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Chapter 240 - Night Demon Brotherhood

Chapter 240: Night Demon Brotherhood


In her daze, Susan heard an extremely miserable scream, causing her to subconsciously tremble and wake up.

When she barely opened her eyes, she saw Chu Nan’s raised right foot landing on the calf of a person lying on the ground.


After the crisp sound of wood breaking, a miserable scream sounded throughout the entire forest again.

That person’s calf tilted to the side unnaturally. With Susan’s sufficient experience in this aspect, she could easily tell that his calf had clearly been broken by Chu Nan’s foot!

Susan could not help but widen her eyes and look at Chu Nan who was walking to the next person in shock.

Seeing Chu Nan raise his foot again and break that person’s calf, Susan could not help but cry out.

This Chinese boy looked simple and plain on the surface, and he was even a little shy. She did not expect him to be so ruthless!

This was completely different from the impression he had left on Susan!

Hearing Susan’s exclamation, Chu Nan turned around and saw that she had already opened her eyes. He smiled at her, “You’re awake? Are you alright?”

His smile was very clean and gentle, just like the impression he gave people in person. However, coupled with the few legs that had been broken by him and the hooligans who were wailing softly, it made Susan feel horrified from the bottom of her heart.

Susan had been hanging out in the hood since she was young and was long used to all kinds of fights. She was even used to seeing people using knives to slash each other. However, in her opinion, no matter how much flesh and blood those guys slashed, it was not as terrifying as Chu Nan’s smile.

Her life experience of 22 years told her that such a guy who could easily be ruthless to others and still smile indifferently was the most terrifying!

Chu Nan did not expect that when he saw that Susan had woken up and revealed a gratified smile, it did not bring her peace of mind but fear.

He walked back to Susan and squatted down to size her up. He asked again, “How is it? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Although Chu Nan’s tone was still gentle, in Susan’s eyes, he was still as terrifying as a demon king. When she heard the question, she immediately shook her head.

However, this intense action suddenly made her feel a sharp pain in her chest and she could not help but cough.

This cough made her chest hurt even more, and she even coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing this situation, Chu Nan was slightly shocked. He stretched out his hand to support Susan’s shoulder and probed with his Internal Breath.

This trace of Internal Breath flowed along Susan’s shoulder and into her chest. After circulating a few times, Chu Nan immediately frowned.

The situation of Internal Breath circulating in Susan’s chest was very fluid, and she often encountered special obstruction. From her previous experience and the human skeleton diagram given by Angie Prairie, it should be that Susan was still injured in the collision just now, causing her ribs to be broken.

Looking at the way Susan was spitting out blood, the broken ribs might have already injured her internal organs.

If this situation was not treated in time, it was very easy to cause more serious problems.

Chu Nan thought for a moment and said to Susan in a deep voice, “Don’t move.”

Then, a finger slid down Susan’s chest. The short shirt vest on her upper body was immediately cut open silently, completely exposing her chest.

Susan was shocked.

Could it be that although Chu Nan looked to be a shy virgin on the surface, he was actually a beast and actually wanted to violate her under such circumstances?

Although she was not an inexperienced girl, the current situation was too strange, and it still involuntarily made her feel a chill and fear.

However, when she recalled how Chu Nan had attacked those hooligans without any hesitation, Susan did not even have the courage to resist. She could only watch helplessly as Chu Nan stretched out a hand and pressed on her chest.

When his left palm touched Susan’s chest, Chu Nan felt a soft and rough feeling in his palm. His heart shook slightly, but he forcefully suppressed it. While he stretched out his Internal Breath, his fingers slowly touched Susan’s chest to investigate the details of her ribs.

In fact, in essence, Susan’s current injuries were no different from Ji Moyev’s previous injuries. They were all fractures.

Relying on the experience he had obtained from Ji Moyev and the experiments he had done on himself, Chu Nan was already quite familiar with using his Internal Breath to probe the situation of others and perform the corresponding treatment.

Before long, he had already probed Susan’s injuries and discovered that they were not very serious. She only had three broken ribs.

This relieved Chu Nan. He gestured for Susan to lie down again and touched her chest.

Susan’s body shook slightly, and she closed her eyes in resignation.

She only hoped that this pervert was interested in her body and not anything else.

However, in the next moment, she felt a very special fluctuation surge into her chest from Chu Nan’s palm. After wandering around her chest for a while, she immediately felt that her chest, which had felt extremely vexed earlier, had become much more comfortable. Then, she felt a trace of soreness and swelling flowing in her chest.

Accompanied by this strange feeling, she could clearly feel the bones in her chest seem to begin to heal bit by bit.

Susan opened her eyes in surprise.

This pervert… What was he doing?

Chu Nan was now focused. Although he was staring at Susan’s exposed chest, there was no evil intent in his eyes.

Susan looked at his focused expression and discovered that her mood had actually calmed down bit by bit.

Although her chest was currently pressed tightly by Chu Nan’s hands and he was still gently kneading it with his hands, making the scene look very lewd, Susan was certain that he was clearly using his hands to stabilize her broken ribs and did not have any other thoughts.

However… could it be that this guy was healing her? He was actually a doctor?

Compared to when he helped Ji Moyev treat his injuries, the current Chu Nan had much more experience, so it was naturally much easier to treat her.

However, Susan was only an ordinary girl. Her physique and physical strength were naturally far inferior to a powerful martial artist like Ji Moyev, so her recovery was much slower.

After nearly an hour, Chu Nan retracted his hand and gently exhaled.

“Alright, get up and move around. See if it still hurts?”

Susan had been silent while Chu Nan was treating her. When she heard his instructions, she hesitated for a moment before sitting up and turning her body left and right. She did not find any inconvenience and stretched out her hand to press her chest. She did not find any discomfort and could not help but look at Chu Nan in surprise.

“You… you healed me?”

Chu Nan nodded lightly and suddenly blushed. He turned around and stood up to walk to the seven hooligans who were still lying on the ground. He took off one of their tops and threw it to Susan.

“Put it on first.”

Susan lowered her head to look at her exposed chest before looking up at Chu Nan.

If it was any other time, not only would she not be shy, she might even joke about Chu Nan because of this. However, now, she only obediently agreed and put on the coat.

This boy who did not look like he should be more than 20 years old seemed to have many powerful abilities that she could not imagine, causing her to not dare to casually joke about Chu Nan like before.

Seeing that Susan had put on her clothes, Chu Nan casually dragged a hooligan who was lying on the ground over and threw him in front of her.

“Do you know them?”

Susan glanced at them and nodded.

Chu Nan pointed at a tattoo on the hoodlum’s neck.

“Then do you know the meaning of this pattern?”

Susan’s body trembled slightly, and her face revealed a fearful expression.

“This is the symbol of the largest gang in the city, the Night Demon Brotherhood.”

“Gang?” Chu Nan narrowed his eyes and paused for a moment. He opened his personal terminal and displayed a pattern that was similar to a multiplicity on the virtual screen, “What about this?”

Seeing this symbol, the fear on Susan’s face became stronger.

“This is the symbol of the cadre of the Night Demon Brotherhood.”

Then, she looked at Chu Nan in confusion.

Why did he have the symbol of the Night Demon Brotherhood’s cadre?

Chu Nan was silent and did not explain. He only waved at Susan and gestured for her to follow him. Then, he chose the floating shuttle that the few hooligans had driven over and sat in the passenger seat.

Susan was stunned for a moment before she directly sat on the driver’s seat. A moment later, she had already started the floating shuttle and instantly disappeared into the vast night.

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