Chapter 1576 - Chapter 1576: Betting, 100 Million Divine Crystals! (4)

Chapter 1576: Betting, 100 Million Divine Crystals! (4)

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The Divine Source Heavenly Palace, which hosted the gambling event, had several major factions involved, and it was impossible for them not to have a contingency plan.

Those who had high odds and placed large bets in the past did not survive until the end.


At this moment, the screen in front suddenly vibrated.

In an instant, the light screen in the entire hall turned black.

Black screen?

Daoist Su Yu looked confused.

This hall in Our Heaven Continent had been the venue for thriving gambling events, and there had never been any issues.

What could have happened this time?

In fact, he did not know that at this moment, the ones who were more anxious than him were the people from the Divine Source Heavenly Palace far away in the Heavenly Cycle Divine World.

The people monitoring the Heaven Continent discovered that there was chaos in the betting and monitoring array.

Soon after, a message arrived.

The betting exceeded the limit.

Exceeded the limit?

Then they found out where the problem was.

In the midst of the gambling event, a participant ranked after 80,000 betted a hundred million divine crystals.

100 million divine crystals bet on the first place, according to the odds, meant a payout of one quadrillion divine crystals.

Our Heaven Continent didn’t have that many divine crystals.

Not to mention Our Heaven Continent, even if all the divine crystals of all sects in the divine realm were combined, it wouldn’t be enough.

Divine crystals were consumables, and their condensation also required time.

No sect would keep so many divine crystals in their storage.

The information was relayed to the person in charge of the Divine Source Heavenly Palace.

For a moment, everyone was at a loss.

The array was black, and the monitoring of Our Heaven Continent was out of control.

If this continued for a long time, it would cause a big mess.

After the elders of Divine Source Heavenly Palace discussed, they asked for the palace master’s opinion.

In the end, the Divine Source Heavenly Palace, along with three other major factions, directly took out three hundred billion divine crystals, treasures worth two trillion divine crystals, and Our Heaven Continent as collateral, injecting them into the array.

Half an hour later, the array roared back to life, and the screen trembled.

“It’s done…” The elders monitoring the array at the Divine Source Celestial Palace breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hmph, Han Muye of the Fuyu Immortal World, 100 million divine crystals.” The black-robed Heavenly Palace Master of the Divine Source Heavenly Palace snorted.

The other elders also had stern expressions.

“Let my Heavenly Palace’s Chu Zhentian and Xiang Liuyun go to the Grand Summit,” the Divine Source Heavenly Palace Lord said in a low voice.

Hearing his words, the Elders were slightly stunned.

“Palace Master, Chu Zhentian and Xiang Liuyun are preparing to go to the divine realm battlefield. They probably won’t want to go to the Grand

Summit,” a white-bearded old man said softly.

“Yeah, they are already at the Immortal Venerable realm, and participating in the Grand Summit is meaningless,” another elder said.

Sending Immortal Venerables to participate in the Grand Summit would damage their reputation.

Immortal Venerables had their own pride.

“Not going?” The Heavenly Palace Lord’s eyes turned cold. He said in a deep voice, “Not only are they going, but all three major sects will send Immortal Venerables.

“We bet 100 billion. Even Our Heaven Continent has been staked.’

He said resentfully, “If it weren’t for the rule that the array couldn’t be changed, I would have changed it long ago.”

“There’s always someone who wants to take advantage of the situation.”

His words made the others’ faces stiffen.

Indeed, the amount was too massive.

“Well, just directly kill this Han Muye?” an old man asked.

“Of course, reveal all his information and let all the beings in the immortal realm take action to kill him.”

“Set up a trap, a bounty of a hundred million divine crystals.” The Heavenly Palace Lord gritted his teeth, a fierce light in his eyes.

“All the earnings from him will be forfeited.”

Originally, hosting a gambling event at the Grand Summit, the Divine Source Heavenly Palace and the other major factions could have gained tens of billions of divine crystals.

But now, they had staked everything.

Damn these unchangeable rules of the gambling event.

If they lost this round, Divine Source Heavenly Palace would really have to sell everything.

“Issue the mission.

“l want to see Han Muye die first!”

The Heavenly Palace Lord roared with clenched teeth.

At this moment, the entire Our Heaven Continent was turned upside down!

On the golden light screen, the words ‘Han Muye’ shone brightly.

A hundred million divine crystals in bets directly pushed Han Muye to the top of the championship list, surpassing everyone and leaving the second place far behind by ten thousand miles!

Han Muye?

Who was he?

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