Martial Peak

Chapter 4653

Chapter 4653 – Familiar Escape

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Although the Universe Cave Heaven was left behind by a cultivator who was at least in the Eighth-Order, it was ancient after all. It could accommodate several High-Rank Masters who came in to explore, but it certainly couldn’t bear the impact of a battle between such Masters.

People who could make it to the High-Rank were definitely not fools, but despite knowing the consequences, they still engaged in an intense struggle.

Yang Kai was curious about the reason that caused these High-Rank Masters, who had been living furtively in the Shattered Heaven all these years, to be so determined to destroy one another.

Without any time to ponder on it, he quickly ran away because, while the black hole was rapidly expanding, a dangerous aura was felt coming from the Universe Cave Heaven.

The next instant, the Void trembled as countless shattered Spirit Provinces of different sizes shot out in all directions.

It looked like a Universe World had exploded all of a sudden.

In fact, that was indeed the case. The Universe Cave Heaven that had remained hidden in the Void for years collapsed due to the fierce battle among these High-Rank Masters.

A violent force swept out and even the High-Rank Masters had to stop fighting as they activated their powers to ward off the impact after the Universe Cave Heaven came apart.

Although Yang Kai had fled as early as possible, he still staggered upon impact. He was like a ship that was navigating across an ocean in a thunderstorm.

A moment seemed to have gone by, but it also felt as though a million years had passed as the terrifying fallout slowly subsided.

However, a huge black hole had appeared in the Void where the portal of the Universe Cave Heaven was located, and a horrifying aura of the nihility was felt coming from it.

As soon as Yang Kai stabilised himself, he felt a crawling sensation on his scalp because when he looked up, he saw that the High-Rank Masters had turned into rays of light as they charged towards him. All of them were filled with murderous intent as their auras surged. At this moment, they were still exchanging moves, which caused the surrounding space to descend into chaos.

Although these people were regarded as cowards by Xu Wang, they were still High-Rank Masters in the end. They might not be comparable to Zuo Quan Hui from Thousand Cranes Paradise, but they certainly were not much weaker.

Zuo Quan Hui alone was enough to cause so much trouble to Void Land. Now that five High-Rank Masters were coming at him, Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to remain on the same spot. Given his current strength, if he was dragged into the fight, he would be badly injured, if not killed.

Just when he was preparing to use Instantaneous Movement to flee, he frowned and looked at a certain shattered Spirit Province that was coming right at him.

The shattered Spirit Province was apparently a part of the Universe Cave Heaven that had fallen apart. It seemed to be a small part of a mountain range with several mountains that were connected. However, Yang Kai could detect an amazing aura coming from one of the mountains.

He had no idea what was hidden on the mountain, but he soon came to the realisation that he wasn’t so unlucky after all. It was just that he happened to be escaping in the same direction the treasure the High-Rank Masters were fighting over was flying.

Since the High-Rank Masters had their eyes on this treasure, there was no way it was not valuable; therefore, despite not knowing what was hidden on the mountain, it didn’t stop Yang Kai from making a bold move.

Instead of backing down, he shot towards the shattered Spirit Province. After he got close, he directly opened his own Small Universe and stored the Spirit Province inside it.

He didn’t have time to examine it, so he could only act so. Although there might be some potential problems doing this, he reckoned that fortune favoured the bold. The potential problems were the last of his concerns now.

In an instant, the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were originally determined to kill one another in a heated battle, stopped. Both shocked and furious, they stared at Yang Kai and engulfed him with their Divine Senses.

None of them had expected that while they were hacking each other to death, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm boy that they didn’t have any regard for would come over and snatch their prize.

“Brat! You court death!” The middle-aged man roared.

The others directly sent out ferocious Divine Abilities at Yang Kai.

The Divine Abilities seemed able to destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth before they even reached their target. Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t stand still and wait for death. In fact, the moment he put the shattered Spirit Province inside his Small Universe, he also activated his Space Principles and disappeared from the spot the next instant.

The fierce World Forces arrived and shattered the Void.

Nevertheless, when the High-Rank Masters came over, Yang Kai was already nowhere to be found.

“Space Principles!” The old woman sported a dark expression while the others turned grim.

They initially thought that even though the Sixth-Order brat had snatched their treasure, he couldn’t possibly escape from them. Although the treasure was precious, he would need to stay alive to enjoy it. Since they were making a move together, they thought they could easily subdue a mere Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.

However, since the other party was a Master of the Dao of Space, things had become thorny.

The young woman in the Seventh-Order fell silent for a moment before she turned to look in a particular direction. She then turned into a ray of light and shot forward.

Seeing that, the others followed her without hesitation.

