Masked Knight

Chapter 337: The Final Chapter (1)

Chapter 337: The Final Chapter (1)

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All of the absurd things Rody had heard of in his life when added up would have never been as shocking as this.

The Great Sage of the Empire actually became a god!

Kara and the Mystic Dragon stood there silently. Kara had withdrawn his magical body and returned to a human form

"Not fighting anymore? Every injustice has its perpetrator. Devil God and Mystic Dragon, the one who has offended the two of you is not me but my predecessor." Dandong shook his head. He stretched out his finger and drew a line. A crack in the air appeared as though the air was cut. It then turned into a door.

"You are all visitors from a faraway place. Come. Follow me in." Dandong said with a joyful tone. "I had long hoped that someone would come here."

Once Rody stepped into the door, he had a slightly familiar feeling. They were in a room inside the golden palace. The layout of the room was similar to the laboratory Dandong had left behind at the Duke's residence.

Although everything was recreated with Godly powers, Rody could not help but smile when he looked at the strange instruments on the table. Kara and the Mystic Dragon, on the other hand, may not necessarily understand what they had seen.

"Alright. I know you all must have many questions. However, I believe I may be able to answer them.

The Mystic Dragon looked at Dandong with his strange black eyes and asked, "You are human. How did you become a God?"

"Domain is the road to heaven. I believe you all know about this. This ridiculous lie was just a trap that deceived even me…" Dandong sighed. "Fortunately, I was no longer a Domain Master when I heard this lie."

"Then what were you?" Rody asked.

"God-ranked." Dandong shook his head. "Or so it should be, as God is not the only one that is god-ranked. I spent a lot of time researching and found out that those myths and legends actually existed. Since those existed, then Mystic Dragon, Kara, and God should also exist. So, since god-ranked isn't limited to just the god spirit, why can't I do it as well?"

Rody was speechless.

He could create a completely new creature, Andy.

He could create a new space. Wasn't the mask a key used to store things in a space?

He also found a way to make the soul transfer bodies and keep on living like Old Mark.

Weren't these god-ranked powers?

Rody suddenly asked, "Are you researching… for a way home?"

Dandong showed a surprised expression. "You read my notes?"

Rody nodded. "Andy is my friend and the daughter of the Tulip Family is my wife."

Dandong nodded. He showed a very weird smile and asked, "In other words, you studied the Sunflower Treasure?"

Rody naturally did not know the meaning of Dandong's weird smile and just nodded seriously.

Dandong glanced at Kara and the Mystic Dragon as he said, "The story of God and the Devil God, I know about it. The two of you getting free of the thousand-year shackles and coming here is to presumably settle your score with God. However, that guy no longer exists. So, if the two of you still have something else, please speak up."

"Frankly speaking, I have no interest in being God. My only purpose is to find a way home. The place I seek is probably in another space. I initially thought God would be the most powerful person who mastered space, so I searched for this place by hook or crook. Unfortunately, the god spirit did not give me a way home." Dandong smiled bitterly.

Rody then asked, "Where is that god spirit?"

Dandong gave an evil laugh and said, "If I tell you I ate him, would you believe me?"

Rody was startled and blurted out, "Dragon Conversion Technique!"

"It is not simple. You actually know about this. Looks like that bastard Andy…" Dandong then gave an awkward expression and said, "All of this changing and transformations in this world is nothing more than the conversion of energy. The so-called idea that God will not die only verifies the law of conservation of energy in my original world. Although I cannot make the previous God completely disappear, it is still possible for me to convert his existence into another form."

Rody smiled wryly. "At first when I converted the Mystic Dragon, I almost lost my body to him."

Dandong looked at the Mystic Dragon and laughed. "It is because you two are identical. Presumably, the Mystic Dragon now feels disdainful to remain in your body. You are just an ordinary human, but you converted the powerful, god-ranked Mystic Dragon. Naturally, it would be unbearable. However, I am not afraid of this. It is like a body having two souls. The more powerful one would be in control. You are too weak compared to the Mystic Dragon. Of course, it could not work."

