strange that it was even strangely complex.

This man was clearly a learned sage, while also being an excellent martial elder! With this in mind, Kai Yang quickly stood up and called out the standard disciple greeting: “Disciple Kai Yang has seen this senior.”

Surprised by Kai Yang’s voice, the elderly man casually turned around and kindly looked over. Nodding his head, he replied: “En.”

“How should this disciple address you?” Although he knew that this person was a powerful person in Sky Tower, he had never met him before. Naturally he would ask otherwise he might mix up the seniority rankings and address him incorrectly.

Muttering to himself, the elderly man’s eyebrows knitted together as if Kai Yang had asked him an exceedingly difficult question. After a good while he said: “You can just address me as the eleventh elder.”

Eleventh elder? This caused Kai Yang to become slightly suspicious. Although there were a few elders in Sky Tower, there couldn’t be an eleventh elder. But all in all, this person was his senior so if he wished to be called that, then Kai Yang could only comply. Immediately he paid his respects. “This disciple greets the eleventh elder.”

The eleventh elder smiled and his expression became kinder, gently he asked: “Are you practising your martial skill?”

“Yes.” Kai Yang nodded his head.

“And it’s a Yang attributed martial skill?”

“Yes.” The opposite party’s strength was definitely not weak, otherwise how could he sense Kai Yang absorbing the Yang qi to cultivate?

“How is your progress?”

“It has only been a few days since I started practising so the progress is not bad.”

Eleventh elder once again asked a few more questions and Kai Yang responded to each one, with his heart slightly moved. This elder was very amiable and gentle, since he treated such a low levelled disciple with such care, easily allowing one to have a good impression of him.

With great care, Kai Yang thought of a question to ask. “Eleventh elder, after practising for a couple of days, there is something this disciple doesn’t understand.”

“Oh, say it so that I may hear it.” The elders spirits were suddenly aroused.

“Why is there Yang qi rising out from below Coiling Dragon Stream?”

Laughing for a bit, Eleventh elder replied: “The answer would be that there is a Yang attributed treasure located down there.”

Kai Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, for this he could naturally guess. He just had no idea as to what that treasure was.

“Do you know how this Coiling Dragon Stream was formed?” Eleventh elder suddenly asked a random question.

Although Kai Yang didn’t know the senior’s intention he could only shake his head.

Gazing towards Coiling Dragon Stream, the eleventh elder calmly said: “This was created by a someone’s sword strike.”

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Kai Yang’s heart shook like thunder! Coiling Dragon Stream exceeded at least a couple of thousand feet in length, it was unfathomably deep yet it was unexpectedly created by someone’s sword strike? If it had been another person who had told him this, he wouldn’t have believed them. However the person who had told was the eleventh elder, and there wouldn't be any reason for him to lie to him.

But, what type of person was able to create such a rift with a single sword strike? And what level of cultivation had this person reached?

“Several hundred year ago, this was not Sky Tower.” The elder’s eyes grew distant and seemed to contain a hidden depth, his voice became lower.

Kai Yang knew that this senior was going to reveal some secret or hidden affair, and held his breath in rapt attention, staring intently at the elder.

“Back then, when the founder passed through this land, he met a profound monster by chance. Here, those two fought a great battle. The details of the battle, no one knows, but towards the end, the intelligence of that monster wasn’t low, he took out a sword.” As he narrated the story, the eleventh elder also was using his hands to gesture around the east and west directions of Coiling Dragon Stream. “With one strike for the sword Coiling Dragon Stream was created! *Dun dun duuuuun!!!!* The monster then escaped inside, with the founder pursuing closely behind. With great effort and suffering equal hardship the founder managed to kill and behead that monster!”

“But that monster’s strength was too profound and when he died, his spirit vanished into thin air. However the founder was not relieved, so he founded Sky Tower here and guarded Coiling Dragon Stream for some years. Once he confirmed that nothing associated with the monsters spirit would arise again, he floated up and left. This is the origin of Sky Tower.

“Coiling Dragon Stream has already existed for a few hundred years, and it's bottom is pitch black, unreachable even by the sun’s light. After the founder left many disciples who broke the school's rules were sent there, which resulted in the rare birth of a Yang attributed treasure, from which you have been absorbing Yang qi.”

Nodding his, Kai Yang asked doubtfully: “Eleventh elders purpose of coming here is also to go and see this treasure?”

“Me?” The eleventh elder’s expression became queer, shaking his head slowly he said: “I didn’t come here for the treasure, but instead to meet someone.”

“Meet someone?”

Laughing he replied: “As I’ve grown older, I find I speak more frequently. Let us end our conversation here for now, continue to diligently practise, but do not have any ideas about descending down there. There are many dangers down there, and even I do not dare to go down there casually.”

As he had finished speaking, the eleventh elder left. Kai Yang’s heart and mind were both touched, he was left with a lot of doubts and unanswered questions but he could only keep them to himself.

Calming his mind down, Kai Yang continued the circulation of his True Yang Tactics. Now when he used his True Yang Tactics, the absorption speed of Yang qi was many folds quicker than it had been in the previous few days.

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A few hours later, Kai Yang felt that that his meridians were bursting, even his dantian was packed to the brim. It was like eating too much during a meal, so much so that you felt like your stomach was bursting.

Was it at the limit? Kai Yang was not surprised, and steeling his resolve he continued.

Half an hour later, his meridians and dantian suddenly became light and that bursting feeling he had earlier disappeared without a trace. All of his World Qi had charged into his dantian and compressed into a scorching hot liquid which slowly formed into a single drop. When that drop entered his dantian, Kai Yang heard the light sound of water dripping.

Liquid Yang! He had finally formed a drop of Yang liquid!

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