The High-Rank Masters, who were initially determined to destroy one another, seemed to have tacitly come to an agreement as they put down their grudges and pursued Yang Kai together. Nevertheless, only they knew whether there were any secret exchanges of moves while they were on the road.

In the depths of the Shattered Heaven, Yang Kai was running away at full speed.

The situation he was in seemed oddly familiar to him.

He suddenly recalled that after he ran away from Seven Wonders Land, he arrived at a dying Sun Star where he obtained the carcass of a mature Golden Crow. Following that, he was chased after by several people.

At that time, he was just an Emperor Realm cultivator while the ones running after him were a group of Low-Rank and Mid-Rank Masters, which included the Proprietress.

Eventually, he managed to escape and return to First Inn, though he was in a battered state when he arrived.

Back then, he was ignorant and uninformed as he had never heard of the Universe Transference Law before. He initially thought that he had gotten rid of the Proprietress, but when he saw that she suddenly appeared from First Inn to stop him, he was flabbergasted.

If it weren’t because he had a golden feather given to him by the Divine Spirit Mie Meng, he couldn’t have snuck into First Inn.

Since then, he and the Proprietress had become one family, thinking back on that incident was a pretty embarrassing memory for Yang Kai. First Inn was destroyed, which made him owe the Proprietress a lot of Open Heaven Pills. He had no choice but to become a waiter and debt collector for the Inn to pay off his due.

Although he was weak at that time, he was also carefree.

Regardless of what happened, the Proprietress would solve the problem for him.

After he and Bai Qi made a scene in Wind and Cloud Auction House in Thousand Birds Star City, it was the Proprietress who showed up and settled the issue for them.

Now, he was in a similar situation as when he snatched the Golden Crow carcass from the Open Heaven Realm Masters. He was also being pursued by Masters that he found difficult to deal with.

However, this time, there was no First Inn for him to seek shelter in.

With that said, he was no longer an Emperor Realm Junior who was powerless to deal with Open Heaven Realm Masters.

He could feel Divine Senses coming from behind him, and although he kept manipulating Space Principles, he was unable to shake them off. He couldn’t help but lament that it was truly difficult to deal with High-Rank Masters. If it weren’t because he was an expert in the Dao of Space, he would have no choice but to wait for death.

He wondered what was hidden in the shattered Spirit Province that made these High-Rank Masters covet it so greatly. They were relentlessly pursuing him as though he had snatched their Wives or Daughters.

While running away, he didn’t even have time to examine his reward.

Nevertheless, the High-Rank Masters’ action proved that the treasure was truly valuable, or else they wouldn’t have reacted in such a way.

A few days later, he realised that one of the Divine Senses had disappeared, making him wonder whether the person had given up or was forced to give up somehow.

Several days later, another Divine Sense vanished.

While fleeing, Yang Kai couldn’t help but put on a grin. It was possible that the first High-Rank Master who backed down had given up because there was no hope of catching Yang Kai, but that wouldn’t make sense when the same thing happened to the second person.

Hence, it was obvious that those High-Rank Masters were not united after all. While pursuing Yang Kai, they must have exchanged moves to destroy their opponents.

Therefore, only three out of the initial five High-Rank Masters were left.

Although the number of people had almost halved, that made no difference to Yang Kai.

He couldn’t help but ponder on the possibility of slowing down so that the remaining three would believe that he was on his last legs. In that case, they might kill off one another before getting to him.

However, while he was still contemplating this plan, his expression suddenly changed as he staggered and flipped upside down. He then kept tumbling through the void as he hurtled forward.

The turn of events astounded Yang Kai as the first thing that came to his mind was that he had been struck by someone. Nevertheless, he soon realised that the problem came from his own Small Universe.

Presently, his Small Universe was in chaos. The ground was shaking in a way as though there was an earthquake going on. All the World Force in his Small Universe was also madly streaming towards a certain spot.

Yang Kai turned pale as he tried to stop it, but his efforts were in vain. He could only watch as his World Force was consumed by something.

When he activated his Divine Sense and examined the situation, he was dumbfounded by what he saw.

The thing that caused the disaster in his Small Universe was none other than the shattered Spirit Province he had rashly put inside his Small Universe earlier.

It was easy to identify as the shattered Spirit Province was a part of the Universe Cave Heaven left behind by an Eighth-Order or Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it still contained its original owner’s aura and World Force.

Right after Yang Kai stored it, he sealed it off inside his Small Universe. If he hadn’t done that, the World Force of someone else would’ve seeped into his Small Universe. Once that happened, it would take him a lot of effort to get rid of the impurities that didn’t belong to him.

He initially intended to settle the issue regarding the shattered Spirit Province after he had escaped to a safe place.

However, there was a change of plan now as the shattered Spirit Province had settled down and merged with his Small Universe for no apparent reason.

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