Chapter 1574 - Chapter 1574: Betting, 100 Million Divine Crystals! (2)

Chapter 1574: Betting, 100 Million Divine Crystals! (2)

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With a soft sound, his cultivation directly entered the realm of Immortal Lord!

The sword shook, slightly turned, and suppressed his cultivation.

The power of the breakthrough was slowly assimilated, and there was no possibility of it becoming restless.

This meant that the strength of this sword could completely overwhelm an Immortal Lord.

With this sword, he could directly slay an Immortal Lord at his peak!

Endless golden light radiated from Yang Chilin’s eyes.

“Heavenly Sun Sword, Father…”

There was a message from Yang Dingtian in the long sword.

Yang Dingtian didn’t say why he didn’t return. He only said that he was cultivating in an extremely important place and would return in the future.

He also told him that Han Muye, Yunlan Sword Immortal, was a very powerful person, and to seek shelter from Han Muye if anything happened.

Although he didn’t know why his father said an Immortal Lord from a lower-level Immortal Realm was very powerful, Yang Chilin didn’t doubt his father’s words.

Yang Dingtian was not one that anyone in the entire Scarlet Heaven Immortal Realm dared to look directly at.

Moreover, his father actually trusted this Yunlan Sword Immortal and even gave the Heavenly Sun Sword as a gift.

This Yunlan Sword Immortal had no greedy intentions whatsoever.

He was indeed a character.

“Yunlan Sword Immortal of the Fuyu Immortal World.” Yang Chilin murmured softly, and the immortal light around him burst once again.

When Han Muye returned to the courtyard of the Fuyu Immortal World, he happened to see several cultivators in various attire leaving with laughter.

He walked to the door. Sword Immortal Shu Ming and the others had indignant expressions.

“These guys have been instigated by the Zhaoyang Immortal World to issue a challenge,” Sword Immortal Shu Ming said in a low voice.

Although the Zhaoyang Immortal World was also a lower-level Immortal Realm, it was one of the stronger ones, boasting a hundred Immortal Lords.

There were many who wanted to curry favor with such an immortal world.

The people who came just now from other Immortal Realms were currying favor with the Blazing Sun Immortal Realm, intending to cause trouble for the Inundate the Fuyu Immortal Realm during the Grand Summit.

Just now, they had threatened the people of the Fuyu Immortal World to withdraw from the Grand Summit.

In front of the small courtyard, everyone was furious. If it wasn’t for the fact that they couldn’t fight here, they would just fight.

“Forget it, don’t worry about this. Prepare well and familiarize yourself with the armor on your bodies.”

Han Muye waved his hand and walked straight back to his quiet room.

The others looked at each other and quickly turned back to cultivate and refine the armor.

They all had armor of the same level as the Golden Crow Armor and had powerful defense.

This was a gift from Han Muye, so that they could fight for a better ranking in the Golden Summiy.

With this armor, their combat strength would at least double.

For the next few days, Han Muye did not leave the quiet room.

He refined his body and condensed his Sword Dao soul every day.

Amidst the chirping of the golden birds, Han Muye’s control of the power of laws became stronger and stronger.

“What a lunatic…

This was what the golden bird said the most.

Every day, Han Muye’s strength increased rapidly.

A month later, Han Muye walked out of the quiet room.

In the small courtyard, Daoist Su Yu, who was sitting in front of the stone table, looked at him coldly.

“The Grand Summit will begin in 56 days. Do you know how many enemies you have this time?” Daoist Su Yu looked at Han Muye. “At least 300 Immortal Worlds are challenging you.

“At your level, do you still have a chance of winning?” Daoist Su Yu shook his head.

300 Immortal Worlds challenging his own clan?

Han Muye’s expression did not change as he took a jade slip from Daoist Su Yu.

This jade slip recorded the strength rankings of the various immortal worlds.

Of course, this was all on the surface.

No one knew about the hidden power of Ten Thousand Magnificence City.

Each of the 100 high-level immortal worlds had at least 10 Immortal Lords.

Among them, there were three families that had 20 Immortal Lords presiding over them. Among them, there were also absolute experts among the Immortal Lords.

There were seven or eight Immortal Lords in the thousand mid-level immortal worlds.

Such strength was indeed not something the Fuyu Immortal World of the past could compare to.

Looking at the comparison of the strength of the various Immortal Worlds, there were still some records at the back.

For example, the betting odds.

Han Muye looked back. The odds of the Fuyu Immortal World entering the top ten were 1 to 30,000.

Of course, this number was the greatest odds for many unnamed immortal worlds.

In fact, only they would pay attention to their own odds. Who would pay attention to such low-ranking figures?

“Fellow Daoist Yunlan, are you interested in placing a bet?” Senior Yudao looked at Han Muye and smiled, “Those top 10 have a good chance of winning. ”

Han Muye saw that some names in the top 10 were marked.

Immortal Lord Zhu Zi of the Chongtian Immortal World was ranked 10th in the Grand Summit. The odds were 1:1.8, 9th, odds 1:3… First, odds 1:300.

This Immortal Lord Zhu Zi was at the peak of the Immortal Lord Realm. He held a superior-grade immortal treasure, the Bagua Mirror. It was said that he was an expert who wanted to break through to the Immortal Venerable Realm.

The Chongtian Immortal World was also a high-level Immortal World.

However, the forces setting up the gambling did not have much confidence in whether this person could become the strongest in the Grand Summit.

1:300 was not a small number.

Over 10,000 Immortal Worlds, Immortal Lord Yunshu, ranked 10th at his peak. Odds 1:2, ninth, odds 1:5… first, odds 1:900.

They were both high-level immortal worlds and peak Immortal Lords, but the immortal treasures in their hands were slightly inferior.

Using divine sense to probe, the names of powerful Immortal Lords appeared, followed by their respective odds.

Han Muye found that no matter who it was, the odds for winning first place were extremely high.

It was quite crazy.

This way, it was very tempting.

Furthermore, his odds for entering the top 10 was a staggering 1:130,000.

Interestingly, he didn’t have odds for entering the top nine.

Did they underestimate him, Han Muye?

“Fellow Daoist Yunlan, look at these top 10. Basically, it’s a sure-win..”

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