Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 1645 - 1645 Rebirth

1645 Rebirth

In the endless Void Universe, a faint milky white light flickered weakly.

Against the background of the countless stars around him, this aura was almost impossible to observe.

However, if one observed it at an extremely close distance, they would discover that this milky white light contained an even smaller and weak light green aura, as if someone had gently tapped it with green paint.

If one observed for a longer time, they would discover that regardless of whether it was this milky white light or this small trace of light green aura, they were gradually growing and enlarging at a very slow speed.

A standard Earth Day passed without any changes.

However, after 30 standard Earth days, one would discover that they were clearly larger.

After another hundred Earth standard days, the milky white light had already grown into a large ball of light with a diameter of more than 20 centimeters. The green aura wrapped in it became thicker and began to seep out bit by bit.

Then, nearly 200 standard Earth days passed. The milky white light suddenly exploded. Extremely small milky white light stretched out, but it did not shoot far. Instead, it densely connected around the light and gradually outlined a blurry milky white human figure.

At the same time, the green aura that had already become dense exploded at the same time, completely enveloping the milky white ball of light from the inside out.

Then, dozens of standard Earth days passed. The milky white light was already completely connected, forming a human body that was much clearer than before.

In the void, human cells that could only be observed under a high-power microscope were produced out of thin air and gathered together. This human body which was originally only formed by light gradually became corporeal. The cells adhered to each other and formed, and a true human body began to gradually form.

Chu Nan “woke up”.

Of course, it was actually not accurate to say that he had woken up. To be honest, he should have come back to life.

However, to him, the process of his consciousness recovering bit by bit was extremely similar to waking up from a deep sleep.

Before his body recovered to a certain extent, his consciousness could not be entrusted and he could not sense the existence of anything at all. Now, under the effect of the special cultivation method, body rebirth, his body finally recovered to the most basic state, and his consciousness loaded again. Therefore, he was reborn and “awakened”.

After regaining consciousness, his first thought was fear and relief.

The moment he discovered Supremacy Greler, Chu Nan had already accurately determined that it was impossible for him to escape. Therefore, he decisively gave up on this thought.

However, this naturally did not mean that he was willing to wait for death. Although he did not have the hope of defeating two powerful Star-Grade Martial Artists in a head-on battle, Chu Nan had the ability to borrow additional strength to launch a sufficiently powerful attack on the two of them.

This powerful force was to “detonate” the space inside the entire teleportation door.

When he was in the Endless Abyss, Chu Nan already had an extremely deep understanding of the space inside the portal. After cooperating with the Declan Empire and the Noctem Chamber of Commerce to study it for more than a year, he had an even deeper understanding of the special space inside the portal.

He knew very well how special this space was. While it shortened the time it took to cross space countless times compared to the alternate space, it also compressed the space countless times further.

Although because of the special structure of the space inside the teleportation door, it seemed very stable and even ordinary people could pass through this teleportation door without being injured, and it was much safer than an alternate space, the energy level contained in it far exceeded the alternate space. Even Star-Grade Martial Artists could not endure it.

Therefore, after confirming that he could not escape, Chu Nan’s first thought was to detonate this space.

Since he could not escape, he would perish together!

The internal spatial environment of this teleportation door happened to satisfy Chu Nan’s thoughts because this space was unintentionally produced through the firefight between a Star-Grade Martial Artist and an enterprise-level battleship. It was already extremely unstable and had been continuously flowing because of the influence of the positive spatial universe, exacerbating its instability.

Therefore, Chu Nan did not need much strength. He only needed to focus all his remaining strength on one point.

As long as a key node of the spatial structure was destroyed, this space would collapse continuously like a domino.

This would definitely make the highly compressed spatial energy in this special space pour out in a short period of time. The lethality produced far exceeded the limit that humans could endure. Even Star-Grade Martial Artists could not endure it.

Unfortunately, Chu Nan could not personally see the outcome of Supremacy Ottoford and Supremacy Greler because he had used all his strength in the “detonation” space and only had time to use the last bit of time to activate the body rebirth cultivation method before Supremacy Ottoford’s palm struck him.

In fact, Chu Nan was not confident in the outcome.

Although he had learned this extremely special cultivation method from Supremacy Oville, he did not have the time at all. Of course, it was impossible for him to take the initiative to do any experiments. He only had a theoretical understanding of this cultivation method. Now that he had used it in a hurry, the possibility of success was not that high.

Moreover, the space inside the teleportation door had been detonated. Under the crazy scouring of extremely terrifying spatial energy, it was impossible for him to have the “stable energy environment” needed by this cultivation method. In such an extremely poor environment, he did not think that the physical rebirth cultivation method he used had any hope of success.

However, he still did this.

Even if there was only a 0.00001% chance, as long as it was not true zero, Chu Nan still had to try.

Then… he actually succeeded!

With the trace of life force preserved by the Goddess’ Song cultivation method, even if there was a terrifying energy fluctuation washing through the surrounding environment, Chu Nan’s consciousness had not completely dissipated.

Under the preservation of this consciousness, his body rebirth cultivation method had always been useful, maintaining the energy particles that basically formed the human body and barely maintained its original state. Then, after the energy storm produced after the spatial explosion of the teleportation door passed, the body rebirth cultivation method gradually played its role, allowing him to gradually be reborn.

His consciousness gradually recovered. At the same time, he felt his body slowly recover and reorganize bit by bit. Chu Nan’s heart was filled with the joy of surviving a calamity.

At the same time, his heart was filled with extreme shock.

How did Supremacy Oville create such a magical cultivation method that almost surpassed the scope of cultivation methods and was almost a miracle?

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