Dandong then clapped his hands and laughed. "Alright. I have already said all that I should say. Do you still have any more questions? If you are interested in this palace, I will give it to you. If you want to become God I can also leave now."

After that, Dandong sighed and said, "If the two of you really want to fight me, I will also let you break these old bones apart. However, this is heaven. Even if we tear each other apart, we will just reincarnate again. There is no point in fighting… If you want to seal me up like what God did to you, there is no need for that. Just give me a house and I would quietly do my research inside. I wouldn't have even come out had you all not destroyed my roof!"

After Dandong had finished, he asked with a smile. "Now, what do you want?"

Kara sighed as he looked at Dandong and said, "A small human could actually reach this far. You are really a miracle."

He then continued coldly. "God no longer exists, but heaven should not belong to you. From now on, I will take control of heaven. I will be the new God!"

"Sure!" Dandong immediately replied as though he felt relieved.

The Mystic Dragon then said in a low voice, "Heaven has nothing to do with me. I also have no interest in the human world. However, the dragon race will no longer be under God's jurisdiction!"

After that, the Mystic Dragon looked at Dandong and asked, "Are you really willing to give up the position of God? Having this position is becoming the supreme existence; you will be above millions and second to none"

Dandong laughed and replied, "You came from the human world. Didn't you hear that God has not shown any miracles for centuries? I have no interest in these things."

The Mystic Dragon and Kara looked at each other and then said, "Deal."

Kara added, "I promise you. After I become the new God, the dragon race will no longer be bound to heaven."

Dandong laughed and said, "In that case, I will give you the mark of God. However, before that, what do we do about this human?"

Kara looked at Rody and smiled. "I have promised to send him back. I am the Devil God Kara. I am not that despicable old guy."

Dandong nodded and glanced at Rody as he said, "Come with me."

Dandong immediately opened a door of the room. They then walked to the pool outside.

Standing there, Dandong looked hard at Rody and asked, "How is Andy?"

Rody laughed bitterly. "He should be doing well."

He then thought in his heart, He already became an Emperor. Could he still be doing any worse?

Dandong nodded and pointed to the calm mirror-like water. "This is the gateway to the human world. It is the only exit! It is also the only channel through which God can control that space!"

Rody realized something. Dandong's tone emphasized the word 'only'.'

Dandong then laughed again and said, "I presume my mask is still in your possession? You must also know that my mask is a small space of my own creation. I have left some of my few interesting toys from those days in there. Those things inside… I am giving it all to you."

Rody was surprised. That mask is already in my possession. Its inner space is also simply where Andy sleeps. At most, it has various junk, the lightsaber, and the magical cores from Mythical Beasts. Although these things were strange, they already belong to me. Why is it being mentioned seriously?

Dandong stared at Rody's eyes and suddenly smiled. "You have to take care of that mask. It is the only key to that storage space. If it is lost, even I will no longer be able to enter that space to take those things."

After that, Dandong gave Rody a wink. However, this action was not seen by Kara and the Mystic Dragon.

Dandong began to speak an incantation. Immediately ripples began to form slowly on the surface of the water. Dandong stared at the water with a strange expression. He could not help but said, "Eh? Strange. There is a war going on down there. The people of the church are fighting against the Radiant Empire."

Rody was stunned for a moment. He then laughed. "That is…"

Before Rody could finish, Dandong stopped him with a look and lightly laughed. "Both sides seemed to be fighting for their faiths in God. I think it is better to separate them."

He waved his hand and several Guardian Angels appeared in the sky. The angels gathered and flew around Rody's head but did not attack Rody.

Kara coldly asked at the back, "What are you doing?"

Dandong laughed. "In the future, you will become the new God. The people down there are all yours. Are all of them fighting meaningful? I did not do anything in the past two hundred years ever since I became God. So now I am simply doing a few exciting things to satisfy myself before giving away the position."

Dandong grabbed Rody. A golden divine power entered Rody's body. Dandong suddenly whispered quickly in Rody's ear, "The banner fighting below belongs to the Tulip Family, right? These angels are the last time I help an old friend. However, they cannot stay in the human world for too long and will soon disappear."

