Martial Peak

Chapter 38 – Hu Mei Er

Chapter 38 - Hu Mei Er

The young lady and Su Mu’s ages weren’t that far apart, but the way she walked was much more adult with her hips swaying seductively. With a thousand different techniques to seduce bursts of ferocious waves were coming from her chest making all those who saw her faint-headed.

At such a young age, she already had the air of a mature woman. It was just that this air had yet to fully develop, so it seemed a bit unnatural.

“Hu Mei Er!” When he saw this young lady, Su Mu’s expression couldn’t help but change, his mouth widened into a smile, and his gaze swept across her body. Unconsciously he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

(TL: Lol, her name literally means Hu Enchantress. STOP GAWKING SU MU! You’re embarrassing.)

Even Su Mu had reacted to such a degree, let alone others with less self control like Li Yun Tian.

Every pair of eyes were like the eyes of dragonflies and locusts, glued onto Hu Mei Er’s body. As they stared at that well developed figure, their breathing gradually became ragged and their shameful inner selves were revealed. Although, throughout the lands, pretty boys and girls were not scarce, those of exceptional beauty like Hu Mei Er were exceedingly rare. Not to mention that she was only a fifteen-sixteen year old girl and still had skin so tender it was out of reach even for those using the latest nivea skin creams, which just added lethality to her body’s killing power.

Li Yun Tian and the others were only boys still in puberty, adding to that their vigourous qi/energy, so when they saw such a stimulating scene, their reaction was imaginable.

But the various reactions of the boys from the Sky Tower’s Pavilion didn’t enrage or disgust Hu Mei Er, to the contrary, she seemed to enjoy their reactions. Placing her hand cutely on her mouth, she said: “(BITCH Please! - didn’t say it, not really) It seems that younger brother Su recognises this older sister?”

Su Mu coughed a bit and forced himself to straighten up his expression. With his face a bit red he replied: “Naturally I recognise you.”

Cheng Shao Feng was the leader of the tempered body practitioners at Storm House, while this Hu Mei Er was the leader for them at the Blood Group, and this female’s personal status was not ordinary. For she was the daughter of the master of Blood Group.

It was just her reputation wasn’t very good, not to mention that the master of Blood Group, Hu Man, did not control her and allowed her to act however she wished. Although Hu Mei Er was still young, the number of people that she controlled was vast.

Only today, the reason why she was walking with Cheng Shao Feng was a mystery. Could it be, that he had also come under her wing?

Thinking of that, Su Mu became endlessly envious. Previously he had been envious over Cheng Shao Feng’s luck with women, but now he had been subdued by a woman.

When he thought about that, not only did a strange smile appear on Su’s face but when he glanced over to Cheng Shao Feng again, a look of contempt appeared on his face.

His gaze made Cheng Shao Feng extremely uncomfortable, while the Sky Tower Pavilion people’s eyes were still glued on Hu Mei Er’s body spinning around in circles Su Mu was staring at him, and put him in a bad mood. At that moment, he took a few steps forward and cut off their view of Hu Mei Er.

This seemingly casual movement, caused Hu Mei Er to purse her lips in amusement.

“Su Mu, tell your people to make way.” Cheng Shao Feng said with a gloomy face; he didn’t even bother to say a few words of courtesy.

Su Mu only hehe sneered: “The great road goes to the sky, each one walks their own path. So how could we be blocking your way?”

(TL: Hehe is like a sound effect that the author included, I did too since it sounds kind of funny.)

“Yes!” Cheng Shao Feng replied with a hazy expression.

“What if I do not move aside?” A measure for a measure Su Mu asked, for the tension and friction between the two people was not the kind developed overnight. Due to this, they were each far too clear on each other’s methods, so what did Su Mu have to fear?

“Younger brother Cheng, younger brother Su standing here is nothing important, we can just take a detour. No one will say anything about you.” Hu Mei Er suddenly butted in and said. It looked like she was trying to peacefully resolve the problem, but in reality, she was fanning the flames.

Su Mu secretly called her a slut, for this woman’s mind really was too sinister. As soon as she became a member of Blood Group, she was all too eager for the animosity between Sky Tower Pavilion and Storm House to reach the boiling point and for a fight to erupt.

As Cheng Shao Feng heard Hu Mei Er’s words, his originally hesitant expression instantly hardened and became decisive. Sneering he said: “If you don’t fuck off now, you will regret it.”

He purposely acted tough in front of Hu Mei Er. How could he back down now?

The corners of Hu Mei Er’s mouth twitched into a smile, while she watched the two people with a gaze full of interest, while taking a few steps back in expectation.

“If you have the guts, come and try!” Su Mu laughed coldly back at Cheng Shao Feng, while Li Yun Tian and the others stepped up behind him.

