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Chapter 118 - Chapter 118

Chapter 118c

Zhou Tiancheng left the combat room dejectedly.

In the previous round, he had been assigned by the system to a fourth-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist who was a level higher than him. In the end, even if he had already tried his best, he was still defeated without any accidents.

Originally, as long as he won this round, he could win 23 consecutive rounds, and he was another step closer to his goal of 30 consecutive wins.

However, now that he had lost this round, he could only start from the beginning.

When he recalled the difficulty of his previous 22 consecutive wins, he could not help but cry.

Damn! This damned system did not plan to let people obtain 30 consecutive wins at all!

As long as the winning streak increased, the system would match you to an opponent who was clearly stronger than the previous round, causing it to be extremely difficult for you to continue winning continuously. It was even impossible.

Under this kind of matching mechanism, how could it be possible to obtain 30 consecutive wins or even 100 consecutive wins?

Of course, no matter how abnormal the mechanism was, it was not without exceptions.

According to what Zhou Tiancheng knew, a certain player was the most eye-catching special player in the Martial Soul Overlord Body Battlefield.

This player’s name was also special. It was actually called Virgin 001.

With such a laughable ID, this player had always obtained consecutive wins from the first match. Not only did he easily obtain the achievement of 30 consecutive wins, he had even been unstoppable. In a short few days, he had obtained a hundred consecutive wins! He had obtained the achievement of “100 consecutive wins” that had never been achieved by anyone before!

Obtaining this achievement instantly made Virgin 001 obtain the attention of all the players on the battlefield at the Overlord Body Realm. This was because before this, there were players in Martial Soul who could obtain 30 consecutive wins, but there was only one person who could achieve 100 consecutive wins!

Then Virgin ooi’s performance was even more shocking

After obtaining a hundred consecutive wins, according to the system’s matching mechanism, the opponents he matched up with would only become stronger and stronger.

However, Virgin 001 still won continuously as if no one could stop his winning streak.

In the end, in less than a week, Virgin 001 obtained a terrifying 278 consecutive wins!

Everyone felt that Virgin 001’s strength had long surpassed the Overlord Body Realm and had completely reached the strength of an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist.

Many people even suspected that the system was wrong.

Virgin 001 was clearly an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist, but he was judged by the system to be an Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist, causing him to kill everyone on the battlefield at the Overlord Body Realm and be unstoppable.

However, in the face of public doubt that exceeded the players, Martial Soul did not give any explanation.

No one could doubt the Noctem Chamber of Commerce, so everyone could only think that this Virgin 001 was indeed only an Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist.


The reason why he could be invincible in the Overlord Body Realm’s arena was completely because his strength surpassed all the Overlord Body Realm Martial Artists.

Due to this reason, the low-end Overlord Body players admired and made guesses about Virgin 001 even more.

Everyone was an Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist, so why was Virgin 001 so powerful?

Could it be that he had obtained an extremely special and powerful martial arts inheritance that allowed him to possess such powerful strength at the Overlord Body Realm?

Or could it be that he was simply a disciple carefully nurtured by a Star-Grade Martial Artist, which was why he far surpassed his peers?

However, all guesses about Virgin 001 stopped a week later.

After obtaining a terrifying 278 consecutive wins, Virgin 001 actually never appeared in the game again.

Up until today, more than three months had passed.

His appearance was like a dazzling meteor that instantly attracted everyone’s gazes, but he instantly disappeared from everyone’s vision.

Most people thought that Virgin 001 had clearly experienced enough in Martial Soul.

After realizing that the battles in Martial Soul was not a challenge for him, he lost his interest in this game.

Zhou Tiancheng also thought so. Otherwise, with the realistic degree of Martial Soul and such a convenient opportunity to fight martial artists of the same level, no martial artist would reject.

“Sigh, if only I was as strong as him. Not to mention a hundred consecutive wins, as long as I can obtain 30 consecutive wins, I can brag in the school and make those guys who underestimate me shut up.”

Just as he was fantasizing in his mind, the system notified him that Zhou Tiancheng had already matched up with an opponent.

“Damn, since the 22 consecutive win streak was broken, the opponent assigned to me this time is definitely a trash opponent. Watch how I teach him a lesson!”

Zhou Tiancheng sneered and chose to agree to the battle. Then, his vision blurred and he entered the combat room.

However, as soon as he looked up at his opponent, he immediately widened his eyes and was completely stunned.

The ID of the opponent whose face could not be seen clearly was displayed.

[Virgin 001]

Chu Nan kicked away the opponent who was still in a daze. He watched as he turned into a white light and disappeared and shook his head in dissatisfaction.

The opponent matched by the system was ridiculously weak, causing him to not even feel warm up. It was simply a waste of time.

However, this could not be helped.

Even if his Nine Revolutions Technique had already broken through to the fourth level, causing the strength of his Internal Breath to increase much faster when cultivating the Nine Revolutions Technique in the future than before, he had only just broken through after all and did not have enough time to cultivate. Therefore, the strength of his Internal Breath still could not advance by leaps and bounds, only slightly stronger than before.

Overall, it was roughly the level of a third-stage to fourth-stage Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist.

Of course, with the power of the fourth level of the Nine Revolutions Technique and his meridians that had become several times stronger, the strength of his Internal Breath that he could unleash was much higher than before.

Currently, if he faced a second-stage Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist head-on, even if he did not rely on a special strategy, he could still achieve an equal result.

Even if he faced Maruk again, Chu Nan was confident that he could face him head-on. It was not like before where he would be helpless once Maruk became serious.

However, in the end, the strength he could truly unleash far surpassed the strength he revealed on the surface. Therefore, he would still be judged as a third-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist after being scanned by the data of Martial Soul. Then, it was natural for him to be matched with a third-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist.

“This is not fun at all.”

Chu Nan thought for a moment and exited the game.

The staff immediately surrounded him and one of them asked, “Student Chu Nan, do you have any requests?”

“You’re from the Noctem Chamber of Commerce, right?” Chu Nan asked.

The staff nodded in surprise, “Yes, this is the branch office of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce.”

“Then… Martial Soul was developed by your Noctem Chamber of Commerce. You should know it very well, right?” Chu Nan asked again.

The staff understood that it seemed that Chu Nan had encountered a problem in Martial Soul.

“Hmm… strictly speaking, the other departments in the Chamber of Commerce are in charge of Martial Soul. It has nothing to do with us…” Seeing Chu Nan frown, the staff hurriedly changed his words, “However, if you have any requests, you can ask. Perhaps we can think of a solution.”

“Oh, that’s good. The opponents I match with are too weak. Is there any way to increase the difficulty?” Chu Nan pointed at the Martial Soul data access terminal behind him.

The staff blinked, a little dumbfounded.

Other players complained the most about encountering opponents who were much stronger than them. However, this guy in front of him was complaining that the opponent he encountered was too weak!

Could this guy… be a masochist?

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