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Chapter 1284 - Chapter 1284 The Strength of a Guru!

Chapter 1284 - Chapter 1284 The Strength of a Guru!

Chapter 1284 The Strength of a Guru!

“Clatter, clatter, clatter…”

As the seven gurus intruded into the territory of wildebeests, they started running everywhere in shock.

The seven gurus were in three groups.

After a careful search, they found that John Doe had disappeared again.

Then they looked at each other.

The three groups immediately separated to search for him.

The rainforest in Africo was one of the three major tropical rainforests in the world.

It was distributed mainly in Cango Basin, the east coast of Matagascar Island, and other islands.

After going through the escape and slaughter in the grassland…

Fang Qiu went all the way south and almost reached the coastal area.

It was because Comores, located in the sea in the south of Africo, was between the Africo continent and Matagascar Island.


Fang Qiu already had a series of plans in mind.

In the beginning, with his strength as a Half-step Guru, he could fight against four opponents, who became incompetent gurus by taking shortcuts. After a real breakthrough and becoming a recultivated guru, he could resist the attacks of eight similar gurus without getting injured. He could even wipe them out.

But Fang Qiu didn’t do that.

The reason was that he had arrived in the rainforest!

On the open grassland, the party with more people had the upper hand.

But when they were in the rainforest, it was hard to say which party would win.

At this moment…

Under cover of the wildebeest herd, Fang Qiu blended into the rainforest.

The rainforest was covered with various types of tall and luxuriant trees. Even better, all kinds of small plants grew lushly there. Fang Qiu would never be short of great hiding spots in there.

When the three squads made up of the seven gurus began to search around, Fang Qiu had completely suppressed his aura. He hid in an exuberant bush like a venomous snake as he waited for the arrival of his prey.


One squad approached Fang Qiu’s hideout.

“Supreme Sword!’

When the two people near him were looking elsewhere, Fang Qiu raised his long sword like a poisonous snake showing its fangs. With terrifying precision, he swiftly pierced it through the chest of the guru who was closest to him.

One down.

Immediately, Fang Qiu pulled out his sword to stab another person,

“He is here!”

The second guru roared, trying to stall Fang Qiu. So, as he tried to dodge, he promptly evoked all his power to ward off Fang Qiu.

Unluckily for him…

He was nothing but a guru in name only!

Fang Qiu had come close to him in the blink of an eye.


Without delay, Fang Qiu waved his right hand. From his Divine Sword, a burst of overwhelming energy Qi exploded and slashed violently at this guru.

With the tremendous sword momentum brought by the Supreme Sword, Fang Qiu smashed half of the guru’s internal Qi with one sword strike.

After that…

Under the puzzled and shocked gaze of the guru, Fang Qiu decisively pierced through his heart!

He finished off two gurus in no time.

Fang Qiu turned around to conceal himself again.

But just then…

With gloomy faces, the remaining five gurus rushed over and hemmed Fang Qiu in from all sides.


When he saw his five enemies…

Fang Qiu responded with a sneer, loosened his grip on the Divine Sword in his right palm, and said, “Now, my counterattack begins!”

Upon hearing his words…

All the five gurus looked extremely grave.

At first, there were ten gurus who went after John Doe. One was killed at the very beginning. Then, when they were in hot pursuit of John Doe, he launched a surprise attack and slaughtered another.

Even so, there were still eight gurus that chased him all the way here!

But in a twinkling of an eye…

Only five of the eight gurus were still alive!

They were all gurus. How could they die so quickly?

They were enraged at John Doe’s announcement. No matter how upset they were, they had to admit that John Doe’s strength was indeed much greater than theirs.

John Doe could slay a guru in a flash. How could they not take him seriously?


In a towering rage, the white-haired guru, who had blocked Fang Qiu first, frantically dashed over with two burly men who wore boxing gloves.

The other squad of two gurus also joined in and pounced on Fang Qiu together with the three gurus.

Facing the sudden onslaught of attacks from the five…

Fang Qiu responded at a more relaxed and unhurried pace than before.

“Clap, clap, clap…”

There came continuous sounds of intense collisions.

Like before, the five gurus of Nirvana Organization didn’t dare to engage in close combat with Fang Qiu. They would only release powerful energy to attack him whenever they got close to him. Then, they would retreat hurriedly.

In this way, the five gurus, repeatedly went back and forth as they kept delivering fierce assaults and tried to suppress John Doe.

What a pity.

John Doe was a vastly different person now!

After the radical improvement in his strength, Fang Qiu could handle the five people’s attacks more calmly and confidently.

Though the five gurus took turns to release their strikes, he fended off all their attacks.


Since they delivered their blows so frequently, Fang Qiu could hardly find any chance to fight back.

“I can’t let them push me into a passive condition again. I’d better seize the initiative in this battle!”

With a sudden inspiration…

Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate and broke out with a crushing force.

With his energy several times more powerful than before, a spray of terrifying Qi power spewed forth like lava from his body.

The momentum of this Qi power that was full of energy was completely different from his previous guru-level one. This one was far superior!


Most importantly…

The momentum was beyond the five people’s expectations.

As gurus, they had never felt such a devastating aura from a guru. They didn’t even sense it from Venerables.

The five were taken completely by surprise at the scene.

But right at this moment…

“Supreme Sword!”