“You brought this upon yourself.” Laughing suddenly, Cheng Shao Feng waved his arm ushering everybody behind him forward. “Charge!”

His voice firm, Cheng Shao Feng rushed out towards Su Mu while throwing out a fist at Su Mu’s face. Su Mu laughed and responded with a palm.

At the moment of the collision, Su Mu was pushed back a dozen or so steps before he managed to steady himself, while Cheng Shao Feng had a calm look. His body remained still.

“Did you breakthrough into the Kai Yuan Stage?” Su Mu’s face changed greatly, for when they had exchanged fists, the World Qi that Su Mu felt from Cheng Shao Feng was stronger and denser than his own measly tempered body ninth stage World Qi. This was clearly strength gained from breaking through to the Kai Yuan Stage.

Cheng Shao Feng continued to charge towards Su Mu, all the while smiling incessantly. “Su Mu, you and I started cultivating at the same time, but there are great differences between people. From now on you, Su Mu, can only follow I, Cheng Shao Feng’s steps. You can only eternally dream of surpassing me.”

Su Mu’s face became ashen with despair, his heart bitter and agonised. The feeling of defeat that Su Mu experienced from Cheng Shao Feng was many times worse than being defeated by Kai Yang. In a moment, Cheng Shao Feng had nearly reached him, turning his body around Su Mu didn’t dare get any ideas. The tempered body ninth stage was strong, but it was clearly insufficient to defend against the strength of the Kai Yuan Stage of Cheng Shao Feng.

Before Kai Yang even arrived at Black Wind Forest, he could already hear the sounds of battle from afar. Mixed within the sounds, were the cursings and swearing of Li Yun Tian’s bunch, full of humiliation and mourning.

Straining his ears, he listened for a while, Kai Yang felt that something was amiss. It sounded like Su Mu’s group of people had met some type of trouble.

Coming to this conclusion, Kai Yang hastened his pace. When he arrived at that four-way intersection, he surprisingly found Su Mu bloody nosed and with a swollen face, laying on the ground. While a youngster sat on top of him while beating him, with Li Yun Tian and the others clustered around Su Mu. They used all their strength to protect themselves, but it was no use since the amount of people on the opponent's side was too great and their accumulated strength was vastly superior. The disciples of Sky Tower Pavilion were already preoccupied with battle, so how could they pay attention to Su Mu?

“Submit or not?” Cheng Shao Feng slammed one fist down onto Su Mu’s eye. Su Mu’s eye socket had already long since split apart, blood was dripping out.

“Submit to hell!” Su Mu spat out a thin streak of blood towards Cheng Shao Feng’s face.

“Submit or not?” He asked again, while slamming another fist down, this time on Su Mu’s cheekbone area and causing it to swell up.

“I submit….I submit to your ancestors!” Su Mu was gasping for breath, yet he was still spitting out sharp phrases.

“Submit or not?”

“Submit to your grandmother’s butt!”

Cheng Shao Feng didn’t waste any more words, he just sent out a fist before asking “Submit or not?”. While Su Mu continuously replied with poisonous curse phrases, causing Cheng Shao Feng’s fists to become heavier and heavier, more and more vicious.

Kai Yang just stood afar, calmly observing the scene. He found out how much guts and courage Su Mu possessed, and watching Su Mu like this reminded him of his old self when he met an enemy he couldn’t defeat; although their bodies were littered with wounds, they did not submit.

This was not being foolish, but being unyielding!

Originally, Kai Yang didn’t plan on interfering, and he didn’t know which person Su Mu had offended, subduing him without even room to retaliate.

But Su Mu’s current unyielding character made Kai Yang approve of him a bit.

At that moment, Cheng Shao Feng also became tired from the constant beating, although Su Mu was bloodied and swollen faced under him with broken eye sockets and mouth full of blood, the utter contempt and despise in his face and eyes had not diminished at all.

Hu Mei Er once again timely butted in: “Younger brother Cheng, why don’t you spare him for younger brother Su has an unyielding character and this big sister just adores such types of people.”

As soon as this was said, Su Mu twisted his head around and swore out: “Shameless whore!”

Cheng Shao Feng hehe sneered back: “Has an unyielding character? I also like it!”

As he said this, he casually picked up a stone off from the ground, a pointed it at Su Mu’s head.

p.s. Okay, who else was utterly pissed at Hu Mei Er? Say 'aye' if you agree. I waster so much of my time tl-ing crap about how she looked and she turned out to be such a bitch. Poor Su Mu, and I guess now it's time for Kai Yang to make an appearance and lend Su Mu a helping hand! I guess the next chapter will be more interesting and less infuriating?

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