Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Leave With An Angry Flick Of The Sleeves

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Hearing that, Murong Bo’s sharp gaze turned chill as it swept over her before turning to look at Feng Xiao where he said with a deep bellow: “Feng Xiao!”

That call of Feng Xiao was imbued with the dominance of a powerful pugilist and delivered with a conqueror’s vigor, feeling as if the moment his voice sounded, a visible surge of mystical Qi swept through the hall, exceptionally oppressive, which made Feng Xiao who had been trying his hardest to minimize his presence to have no choice but to come walking forward.

“Your vassal’s present.”

Murong Bo was not able to blow his top at Old Patriarch Feng as he was the Feng Residence’s Old Patriarch. Even though he was the Ruler of the country, he had to abide by the ancient teachings of deferring a certain level of respect as Old Patriarch Feng was an elder that was of his father’s generation and hence if he was to throw a rage, he could not direct the rage upon the old man.

As for Feng Qing Ge, she was merely Feng Xiao’s daughter, and the Feng Residence’s Eldest Miss. Firstly, she was not his subordinate, and secondly, neither was she his daughter in law. Moreover, she was from the junior generation so instead of getting angry with her, he would very much rather question Feng Xiao directly.

He glanced at Feng Xiao who was bowing respectfully and he went on to directly ask: “What is going on with those three Heavenly thunderbolts?”

“About that…..”

Feng Xiao raised his head and glanced up at Murong Bo before he shook his head in bewilderment. “Your vassal does not know what happened.”

He really did not know. When he ran out upon hearing the thunderbolt, he immediately heard the Old Patriarch’s orders. So how could he know what was going on with the Heavenly thunderbolt?

But, it was still his Family Clan’s affair afterall and it must have something to do with his daughter. Hence, even if he knew, he would still have to say he did not not anything.

His belly already brewing with rage, when Murong Bo heard that answer, he immediately placed the teacup he held in his hand heavily down onto the table and shot to his feet. His face dark, he then flicked his sleeves before he left, without saying another word.

His unexpected actions caused the three people in the hall to be slightly taken aback, but they did not say anything as they watched his leave.

“Qing Ge, what exactly happened? What are you fiddling around with in that room? How did it draw lightning down from the Heavens?” Feng Xiao asked, a few vague guess in mind but he could not be certain.

There were only three situations that would draw a thunderbolt down from the Heavens. The first instance being when exceptional treasures descend from the Heavens, the second would be when one’s cultivation advanced in their levels, and the third was when cultivated elixirs turned out to become very precious. But all three scenarios were just too incredible from his point of view and hence, his mind was one of bewilderment.

“Leng Shaung, guard the doors into the hall. Do not allow anyone to come close.” Feng Jiu ordered.

“Yes.” Leng Shuang answered from outside, taking up guard in front of the door.

Seeing that, Feng Xiao could not help but become excited as he looked at his daughter whose face was showing a joyous smile, feeling that the guess he held in his heart was about to be verified, and he was a little nervous, a little excited.

“Grandfather, Father, the two of you take a seat.” Feng Jiu indicated as she pulled the slightly dazed Feng Xiao and pushed him down onto his seat. She then pulled a chair in for herself as she sat herself in between the two men. Next, she pulled a bottle out from the space and poured the pill inside out onto her palm.

“Look at this. This is the Transformation Pill. Five grain lines. This was what drew down the Heavenly thunderbolts.”

Even having lived to such a ripe old age, this was the first time Old Patriarch Feng was seeing a pill with five grain lines, and it was refined by his very own granddaughter! At that moment, he was feeling as if the blood in his body was boiling, becoming so excited that his face flushed red, and his hands were shaking slightly.

“Good good good! Little Feng, you’ve really made Grandfather very proud!”

Comparing the two, the Old Patriarch was at least still able to speak. Feng Xiao was completely stunned into a daze, his mind gone blank. His eyes were staring wide as he felt a gush of blood shoot up into his head and the next moment, his entire person fell into a dead faint from over excitement.

Feng Jiu cried out in shock: “Father?”

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