Fang Qiu unleashed his power again.

This move combined the Great Hand of Formlessness and the Divine Sword. In addition, it used the Qi of Heaven and Earth and consumed very little of Fang Qiu’s internal Qi, so his consumption was almost negligible.

Therefore, Fang Qiu could make this mighty move repeatedly.


The sound of the sword rang out.

The five gurus were petrified by the momentum he created. Seizing this chance, Fang Qiu brandished the long sword and drove it ruthlessly through the person before him.

The man met the same fate as the previous two gurus.

As a fast-achieving guru without substantial ability, he was instantly butchered by Fang Qiu before he could react!

Another one was dead.

This guru group was reduced from five to four.

When the remaining four gurus saw this, their expressions turned ghastly.

Fang Qiu glanced at them.

Three of the four people had blocked his way in the first place.

He immediately turned his attention to them.

At this point, he switched from defense to offense and pounced fiercely on the three men.

Of course, the four of them did not dare take him lightly.


Even the five gurus couldn’t pin down Fang Qiu, let alone the four of them.

Under the siege of the four people, Fang Qiu could easily find an opportunity to fight back. Obviously, the four people were shocked by the horrible killing power displayed by Fang Qiu. Thus, when they besieged Fang Qiu, none of them had the guts to get too close to him. They would stop before they went any further!

They were scared.

However, Fang Qiu was not afraid at all!

One blow after another, Fang Qiu would launch a fierce attack whenever there was a chance.

These swashbuckling gurus couldn’t resist the attacks of the Supreme Sword at all. Each time Fang Qiu wielded the Supreme Sword, one guru would be killed. In no time, there were merely three of them left.

It was even easier for him to fight against three.

Fang Qiu got in position.

No longer hopelessly outnumbered, he felt much less stressed and displayed his astonishing speed. Instantly, he dashed to one of the people who had gloves on.

The man thought that John Doe would use his Supreme Sword again, so he quickly activated his internal Qi to protect himself.

But who knew?

Fang Qiu moved slightly and flashed behind him and waved his right hand gently.

The long sword in his hand quietly slid across his throat.

Another guru was put to death.

Of the ten gurus from Nirvana Organization, only two were still alive!

When they saw this desperate situation, the white-haired guru and the muscular guru who wore boxing gloves beside him immediately panicked.

Five gurus failed to take him down, so how could the two of them win?

“After killing so many people, he must have consumed a lot of energy. Remember? He has been seriously injured by us before. If we hold on a little longer, he will be exhausted. Let’s go together and take the credit!”

The white-haired man encouraged the other man.

Upon hearing that…

The brawny man with the black iron gloves was about to charge at Fang Qiu.

Unexpectedly, he turned around to escape instead.

But who would have thought that…

The white-haired man seemed to have known that the other guru would flee, so he made his escape first.

The strong man in the black iron gloves reached out and tried to grab the white-haired man.

“Get lost!”

The white-haired man was furious. He brandished his dagger and released a stream of energy Qi, which he hurled toward the burly man.

The burly man quickly raised his fist to block it.

To his dismay…

After that, he was pushed back and instantly landed before Fang Qiu.


Seeing this, Fang Qiu shook his head and sighed with emotion. Without showing any mercy, he pierced the strong man’s chest with the long sword.

The death of the burly man bought the white-haired man a few seconds.

The white-haired man fled frantically.

Fang Qiu drew out his long sword and chased after him.

However, he didn’t exert his full strength. Instead, he leisurely followed behind.

He remembered that a day ago…

This group of people had chased him the whole day and night without a break, but in the blink of an eye, he had turned from prey to a hunter.

This change was indeed… satisfying!

He stared at the white-haired man who was fleeing ahead.

Fang Qiu pretended he could not catch up with him, and the distance between them grew wider and wider. When the man couldn’t see him, Fang Qiu flashed aside and vanished.

In front of him…

The white-haired man remained fully alert. Even though he saw that he had gotten rid of John Doe, he still fled at full speed and constantly changed his direction and position!’

“You’re quite vigilant, aren’t you?”

Secretly, Fang Qiu sneered.

It looked like…

Fang Qiu seemed to have lost track of him. But in fact, he had been following the white-haired man from a distance with his Divine Consciousness glued to him. He wanted to take the opportunity to find out where Nirvana Organization’s base in Africo was.

Since these people dared to surround and kill him, they had to pay the price they deserved!

He had been called “Revenge King”.

He hadn’t demonstrated his power of revenge for a long time!

Fang Qiu secretly estimated his current strength as he followed the guru.

“Judging from the battle just now, I can defeat five fast-achieving gurus. But the result might be different if there were more gurus.”

“Although they became gurus fast by taking shortcuts, these people were still gurus.”

“Also, the four patriarchs.”

Suddenly, Fang Qiu thought of the four patriarchs. He had learned about their strength before. He didn’t know them well enough, but he knew something in general.

According to Fang Qiu’s assessment of the strength of the four patriarchs…

With his current strength, he could handle the four patriarchs. He could easily fight against two of them at a time and would never fall into a desperate situation. As for fighting against the three patriarchs, Fang Qiu thought he could play for a draw.

The four patriarchs had been gurus for a long time, but even gurus had different strengths. A guru who had never recultivated was no match for a recultivated guru!

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