Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 320 - Hand over the Token of Authority?

Chapter 320: Hand over the Token of Authority?

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“Wait till your father wakes up and if the Ruler was really behind the assassination attempt, we’ll hand over our power and retire from the court!

Hearing his words, Feng Jiu raised her brows. She was surprised that his first thought was to actually relinquish their power and retire!

Seemingly able to see the doubts in her heart, Old Man Feng let out a long sigh before he explained: “When your great-grandfather was at his last breath, he said that if the later generations had wanted to take the lives of our Feng Family, it would be the time for us to relinquish our power. Your great-grandfather and the Ruler’s grandfather had a very good relationship their whole lives and he had left explicitly left his words that the descendents of the Feng Residence should not be enemies with the Murong Family.”

“So even if it means that they want to kill us, we cannot retaliate?” She frowned in disagreement.

“Your great-grandfather was not an ignorant person. He said that there’s only one chance. If we take a step back and yet they are still relentless, we can disregard the affections of the past. That’s why, when your father wakes up and if the truth was as what you’ve deduced, we shall hand over our token of authority!”

After he spoke, he let out another sigh and said, “I only hope that we had guessed wrongly. If it’s really the truth, it would be too disappointing.”

Feng Jiu remained silent for a long time before she said, “Grandfather, no matter what, everything has to wait till father is out of danger. You’ve had a long day and you must be very tired. Go back and rest first! Leave everything here to us.”

Leng Hua responded and immediately stepped forward to support the hand of Old Man Feng while he said in a gentle voice: “Old Patriarch, let me send you back to rest.”

“Alright then, I will go back first to rest and will drop by later.” Old Man Feng stood up and said, “Just before this, I was in closed door seclusion and was so close to making a breakthrough. Never what I have expected such a thing would happen.”

When she heard this, Feng Jiu revealed a faint smile and said: “Although Grandfather has yet to break through from a martial cultivator into the ranks of a Martial Emperor, but you’ve at least entered into the third stage of the peak. Such a strength may be best at the moment.”

Old Man Feng nodded in agreement, “You are right, now that such a thing had happened and if I were to successfully break through to a Martial Emperor, I’m afraid… Sigh! Let’s talk about it another time!”

He let out another sigh and walked out.

This entire night, Feng Jiu was by Feng Xiao’s side. Just as she had worried, because of his inflamed wounds, his temperature spiked up at night. Fortunately, she was prepared and helped him to bring his temperature down. She sponged him down and changed the dressings on his wounds and finally the temperature returned to normal in the second half of the night.

“Little Jiu, father’s body temperature has returned to normal. Why don’t you go and have a rest?” He poured her a cup of water, seeing that she had been busy the entire night without any stop, his heart ached a little.

She was only sixteen years old but she had already bore the heavy burden of the Feng Residence. Not only did she have to treat her father, she had to take care of her grandfather and stabilise the entire Feng Residence.On top of it all, she even had to guard against the Ruler from making any moves towards the Feng Residence. Seeing her like this, he felt very distressed.

She sat by the side of the bed and pulled the quilt up to cover her father. “Although his body temperature has dropped, however the poison in his body has not been completely removed so I’m not sure if he’d be able to wake up tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry too much, heaven helps the worthy, nothing will happen to him.” Although he said that, however, he also knew that his injuries were not light in the slightest. His ribs were broken, his internal organs seriously damaged and he still had some remnants of poison in his bloodstream. Even if she refined pill to save his life, however with such a dire condition, it all depends on himself whether or not he can pull through this and wake up.

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