Martial Peak

Chapter 44 – Su Yan

Chapter 44 - Su Yan

“After he learnt this skill, the second disciple’s temperament changed completely and his strength also suddenly increased by a large amount. The older disciple unexpectedly was no longer his opponent. With his new found strength, the second disciple thought that the Head would praise him more, but the fact that he had cultivated a sinister skill was finally discovered by the Head. But this discovery caused the second disciple, to be fully engulfed and fall into the darkness. That night ten years ago, rivers of blood flowed within Sky Tower Pavilion! The elder disciple died tragically that night, and the second disciple escaped from his punishment.”

Speaking up to that point, Su Mu paused for a moment, and swivelled his head around to see everyone holding their breath in rapt attention with their ears attentive. Highly satisfied he continued: “In one night, the head lowered his head is depression. The two disciples he was most proud of, one had died and the other had succumbed to the dark ways; the impact that it had on him, well as you can imagine it was very great.”

“From that moment onwards, the head went into seclusion and few people were even able to see a trace of him. Most people thought that he had become broken and passed away, but they would have never imagined that a few years later he would come out again even stronger than before to go and personally capture his second disciple and seal him in Coiling Dragon Stream! ”

Kai Yang’s heart suddenly shook as he remembered that mysterious eleventh elder’s last words.

“I did not come here for treasure, I am here to meet someone!”

Meet who? There was no doubt in Kai Yang’s mind it was the person sealed in Coiling Dragon Stream.

Could it be that this eleventh elder was……...

Su Mu continued to speak: “But because of these events, the head was unable to breakthrough the Shen You Boundary and could only stop at this stage. If this knot is not untied, then he will be unable to advance any further in this life.”

With the story finished, everyone released large sighs as they could breathe once more. They felt pity for the Sky Tower Head’s predicament, while also scolding that ungrateful second disciple who had fallen to sinister and forbidden ways.

Kai Yang’s mood was also in disarray, in the end was the eleventh elder him? If what Su Mu had said was true, then there was a high chance that, that old man was who he suspected him to be.

Just at that moment, the bustling and noise from up ahead transmitted over. Kai Yang lifted up his head to look and saw that there was a large clearing in this dense forest. And in that clearing was a buzz of voices, like a great marketplace. The three school’s disciples were all gathered here with big and small stalls all lined up with their glittering wares, with all types of products on display. It was a feast for the eyes.

There were also ten or so wooden houses on the perimeter, with the construction being somewhat simple. There were large ones and smaller ones; the smaller ones were probably for living in, while the larger ones were for people to shelter from the rain as they could house a large amount of people.

Because it was currently very sunny, the disciples from the three factions had set up their booths outside under the sun.

Black Wind Trade was like a completely different world of in and of itself.

“Well then, we have arrived.” Su Mu’s main goal this time was to bring Kai Yang over here, ensuring that he knew there were these type of places present here. So if there were things he needed in the future, he could come over here to trade for them.

“This place isn’t bad.” Looking at the bustling crowd doing trade in the clearing, his face revealed his excitement.

Laughing, Su Mu said: “Of course, for this place has the things that we low levelled martial practitioners need. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about safety, for each of the three factions have some of their experts stationed here to oversee and maintain public order. Do you see that small wooden house, that is the home of our Sky Tower overseer and my older sister is in there.”

“Your older sister?” Kai Yang looked towards him, and remembered how last time Su Mu had come looking for trouble and said that his older sister was a core disciple. Core disciples, they were the future hope of Sky Tower.

Su Mu suddenly became alert: “I will warn you first, don’t have any ideas with my sister.”

Kai Yang couldn’t help but laugh.

Su Mu said again: “But even if you did have an interest in her, I’m afraid you won’t have the ability to reach her.”

“You older sister is very powerful?”

“Of course. Zhen Yuan Boundary third layer, not many of the younger generation are qualified to become her opponents.”

Kai Yang was slightly moved, for a younger generation disciple to cultivate to the Zhen You Boundary was already too rare. For the next stage was the Shen You Boundary, in other words the stage at which the head was currently at.

“Since your older sister is that talented, why are you only at the tempered body stage?” Kai Yang asked Su Mu, puzzled.

Like he was being repeatedly poked in a sore spot, Su Mu’s immediately became embarrassed. After being at a loss for a while he replied: “It’s not good, but don’t worry for I will work harder to cultivate. Afterall, I can’t allow you, a trial disciple to surpass me.”

Nodding his head a bit, for it seemed that the previous few days sufferings at Kai Yang’s hands had ignited Su Mu’s competitive spirit.

“Let’s go, I’ll first take you to meet my older sister. With her protection, then in this Black Wind Trade, it will be easier to do what we need to do.”

Since they said they were going to meet Su Mu’s elder sister, everybody's expression immediately became serious. Even Su Mu himself went to tidy up his clothes, and brush all of the dust from his clothes.

You could see clearly that Su Mu was really afraid of his sister or even worshipped her.

“What is Su Mu’s older sister called?” Kai Yang asked Li Yun Tian in a low voice.

“Su Yan!”

Her name wasn’t bad, he just didn’t know what type of person she was.

Soon they had arrived at a wooden house, Kai Yang went to observe the house and the surrounding wooden houses and saw that each of them had hung a plaque saying Sky Tower Pavilion. It looked like these few houses were the residences of high levelled Sky Tower members.

Su Mu was a bit nervous and lightly breathed a few breaths before cautiously walking up the steps. Then he elegantly lifted up his hand and lightly tapped the door a couple of times and then spoke out in a strange kitten-like voice: “Elder sister, I have come to visit you.”

While Li Yun Tian and the others used all their might to suppress their laughter, their shoulders started shaking. Kai Yang also couldn’t help but laugh.

Su Mu knew the reactions of the people behind him and really wanted to turn around and glare at them.

“Enter!” A light and cold voice sounded out from inside. It was like a clear mountain spring, new to their ears.

Su Mu beckoned to the others and them walked inside.

Once they entered, Kai Yang secretly looked around and saw that this house was even more simple than his own wooden hut. There was nothing inside, but once they entered the outside noise was unexpectedly filtered out, causing the house to become peaceful.

This wooden house should have some sort of secret, otherwise it wouldn’t have this type of effect.

Just as he was observing the house, Su Mu suddenly let out a blood-curdling screech. Kai Yang swivelled his eyes over and saw Su Mu crouched on the floor covering his head. Not far away in front of him was a woman dressed in snow white clothes with a frosty expression.

This woman had luscious and beautiful black hair, crescent shaped eyebrows, a pair of bright and slender eyes, a small and cute nose, with peach pink cheeks, a pair of delicate cherry lips and glistening pale jade-like skin accompanied by a dainty, graceful and slender physique; indescribably enchanting.

It was just her temperament was exceptionally icy-cold and even made the room’s overall temperature plummet.

Currently, that woman was sitting cross legged looking at Su Mu. Without saying anything, you knew this was Su Yan.

“Do you know why you were hit?” Su Yan asked.

Su Mu shook his head and saw a monious glint in his sister’s eyes, and quickly nodded his head.

“Then say it.” Su Yan’s voice was extremely light, will carrying something which didn't allow one to rebel against. Kai Yang guessed the reason why Su Mu was so afraid of his sister now. Who ever got such a sister, no one would be able to bear, even though she was a great beauty.

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