Kara started to have an uncomfortable feeling at the back. He could not help speaking out, "What do you mean? You…"

Dandong had suddenly and fiercely kicked Rody into the pool. There was a splash, and Rody immediately sank. A whirlpool formed in the water. The angels in the sky then flew down the whirlpool like a golden stream.

Rody felt dizzy as though he was falling into a cloud. He heard Dandong's final mocking words—

"The human world does not need God!"

Rody seemingly heard Kara and the Mystic Dragon's angry roars.

Hody turned around to look. All he saw was a world of water. However, it was clear that the ripples were drifting along. Behind the water ripples was a misty emptiness. The group of guardian angels flew behind him. The whirlpool opening then became smaller and smaller before bursting into a golden light.

That was an explosion!

In the eastern province, outside the city of Lorsch, there were twenty thousand fully armed Lightning God's Whip troops with murderous aura. On their left was the heavily armored infantries of the Northern Legion. At the moment, there was a strong bloody scent on the battlefield.

The imperial army had just fought a battlefield in the middle of Lorsch. The blood on the ground had not yet dried up. Corpses were left all over. The gates of Lorsch City were closed in a panic. The Flame Warriors on the city walls had expressions of panic and anger. Just a moment ago, they had watched twenty thousand of their companions killed by ten thousand of the Wolves' Fang. Finally, they left behind the corpses and retreated into the city.

The imperial army did not seem anxious to start a siege but allowed them to retreat into the city.

"Duke!" a commander of the Wolves Fang beside Seth said, "They have already retreated."

Seth nodded. He was riding a black warhorse. He wore a set of armor accompanied by a large sword at his waist. From afar, his conspicuous gold armor along with the tall flying banner of the Tulip Family made him look like an invincible God of War.

However, only Seth knew how tired he was.

Shit. How is this armor so heavy!

"Let us fall back. We will continue to educate this gang of thieves tomorrow!" Seth exhaustedly waved his hand.

The commander next to him asked. "Duke, are we not going to lay siege today? With enemies of this level, I am sure a single charge would be enough to drive them off the walls!"

Seth frowned. "No need. Sieg is still mopping up the other church rebellions in the Eastern province. We do not have to fight so desperately here. As long as the Eastern provinces settle down, they would naturally surrender. It is fine as long as they do not come out courting death.

Seth muttered in a low voice, "Rody, what kind of army is this? All of your officers are like war maniacs. Don't they know that it is dangerous to go to war? It is more sensible to gain the fruits of war without any deaths."

The whole army then rapidly executed the duke's orders. Just as the soldiers began to withdraw systematically, there was a loud sound…


A thunderclap suddenly came from the originally clear and boundless sky. A whirlpool that looked like a large hole then appeared. Golden brilliant lights could be seen flying out. The golden figure at the front then stopped in the air.

The lifelike figure in the golden brilliant light then flew slowly around in a circle.

The people on the ground were stunned. Both the church's army on the walls and the imperial army were stunned at the strange scene.

That figure then lifted his finger, pointing towards Lorsch City.

The golden lights began to move.

Numerous golden guardian angels gave a majestic cry. Golden arrows materialized in their hands and were shot towards the wall.

It was like a mighty gold torrent. The Flame Warriors on the walls wanted to counterattack with their own arrows, but their scattered arrows were pitiful.

Tens of thousands of people were shocked as they saw the golden torrent descended from the sky and fiercely struck the walls of the Lorsch City.

There was a series of explosions as the entire city was covered in a golden light. Finally, there was an oppressive sound as the imperial army felt the earth shook.

A few deep cracks appeared on the walls after the explosion. The walls then finally collapsed.

Seth's eyeballs almost dropped out as he looked at the sky in surprise. Shit. That looks like an angel!

The angels attacked God's church?

There was a shout as Rody quickly flew to the army. He stood in midair and laughed at Seth. "Duke, how are my angel troops?"

Seth's expression turned stiff when he saw Rody. He fiercely looked at Rody with a bit of resentment and helplessness. Finally, he waved and shouted. "Wolves' Fang! Charge! Rush into the city!"

The horses galloped ahead, and the suits of armor pressed forth.

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