Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 314 - Bringing Doctors Along!

Chapter 314: Bringing Doctors Along!

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“Old Patriarch, don’t worry, I have already sent a letter to my sister. The mistress would definitely rush back after receiving the news. With Mistress’ healing skills, nothing will happen to Patriarch!” Leng Hua comforted him in a gentle tone as he poured out a cup of tea to warm him up.

When Guan Xi Lin stepped forward to see his foster father, he saw that his lips were dark purple. He asked hurriedly, “Grandfather, has he been fed the detoxification pill?”

“Yes, the moment I found him, I’ve fed it to him already. Luckily, that lass left us a few things for emergencies or else he might not have even lasted the way back.” Old Man Feng’s heart started to ease a little after hearing Leng Hua’s words. It was just that his worry could not be eased entirely.

After all, Feng Xiao had been injured to such an extent, moreover he had been poisoned with such an overbearing poison. Despite feeding him the detoxification pill, it had not been fully detoxified. It could only suppress it, and had no choice but to only wait for that lass to come back and see if there’s any other way to cure it.

Guan Xi Lin was in deep contemplation as he said, “With Father’s cultivation level, he could still be injured so heavily. The opponent’s strength must be very strong, moreover in Cloudy Moon City to have such a cultivation to match Father, as well as to have such hatred, who could it be?”

Old Man Feng shook his head: “At that time, I didn’t have time to check properly. However, I left a team of guards to investigate, let’s hope we are able to find some clues then!”

“Old Patriarch, the Third Prince has requested an audience.” A guard reported from outside.

Hearing his words, Old Man Feng said to Guan Xi Lin: “Go out and have a look, help me to invite him to leave. I have do not want to meet with anyone now.”

“All right.” Guan Xi Lin replied and asked Leng Hua to take good care of grandfather before he left and closed behind him.

Outside, when Murong Yi Xuan who had been stopped outside courtyard saw Guan Xi Lin walk out of the room, a glint flashed by his eyes. He did not expect that Guan Xi Lin’s relationship with the Feng family would be so intimate. He was stopped outside but Guan Xi Lin could enter and leave freely.

“Third Prince.”

Guan Xi Lin cupped his hands together and bowed slightly. “Something has happened in the Feng residence, everyone is very worried and busy at the moment. I apologise but we cannot entertain Third Prince right now.”

Hearing his hidden meaning, Murong Yi Xuan did not bother arguing but said: “This Lord has heard the news of Uncle Feng and rushed right over. My Imperial Father has also heard the news and has dispatched to renowned doctors to see if they can be of any help, if it is not convenient for this Lord to enter, then let the two doctors have a look at Uncle Feng’s condition! Their medical skills are top notch in Cloudy Moon City.”

Hearing his words, Guan Xi Lin’s gaze swiftly passed over the middle-aged man and the old man behind him. He paused for a moment before he said, “Please wait for a moment, I will go in and ask.”

He did not know when Little Jiu would be back, if Grandfather did not have any opinions, he could let those two doctors have a look first to check on the condition of his foster father.

Murong Yi Xuan nodded his head and looked at him return back to the room and not long after, he came back out.

“Please come in.” Guan Xi Lin walk to the side of Murong Yi Xuan and invited them in.

Murong Yi Xuan brought the two doctors in and the moment he entered the room, he saw the sullen and tired old man was fraught with worry by the bedside. Feng Xiao was lying on the bed on his side, his face was white as sheet, his lips deathly purple and black, his situation looked extremely bad.

Seeing this, his heart sank, he had not expected the situation to be so serious. Who could be so daring? Actually injure Feng Xiao to such an extent in Cloudy Moon City?

“Quick, have a look at his condition.” Murong Yi Xuan quickly signalled to the two doctors to step forward.

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